Adapt or die

To make the point I raised in my Lambs post earlier more starkly, check this out:

When Lincoln Riley coaches the lowest scoring team in the CFP, the world as we knew it has changed, and for good.  Time for Athens, Georgia to catch up.

I don’t care how he does it — if Kirby can pound his way to 40+ ppg, I’m totally fine with that — but he’s going to have to ditch the “offense’s role is to support the defense” manball approach he’s embraced if he wants to get to the next level.


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  1. Come home, Mike Bobo.


  2. Derek

    The no. 1 and 2 defenses are represented in there too.


    • ASEF

      So the two can co-exist and even complement each other? Good to know 🙂

      Sorry for the post a few threads ago. I would have deleted it if I had the option.


      • Derek

        No problem. Save the apologies for people capable of being offended.

        Not even aware of it. I have to admit I’m interested now. Where is it? I can’t find it. I tried.


    • Classic City Canine

      You mean you can have both? Somebody tell Kirby!


  3. Corch Irvin Meyers New USC Trojans Corch (2020)

    At this point Senator, what have you seen from Kirby over the last four years that shows you he possesses the self-reflective ability to admit he was wrong and try another way? What have you seen from him that tells you he will adapt?

    I have see nothing from Kirby to tell me this is true. He learned absolutely nothing of substance from Nick Saban. Saban, like Belichick, heck, even like Orgeron, has always shown the WANT to adapt to stay successful.

    Kirby doesn’t want to adapt. Kirby would rather lose doing it his way on offense than to admit he was wrong, embrace the reality of modern college football, and try to win another way.

    We hired Kirby Smart to be Nick Saban. Unfortunately, Kirby Smart is far more like Les Miles. He’s too stubborn. He’s going to throw everything away because of his pride. And we all get to see it unfold over the next few years.

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    • Derek

      Kirby just has to have the right attitude and the receivers will catch it and Fromm will be accurate and not throw interceptions.

      Kirby says we run the same plays that LSU runs the difference being that LSU is executing them.

      He’s saying that the evidence of that is on tape, 26 times now, and you don’t get it.

      How can we ever expect you to?


      • Charlottedawg

        Absolutely, how can we expect the 3rd most talented roster in CFB to be able to move the ball. The players just have to decide to get buttah’. I’m sure player development has zero to do with why Justin fields and Joe Burrow went from afterthoughts to Heisman candidates, in one freaking year. Just like I’m sure this year Jake Fromm decided he was tired of playing quarterback well.

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      • Reipar

        Yeah and Kirby also said he did not change the defense in the 4th quarter against auburn.


        • Derek

          It’s a a helluva dare to put on tape.

          He’s saying that the plays they run and the plays we run are relatively identical. He’s either lying and knowing you can’t prove him wrong or he’s telling the truth and you simply don’t know. Either way it’s quite an indictment on the non-believers. I believe its true intuitively because, well, why wouldn’t they?

          It isn’t the play call. It’s the players executing the play call that matters.

          We just needed to be competent throwing the ball last night (and stay healthy) to be in that game. Could not manage that. Drops misses and picks. That’s not play calling. That’s player performance.


      • FlyingPeakDawg

        Kirby just has to have the right attitude and the receivers will catch it and Fromm will be accurate and not throw interceptions.*

        Actually…yes. Saban had the attitude to pull Hurts and insert Tua. Coach O had the attitude to get Brady and open up the offense. This conversation is absolutely about Kirby’s attitude. You can’t gather a bunch of 5* players and fail to coach. When Jake is missing passes, have him keep on the option, run a draw, or just yank his ass for a series. When Simmons is dropping balls, stop rotating him in on passing downs. When Swift goes missing (and seriously…did he leave the country?) keep using Cook in space.

        11 wins this season belong to superior players. 2 losses were failures of season long coaching. The only debate is how much Kirby gets this and can improve, otherwise we hired the mirror image of Mark Richt…only good on one side of the ball and that’s no longer good enough to make the playoffs or even win the SEC.


      • spur21

        Actually if Kirby gets some coaches that can coach as well as they recruit most of those faults will magically disappear.


