Briefly contemplated this after I saw the results from last night…

… but, nah, that’s not gonna happen.  Baylor would be a one-loss conference champ.  There ain’t enough SEC bias in the world for the selection committee to take a two-loss Georgia over that.


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5 responses to “Dreaming

  1. Patrick

    I think Oregon would have a good chance in that scenario.
    They like conf champs. Oregon challenged themselves OOC, Baylor did not.


  2. Bigshot

    But does the committee want Baylor in after all the mess it has been involved in?


  3. The South Carolina loss is inexcusable. If the Dawgs get left out because they lose a close one to LSU they have no argument and no one to blame but themselves. Just win baby.


  4. mg4life0331

    If there ever is a two loss team in the playoff it wont be a Georgia that’s for sure.


  5. Macallanlover

    Agree, Dawgs have to win to get a spot. Absolutely no reason to leave out a conference champ, especially to a 2 loss, non-champ. BTW, what Matt Rhule has done in 2 years at Baylor is remarkable. Tough, blue collar team similar to what he built at Temple. Defense is legit, nice to see a low scoring Big 12 game.