Anxiety DEFCON 1

This is fine.


UPDATE:  Now they’re piling on.


UPDATE #2:  Life comes at you fast, Georgia fans.


UPDATE #3:  It’s a done deal.

Congrats and best of luck to Coach Pittman.


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  1. FlyingPeakDawg

    Trade Coley and two first round draft picks instead.

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  2. Tronan

    A ploy for a raise at UGA? Is Jimmy Sexton his agent?


  3. George Jones

    Bobo going to South Carolina, Pittman leaving for Arkansas. These are signs of a program on the verge of unraveling. Smart is facing his most stern test of being a HC this off-season, let’s hope he passes it.


  4. Russ

    So, does Kirby get 15 years like Richt did? He better seal the deal pretty quickly. I fear the window may be closing.


  5. TN Dawg

    That would be a huge loss, especially recruiting.


  6. He better be getting an enormous buyout because that job is a dumpster fire in a crappy recruiting state for a guy who I believe has never even been a coordinator.

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  7. Tampadawg

    Our Natty was in 2017. Missed it. Might not come back for another few decades.

    Sunny and 80 and no humidity today though!

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  8. DawgFaithful

    Any chance he takes Coley with him?


  9. Classic City Canine

    Pittman is the one offensive staffer that I absolutely don’t want to lose. If we lose Pittman, but keep Coley…..


    • J-Dawg

      I agree that Coley needs to disappear down a sinkhole but there’s one other asst coach that needs to go: wide receivers. Our WR’s did “Not” show one oz. of improvement or development over a twelve game season. That’s criminal”!


  10. TN Dawg

    I’m afraid you are correct.

    When those Richt seniors graduated, it seems like the foundation started crumbling. Chubb and Sony carried Fromm and Smart to within moments of the Natty, but it was not to be.


  11. practicaldawg

    We will soon learn how much, if any, the culture inside BM has changed. Does McGarity still value coupon income on his bond portfolio more than winning?


  12. illinidawg

    It’s coaching, coaching, coaching but this blog is full of comments dissing the O line????


    • The Truth

      The o line did not perform this season to the expectations set before the season. Were the expectations too high? Perhaps that’s the answer, or those 5-stars weren’t really 5-stars which brings talent evaluation into the picture, or they weren’t being coached up. In any event, Pittman’s crew did not bring it to the extent we were led to believe they were capable. People can draw their own conclusions.


  13. BigD

    Can the current OL players go over there and have a “sit in” at his house to make him stay in Athens? Asking for a friend.

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  14. Debby Balcer

    His former players posted ads right after Morris was let go wanting him as their new head coach.


  15. PTC DAWG

    Good for him…


  16. Salty Dawg

    In Cleveland’s voice (Family Guy) when he’s in his tub, ‘No,no,no,no,no…’

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  17. bldial

    Any chance of Dan Lanning rejoining Mike Norvell at FSU?


  18. Damn. So much poaching already and we don’t even have a single title

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  19. HiAltDawg

    Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue…

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  20. I imagine our offense doesn’t give Pittman any pause seeing as how his OL took so much heat for scheme and play calling that had them blocking cover zero since the SC game.

    Doesn’t really matter how good your OL is when your passing game gives no defense reason to do anything other than stack the box.

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  21. Hopefully Pittman doesn’t take current UGA OL and recruits with him.


    • California dawg

      Outside of Kirby himself Pittman was our best recruiter. Sigh.


    • MGW

      I mean, maybe a depth guy or two, but there’s a wide gulf between the two programs. If he’d been hired at FSU, sure. But he ain’t taking any high 4* or 5* OL’s with him to dad gum Arkansas.


  22. Honestly, the way our O-line has looked of late this news does not seem as devastating as it would have a year ago. Let’s face it, the Great Wall of Georgia was not so great this year. Yeah, they kept Jake upright but they can’t run block for shit and it showed all last night.

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    • Agree. Something has been wrong with our run blocking all year.

      With our supposedly legendary o-line and 4 or 5 amazing RBs that would start for many teams, why did we have so much trouble running the ball this year? (Perhaps because Fromm/our passing game sucked? maybe).

      Anyway, this is a bummer but inevitable.

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    • Kdawg

      I agree here. He’s a great recruiter of the biggest OL’s but the OL was definitely not the best in the country. When he was at Arkansas he also had the biggest OL and it wasn’t great against any athletic DL. Look at the guy from Oklahoma and have be OC or Yuricj for OC from tOSU and find a younger OL coach. My opinion.

      However, I highly doubt Coley goes anywhere.


  23. Biggus Rickus

    I know Arkansas is a shit program right now, but this is a weird choice even for them.


  24. Mayor

    Can’t blame him. A chance at becoming a HC in the SEC with the $$ that entails. That said, he’ll get fired in 3 years and be back to being an assistant again. My advice: get a big buyout written into the contract.