        • Derek


          How hard is it to tell them to catch it and throw it accurately?

          Ogeron didn’t win his first sec title because of Jefferson, Hillare, Burrows and chase. He won it because of play calls.

          If their qb was Greyson Lambert, tb was Brendan douglas and they had two Matt landers they’d be no 1 because of coachin! Why debate the obvious?

          Btw: can we rid the world of:

          Hall of fames
          Names and numbers on jerseys and
          Individual awards?

          All I need to know is the coaching staff.

          Why honor Herschel when we should be honoring his position coach: ray goff? Man what a rb coach! Best evah!


          • Will (The other one)

            I mean, all those players were there last year and they couldn’t score a point vs Bama. But sure, changes in coaching and offensive philosophy have no impact.


          • spur21

            Derek please enlighten me. Why does 5 Star talent fail to develop if it’s not coaching. Surely we didn’t miss on all of the WR’s or TE’s.


            • Derek

              Ask Marcus Dupree how Barry switzer let him down while Bo and Herschel owe it all to Pat and Vince.

              Ask Quincy why donnan let him become a bust.

              Ask Hernandez why belichick and urban made him a killer.

              Ask Lloyd Carr what he did to make Tom Brady the best qb ever. Or better yet ask coach “schematic advantage!”

              Ask Coach Hill at Jackson State in the mid 1970’s how he made Walter Payton so great.

              Ask coach Cooley at Mississippi valley state how he made Jerry rice the best wr ever.

              We all know who coached the greatest players who’ve ever played the game because it’s those guys that really mattered.

              Finally, ask Angelo Dundee why Ali gave him all of his title belts.

              In fact, why was it Ali vs. Frazier when we all know it was really Dundee vs. Futch!

              Close the college and pro football HOF’s!!! Coaches only!!!

              Players should be anonymous as they are fungible pawns in the hands of coachin’!


              • Russ

                So Kirby’s top 5 recruiting classes are all filled with busts? Whose fault is that? Included in that list of busts is one 5* receiver that was a freshman AA and set school records for his first school, but we turned him into a bust? That’s some leap of logic.

                Of course there are individual misses but when an entire side of the ball is this dysfunctional, maybe it’s more than the players.


                • Derek

                  CKS is responsible for the product on that field, period. All of it. Even rodrigos misses.

                  If you want to criticize CKS for not having players that can catch and throw competently that is a fair critique. One he has acknowledged.

                  My disagreement isn’t about who is responsible. My disagreement is about what is responsible.

                  The idea that programs rise and fall on in game OC play calling is the absurd and irrational belief that I will continue to mock.

                  We’ve got to throw is better.

                  We’ve got to catch it better.

                  But I see open guys. I ask see drops. I also see misses in easy throws. I see bad picks, albeit they were confined to the two losses.

                  If we don’t throw and catch better will not win big games against tough competition. What we’ve built is a baseline that makes us better than our comp in the East. And that’s a good thing.

                  But if we want to beat the top teams in the country you can’t let them load the box and not pay for it.


              • Pirate.

                Ya know , coach o said we gotta go to the spread and tempo. But I bet he is lying also . Justin Fields looked awful with us and is now all American Army takes Michigan and Oklahoma to ot. I’m sure scheme had noting to do with that. Neither did the 600 plus yards Ole miss put on that same d 3 weeks ago. If you think we are running the same plays and scheme as LSU rock on bro. Leave it to a someone like you to cut down Brendan Douglas. That is all anyone needs to know about Derdichead


          • 69Dawg

            Don’t forget he was George Rogers coach at SC too. LMAO


          • Gaskilldawg

            Rat Goff was not the RB coach in 1980. He did coach Walkee in 1981 and 1982, however.


    • J.G.

      It shouldn’t be a matter of pride. Even casual CFB fans have noticed that all the best teams–the ones competing for playoff spots–now have offenses that score in the 40s. Where’s UGA? Sixty-third in the nation, at 28.5 per game, sandwiched between Eastern Michigan and Liberty ( So all Kirby has to do is field an NFL-quality defense year in and year out. Easy. Looking forward to seeing the return of the ’85 Bears next season.

