Soon to be appearing in an impoverished Third World country near you…


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  1. Tronan

    We walked into TJ Maxx in Georgetown (yes, there is one) last January 4 or 5, a very short time after the bowl loss to Texas. Imagine my surprise to see an entire rack of fresh UGA attire.


  2. Brandon

    We need Bobo back.

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  3. playmakers in space

    Let’s all be very clear here…

    Jake Fromm was absolutely terrible tonight and Joe Burrow was not.

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    • ATL Dawg

      I knew Burrow was better but the difference was staggering. His vision, arm strength, mobility, decision making…all of it.


  4. Turd Ferguson

    Can’t wait to see Baylor absolutely manhandle us.

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  5. Anon

    You provoke that thought we had a chance after watching 12 games of this shit crack me up.


  6. Anon

    Not provoke. But you guys


  7. Will (The other one)

    Can we make sure Coley joins them?


  8. sectionzalum

    If nothing else, we can take pride that our student section is on the national watchlist for the Taco Hut student section of the year.

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  9. Sides

    I hope they sell them in SC


  10. Vectordawg

    That was at halftime.

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  11. Bulldog Jor

    Just walk ’em over to CNN. 😉


  12. Can we get some apologies and mea culpas from the idiot blind fans who said things like “STOP COMPLAINING! We are 11-1. We are going to the SEC title game. You are such a bad fan.” ???

    Our offense has been shit all season.

    We fucked up by failing to keep Justin Fields.

    Our OC choice was garbage.

    We still have some kind of missing desire to stomp and blow people out like all the top teams always have. WTF?

    Our shit offense was bound to crush us eventually. Now we got embarrassed (AGAIN) on a big stage and will likely limp into our bowl with players who don’t give a shit, juniors/seniors sitting out, and take another humiliating loss (or if we win, a meh performance).

    I love so many things about CKS and where he has our program, but the fact we continue to have GAPING flaws in philosophy and offense is tremendously problematic.


    • dawgman3000

      I hear you muck, but the problem is the outdated offensive philosophy. Justin Fields would’ve been just another 5 star going to waste in this offense. I don’t think he would fare much better than Fromm.


    • Normaltown Mike

      Who on this site has defended Coley or this O?

      I’m curious cuz I haven’t seen it

      FWIW, Kevin Butler and Jeff Dantzler were both raking this offense over the coals on the 5th QTR. Both were candid in displeasure with the pacing, refusal to throw over the middle and poor play by Jake. Point being sunshine pumpers like JD are calling this offense out. What’s Kirby gonna do about it is anybody’s guess


      • Shitloads of idiots on here were saying stupid crap like:

        “STOP BEING A BAD FAN! WE ARE 11-!”

        And variations of that idiocy.


      • ASEF


        We’re idiots for thinking we could possibly have a valid opinion on football contrary to Super Kirby? Super Kirby and Sidekick Coley have optimized the offense to deal with the massive personnel deficiencies inherent in a roster built from #1 recruiting classes? If the offense were executed perfectly, it would be enough and therefore it’s the players’s fault? (True of any offense every put on a field, and the trick to being a great college coach is understanding you’re not getting perfect out of 18-21 year olds with a 20 hour max practice limit and planning accordingly).

        Kirby is a very good coach, and honestly so is Coley. But this entire team was built with some flaws in the strategic vision. Getting throttled by LSU in both sides of the ball is proof positive of it.

        Unless someone wants to argue that losing 37-10 to LSU is this roster’s ceiling and that the way this team was deployed was our only path to victories over Florida and Auburn and hence the division title.

        Sorry, Derek. Maybe if you had spent the season trying to make your points with a bit less derisiveness, I’d be more sympathetic.


    • J-Dawg

      We are inflicted with “Richt-itis, version 2. Time for some serious chemo treatments. But first, surgery to remove the Coley tumor and replace with a titanium Bobo implant.


    • Gaskilldawg

      Didn’t you write the same thing under a different thread?


  13. A little salt. Lol! We stayed until :00 and on the walk back to the Gulch there was a Miami fan whimpering like a dog. A Miami fan! I just laughed.

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  14. We Need WR's Baweez

    I hope Kirby offers 15 scholly’s to 15 WR….my GAWD. Let’s get some depth in this category Kirbs…


  15. I just can’t believe our program is such a joke. No amount of money, time, recruiting success, fan support, alumni support makes any difference.

    We somehow manage to always be critically flawed and shit the bed when it matters most. Sometimes an entire game or sometimes just a critical moment, but make no mistake, we will absolutely fucking SUCK in some crucial way that will destroy all of our hopes and dreams.

    This is so absolutely fucking miserable.


    • RangerRuss

      You are one miserable sumbitch. Dawgs don’t suck and the program isn’t a joke. Sure the receiving corps need to be rejuvenated. But if all your “hopes and dreams” are destroyed by this season then maybe you should find something less onerous to occupy your time. Sniveling like a whiny beotch is unbecoming and, quit frankly, puerile.

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      • Let Em Bitch

        Dude if you tell him that he might go put a bananna on a wall and it will sell for a $150,000 if he plays his cards right. Don’t give the focker any ideas….let him bitch.

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      • Dude, if you can’t tell “hopes and dreams” are in the context of the football team, then you don’t read so good.

        If all of college football was shut down tomorrow for whatever reason (CTE? Hell I dunno) my life would go on just fine.

        We just got our fucking asses destroyed AGAIN. We just laid a big fucking egg on a national stage AGAIN. It gets really fucking old.


