A thought to warm a chilly December

Just remember one thing as you ponder another Sugar Bowl trip to watch a Georgia team with key players sitting out against another Big 12 opponent likely to be better motivated:

Then again, without the upset, Boom might not be coming back for another year of greatness in Columbia.  Life is full of trade offs.


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23 responses to “A thought to warm a chilly December

  1. gastr1

    I think getting dominated that badly would have given everyone pause even if it was our first loss.

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    • FlyingPeakDawg

      Correct. Rodrigo hits that FG in OT and its just another ugly win in a season full of them. Other than maybe Notre Dame, who is the best QB we beat? No way the committee lets the SEC get the extra team and $$$$. OU was definitely in with their win.


    • J.M.

      Agreed. Especially since LSU beating a 12-0 Georgia would have almost certainly secured them the top seed. I think there would be very little appetite to see a rematch of the beatdown we witnessed last night.

      Last night proved, conclusively, that we’re not on the same level as the truly elite teams (LSU, Ohio State, and Clemson) this year. A month of preparation wouldn’t be enough to close the gap. I’m not saying I’m glad we’re out of the playoffs, but the prospect of facing LSU again — and most likely getting blown out again — isn’t super appealing.


  2. Bulldog Joe

    Thank the lawd for small blessings.

    Now we can started on building the new offense. 😉


    • 1neal

      Unless General Fromm decides to stay for one more (even if we sign the top 3 or 4 high school qb’s). Kirby does love him some Jake.


  3. Jack Klompus

    Let’s not kid ourselves, we would have lost one of the remaining games. So it was worth it to keep Agent Boom and his band-aid.


  4. I think it’s safe to say our fan base is less excited about this trip to New Orleans than last year’s trip there.


    • jhorne2000

      Georgia / Baylor is at least an interesting matchup to me. Much better than any of the Orange Bowl projections. A day in New Orleans with the Dawgs in the Superdome to cap it off still sounds good to me. I’ll buy tickets.


      • We couldn’t get our fan base (or team) fired up for a matchup with a blueblood program in Texas.

        I went last year and decided I’ll never go back to New Orleans voluntarily again. The city sucked, and calling the Superdome a dump is an insult to dumps.


  5. 69Dawg

    I graduated from UGA in 1969 and believe it or not I have seen some really crappy games in 50 years, so last night was just another loss. Kirby is however, the hardest headed coach I have seen in my time. He is a maniac on the sidelines but only when the defense has the ball. When the offense is on the field he is usually coaching up the DB’s and not even paying attention. Four years establishes a pattern of us not being able to finish the season on a high note. I truly expected that LSU would beat us but I had hoped that it would not be a repeat beat down. Kirby is a Great DC but so far all he has shown is he can recruit and beat the weak sisters in the Eastern Division, except of course SC. My prediction is we will lose the bowl game for the same reason we lost last year lack of interest. We are not in a rut any more we are in the Grand Canyon.


  6. Hobnail_Boot

    Looking ahead to the Baylor matchup and then 2020..

    I assume Swift is gone. Other key juniors:

    I. Wilson (RS soph)

    If 2020 is going to be special, it is in the hands of these 10 guys. Think back to 2017 and how much the returning seniors meant. UGA has an I ncredibly young roster that needs some internal guidance.

    I saw Oregon’s left tackle the other night go over to a DB on the bench who had just gotten a personal foul and was still mouthing off about it. He wrapped his arms around him and clearly told him “cut this shit out”.

    Or.. we go lay another egg in New Orleans and derp our way through an 8-10 win season.


  7. CB

    Anybody really care about making the playoff just to get our ass beat? Anybody really think playing LSU or Ohio State on a neutral field in January would have yielded a different result from last night? Boom saved us all a lot of money, we should thank him. The SC loss may have been a blip or a fluke, but it was definitely indicative of a much larger issue.

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    • Gaskilldawg

      Yes. I would rather ne SEC champions and lose in the Fiesta Bowl than lose in the SEC championship game.


      • CB

        The alternative was lose the SEC Championship, still make the playoff and lose in the Fiesta Bowl. Boom saved us from that inevitability.


        • Doug

          A 12–0 regular season would’ve been nice, but if the choice was between “Go 11–1, lose the SECCG and go to the Sugar Bowl” or “Go 12–0, lose the SECCG, back into the playoff and get disemboweled by Ohio State in the Fiesta,” well…gimme New Orleans, and it ain’t really a tough decision.

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  8. 86BONE

    Fromm will return, count on that. Not sure that’s a great thing or not…just sayi’n


    • The other Doug

      It depends on whether Fromm thinks he can improve. If this is the best he’s got then he might as well go now before there is another year of film.


  9. Kdawg

    I don’t see how UGA stays ranked ahead of Bama. I would think Bama goes to the sugar bowl.