      How does Kirby not see what’s right in front of his face? How does he manage to do the most difficult thing in CFB, out-recruit Saban, Dabo, et al., then plug all that talent into a team that’s built to fail? I watched a good defense get ground to fine powder in the second half of yesterday’s game because the offense gave it no chance.


  4. Not trying to be snarky but all of those teams (including the team that is likely #2 in offensive rankings, Bama) have multiple WRs that are both likely future NFL players AND have been contributors on their respective teams for multiple years. UGA does not have that luxury. I’m not willing to put all of the blame on the WRs because a position group is inherently dependent on coaching for both recruitment and development. Nevertheless, even with the best coaching and scheme, UGA is way behind those teams in healthy impact players…see comment ‘making chicken salad with chicken $#!+’

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    • Athens Townie


      The idea that Kirby wants to have a shitty offense (aka manball) is hilarious. Some of y’all are as stubborn as you claim Kirby is.

      If Smart doesn’t address the offensive woes urgently, then by all means, we have a crisis.


      • The idea that Kirby wants to have a shitty offense (aka manball) is hilarious.

        Your bad takes on this are even funnier.

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        • ASEF

          Kirby came into that game with as many 5 stars on offense as LSU.

          The idea that LSU has vastly superior talent on offense is just insult-your-intelligence level spin.

          Burrow is probably a unicorn experience for LSU, but people thought that about Mayfield, and then Kyler Murray happened. Jalen and Mac Jones put up some serious stats when Tua went down.

          Kirby wants complementary units for offense and defense, and who doesn’t? Kirby wants to run the ball effectively, and who doesn’t?

          Is Kirby’s approach optimizing or limiting his talent? The idea that his talent is limiting his approach means he is either recruiting the wrong players or not developing them. He comes up short either way.


          • Derek

            If you don’t think they aren’t throwing and catching it better than us that is some real spin.

            Talent ratings tell us that Richard Samuel is a better player than knowshon Moreno.

            Talent ratings tell us that Jacob Eason is better than David greene.

            You’ve got to recruit talent. You have to deploy talent. You have to develop talent. But talent has to perform under the lights.

            Their no. 1 we isn’t getting thrown out of games for fighting.

            Jordan Jefferson isn’t sitting with a season ending injury.

            Burrows isn’t missing wide open guys and throwing it directly to dbs.

            Burrows is bigger, faster, stronger, more accurate, more aware and more confident than our qb and his best targets were available to him.


            • ASEF

              All those LSU guys looked like our offense game 1 last year.

              Look at them now.

              What changed? Coaching. Not just faces but attitude.

              Personnel can account for marginal performance losses to this offense. No more.

              Seriously. This offense down the stretch looked like a Les Miles Special. And attributing that to a position group sporting multiple 5 stars won’t wash.

              Yes, officiating in the 2017 championship game was brutal. But none of those calls were responsible for Bama, with true freshman all over the offense, racking up 210 yards on 28 plays on their final 4 possessions for 19 points plus a missed game winning FG – against 35 yards on 17 plays for Georgia, sporting three high draft picks at RB and a 1st round LT.

              Did they not execute? Was it a personnel issue? Why couldn’t they get it done? And why could Alabama’s true freshmen at LT, QB, RB, and three WR spots? Better personnel?

              Or could it possibly be that strategic decisions about deployment had one group playing uphill and the other downhill?


              • Derek

                It could be possible that you’re full of shit.

                Just because you say it, think it and feel it doesn’t make it so.

                Why wasn’t Alabama’s offense functioning at all with hurts? We’re they stupid “schemes” and genius struck the coaching staff in the second half OR and I’m just spitballing here, was tua’s talent for and willingness to throw it superior to hurts’ with his lost confidence in throwing the ball?

                Arguably, the first half Alabama in the natty was us last night. But Stetson ain’t tua. If he was maybe you’d stop whining. Players matter more than plays.

                Players at the position that touches the ball every play matter even more.