  16. more spinners

    Coley is a huge issue for Kirby.
    WRs are not the only players who can catch the ball.
    Chart the passes to TEs and RBs the past 2 years and their production.
    Chart the passes out to the sidelines vs what LSU does re their passing formations.
    Nope do not give me that line of thinking. It is all about a coach who can not coach an offense.
    At some point when the wick gets hot enough pussy Smart will get his butts mehre moving or the fans will demand he go.
    Plus how many yards did the alleged by you folks Fromm make vs Burrow. Fromm is the least mobile QB the Dawgs every had. He is afraid to take a hit on a run. Go back and look at Murray. Nope Fromm regressed in Coley’s playbook and scheme.
    There are some huge issues at BM and one of them is that lackluster AD.
    All this talk again about players leaving early. Why is that a constant issue at UGA and not elsewhere.
    Culture at UGA is it. You folks hang on 5*s and build up these players beyond their ability.
    Think not look at that BS from Bulldawg Illustrated, Field and Street and the rest. Too much of that goes on at UGA!
    Fishing, football, baseball, are always good in Florida and Louisana but not worth a damn at Georgia.


  17. more spinners

    Coach and the LSU AD were smart. They saw the issue in their offense.
    In one season they turned it around and took down Saban.
    Plus where was the running game. You folks trying to tell me that Swift is the only back that can produce. Where are those other RBs
    No hell no, our damn problem is a stubborn out of date HC hanging on to an outdate offense and OC.
    KS needs to realize like Coach O he does not understand offenses, I do not care how long he has coached against them or stood on the sidelines.
    Coach O and Dabo got smart, but those fucking idiots in Athens. Live and think in the damn past re offense.
    Frankly there are better high school OCs in 7A and 6A in this state than that freaking Coley.
    Going to work. Frankly glad this damn season is over. It has been a bitch to watch this program under Smart this year.


  18. George Jones

    Georgia put their money on the wrong horse. Kirby ain’t the guy


  19. These sorry motherfuckers couldn’t wait until we lost so they could launch their shit.

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    • RangerRuss

      Damn sure seems that way. I hate losing more than I enjoy winning. But perspective is important. Sometimes you simply get your ass beat and there are lots of folks to blame. Review what’s good and what’s bad about this season and of course you’ll find things that need improving. Only those unbalanced and unhinged consider the season a disaster. There is a great deal of potential in the program which I trust Kirby will be given time to develop.
      I’m glad these whining malcontents aren’t running things. Their personal lives are probably a shit show too.


    • TN Dawg

      Unlike you.

      Who has talked shit every game, to every poster that predicted this coming for a long time.

      Eat your f^cking crow bitch.

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    • Were you one of the idiots here saying everything was “just fine” because we were 11-1?

      Clearly things were not just fine.

      Our offense is a fucking joke.

      Embarrassing bowl loss likely coming again, like last year’s joke to Texas.


  20. Salty Dawg

    I wish I had one of those shirts. One for the ages!


  21. J.M.

    It’s no great shame to be worse than LSU this year, but it’s startling how non-competitive we looked against them. With the way we’ve recruited since Kirby has been here, there shouldn’t be any team we can’t at least hang with.

    Major changes have to be coming on the offensive side of the ball. Whether or not Coley is retained as OC, he absolutely cannot continue as the
    QB coach. Fromm is completely broken. His mechanics and accuracy have gone to hell, and his confidence appears shot. For good or ill, he’s going to be our QB next year — the thought of him going pro is borderline laughable at this point — so putting him back together again has to be priority number one this offseason.

    I would also have to give serious consideration to replacing Hankton. The development, or lack thereof, of our receivers has been abysmal. I get that we lost a ton of guys at the position last year, but Fromm isn’t throwing to a bunch of 2-star scrubs. They were all quality recruits and shouldn’t be this ineffective.

    The defense didn’t cover itself in glory last night, but I don’t have any big concerns there. We knew the offense was going to have to give them some help last night, and it didn’t happen. Had we been able to sustain some drives, I think we would have held LSU under 30. It’s demoralizing when you’re trying to hold down the most explosive offense and the country and you’re getting no support from your own offense.

    At any rate, this is a critical offseason for Kirby to say the least. He’s got to get the right coaching staff in place so we don’t continue to waste our abundance of talent.

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  22. The other Doug

    Here is the raw truth: We have a QB that hit his ceiling and teams know how to shut him down. He can’t throw a guy open in man coverage and his accuracy is awful the deeper the pass. The only thing he’s got is jump balls to the sideline. Yeah, but he likes to fish and he sings country songs even though he can’t sing and he’s Jake from State Fromm and…

    It was obvious last year that Fromm had issues, but last year the excuse was Kirby was playing Fields too much and messing with Fromm’s rhythm. I guess it’s obvious now why they were playing Fields so much.

    What do you want Coley to do? What do you want Kirby to do? We play Man Ball because that’s all we can do. We don’t have a decent back up like Trask. We’ve got a 2 star walk on. Next year won’t be and better unless a freshman learns quickly or we grab someone out of the portal. Coley, Bobo, or Brady calling plays won’t change a thing. It’s the QB.


  23. siskey

    I sat in Section 343 Row 7 and had a crew behind us who could not stop complaining even though they must have not seen a game all season. They did not know any of the player’s names save Fromm and Swift but they still possessed enough football knowledge to call plays that would have worked had they been called. It made a bad game that much worse. I thought that we were farther ahead and did not see this coming but I have to give credit to LSU and Burrow. They were incredible and unless Clemson gets them I don’t think anyone else has any chance. Go Dawgs!