                • Corch Irvin Meyers New USC Trojans Corch (2020)

                  Uh-oh, Derek.

                  I knew you wouldn’t last long under the Senator’s renewed ask for common decency.

                  It’s been, well it hasn’t been a pleasure, but adios nonetheless.


                • ASEF

                  So Bama had the better players then too. Tua > Sony and Nick and Isaiah. Got it.


    • Bill Glennon

      Who recruited this …”poultry” at WR?

      For 2017 and 2018, UGA signed Tommy Bush, Kearis Jackson, Mark Webb, Jeremiah Holliman, Trey Blount and Matt Landers. Only one of those guys is SEC quality and he got kicked off the team.

      The best receivers we have had have been transfers (Wims, Cager) or a converted CB (Hardman).


  5. Bat City Dawg

    The success of whomever succeeds Fromm as the QB, be it in 2020 or 2021 will be the determining factor in Kirby’s long-term stay in Athens


    • The other Doug

      He also needs to look at his overall philosophy, but yeah if he trots out the same offense next year he will start feeling the pressure. I hope he is working the portal to bring in some competition to the QB room. Iron forging iron and all that….


  6. Mayor

    Modern football has become a track meet.


  7. Receivers? hello?

    I don’t see a line of NFL ready receivers beating a path to Athens. But maybe I’m missing something…


  8. illinidawg

    This shit team that in in crisis stays #5.


  9. DefactoDawg

    This, this and nothing more than this. If he refuses to adapt, that talent pipeline will quickly dry up as the skill players go where they can showcase their talent and right now Athens is not the place.


  10. more spinners

    Coach O talked about the talent in their state and the number of players on the roster from their state.
    He forgot his QB, the kid who has been in D1 5 years. So why did Burrow pick LSU? It has not been a QB school for awhile.
    Now take a look at the current top 5 teams. 3 of those 5 start QBs from the state of Georgia. In fact UGA had 2 of them on roster in 2018. 2 are playing for a national title. UGA has Fromm who has never played up to his alleged ability.
    Take a peek at the offenses those teams play in. Take a look at their numbers as shown by the Senator.
    This falls on Kirby and his offensive staff! His offensive staff allowed that type of recruiting to happen at the most critical position on an offense.
    The little peek. Coley is the only OC who lines up his talented Rbs deep behind the QB. That is too far for a TB to get into a gap…they have been moving, changing, and closing. There is a reason you see teams set their TBs next to the QB.
    For me there a lot of issues with this offense: coaching, schemes, roster, player development, speed, and maturity.
    Doubt if Pittman goes to Arkansas, but then again their AD is alot like the one in Athens. Why not get the OC at LSU.
    But then again the AJC crowd likes to pile on now as is their custom. Not good to hire a position coach when top flight coordinators are out there.
    Let’s see if KIrby can find one.


  11. more spinners

    The one positive take for me from the SECCG.
    Dawgs have more speed, and overall talent.
    Damn start using it.


  12. Macallanlover

    I think most are missing how this year, the repetitive roar from all fronts, might effect the way Kirby feels about change. He had success for 2 solid years doing it his way, he is probably shocked it is all blowing up on him the past several weeks. He would have to be beyond stubborn to not recognize the smoke and flames he is seeing all around him. Will be surprised if he doesn’t take immediate action.

    Also, 5 star talent ratings placed on HS players doesn’t mean they are 5 star players at the college level 2-3 years later. You can put that all on coaching if you wish, and some of that shortfall belongs on coaches, but some is just bad evaluations, lack of heart/work ethic, injuries, etc.


    • Corch Irvin Meyers New USC Trojans Corch (2020)

      Honestly, I think you give Kirby much more credit than he deserves based on his attitude and the decisions he’s made.

      Kirby has shown us all for four seasons he’d rather lose doing it his way than win doing it a different way.

      Why would he change his stripes now if he didn’t the second time we played Bama? Or this year?


  13. Macallanlover

    Perhaps. A lot of cold water hitting his face these days, it won’t be easy but this is his wake up call, suggest he pay attention.