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  25. BuffaloSpringfield

    The 18th. of December I believe is the first kids can sign. I imagine most of you guys that keeps Hudl, 247 and the rest of those rating sights will be glued to your go to’s as the promise CKS made about building a wall around the state watches the most prominent ones leave.
    Totally out of the realm, my comments I know. The best TE, best LB, there has been 4-5 running backs go to Auburn, Clemson and other parts of the SEC.
    I think not only the SECCG, the Texas game, but the “no fun” sideline, practice atmosphere. The business appearance of the assistant’s not being interviewed, assistants leaving ( I get it you sign with a school not the coach ) along with the sunshine pumping of CKS will take a hit through recruiting process.
    There is a lot of negativity, I know 11-2. 20 other fans bases wishes they had the same. UGA has been close for almost 20 years also. The only higher rating we get are on our ticket stubs and I imagine that will be continued.
    Fishing is not as expensive. It’s been a while since I relaxed on a fall Saturday. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Dawgs but they are a emotional roller coaster that has crashed since 1980 and I am of mind that a $7-8 million dollar man doesn’t show he has the answers or cares to change to find them.
    Senator, your the best but I think this will hang up my turnover chain.
    Go Dawgs


  26. Noonan

    It’s behind the paywall at The Athletic, but this article by Andy Staples lays out our offensive problems in gory detail. We have much bigger problems than Sam Pittman leaving:


    • I canceled my Athletic sub. The UGA coverage was good, but the Braves coverage was so bad I couldn’t stomach paying anything that pays Jeff Schultz’s salary.

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      • Noonan

        The money quote from the Staples article:

        “Here’s the part that should make Georgia fans furious and hopeful at the same time. Fromm’s numbers his freshman and sophomore seasons were much better than his numbers this year and Burrow’s numbers last year. Fromm averaged nine yards an attempt and completed 62.2 percent of his passes while leading the Bulldogs to an SEC title, a Rose Bowl win and a national title berth his freshman season. He got them within a quarter of another SEC title and another Playoff berth as a sophomore by averaging nine yards an attempt and completing 67.3 percent of his passes.

        Fromm isn’t the problem. A lack of imagination on offense is.

        It’s easy to look at what Justin Fields is doing at Ohio State and suggest that Georgia coaches made a mistake by keeping Fromm as the starter last season. But that isn’t fair to Fromm, who outplayed Fields last season. It also isn’t fair to Fields, who probably would have been held back at Georgia by an offense that wasn’t designed for his skill set. The answer isn’t “find better players.” Based on recruiting rankings, the players Georgia has are perfectly capable of competing for national titles. But they can’t do it if they aren’t deployed properly.”

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        • chopdawg

          Typical Athletic stuff. They tell you things you already know, but wrap it up in nice bundles of expert-speak hyperbole. Cancelled my subscription months ago and the only thing I miss is David O’Brien, former Braves beat writer for the AJC.


  27. George Jones

    Now there is talk of Pittman bringing Tray Scott, who is from Arkansas, with him. It’s imploding on Kirby and this off-season is going to be the most critical of his tenure so far. I can only guess how it’s going to go but he is going to have to knock it out of the park on his hires to maintain some momentum. I’m not overly confident but I have my fingers crossed


    • Let’s walk back from the cliff. We replaced our defensive coordinator last season and the D was fine. Coaching changes are inevitable. There’s no doubt our recruiting has improved on the offensive line, but our offensive output has declined significantly as well. I’ll be sad to see Pittman go, but our great line couldn’t even get 100 yards on the ground yesterday.

      I’m not as worried about coaching changes, but I am interested to see what Smart does about proactively doing something about the offense. If we make a change to a WR coach and keep the status quo then there might be reason to be concerned.

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  28. ASEF

    In the big picture, moving position coaches and coordinators into HC positions makes it much easier for Kirby to land top coaching talent.

    But dang, losing people right before Signing Day suuuuucks


  29. Our o-line was supposed to be legendary this year and it was above average. Our running game sucked with a stable of amazing backs.

    I’m sad to see him go, but his recruiting rep was huge and his resulted were always above average, so he was going to get sniped eventually.

    If Kirby can’t replace coaches on a regular basis then he can’t run a successful program.

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  30. Gurkha Dawg

    Was the above commenter joking about new rules on GTP or did I miss something?


    • illinidawg

      “One more thing — yeah, it was a hugely disappointing loss, especially since we thought this team was capable of more. And, yeah, as I indicated in my last post, there are certainly things that need fixing.

      In any event, because of the nature of the beast, I’ve let you guys vent your hearts out for the last day. It’s time for those of you who have been showing your ass to pull your pants up now.

      If you can’t find a way to have a civil discussion with other readers here, go find another place to vent, because you clearly value your moral authority more than I do. Feel free to disagree, but do so in a way you would if you were in a face to face conversation. With your mother listening.”

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    • Cousin Eddie

      Nothing “new” just a reminder to be more polite.


      • Gurkha Dawg

        Wow. I missed all of that. I thought that I read most of the comments but totally missed 92 threatening to kick 3rd’s ass. I was on call all weekend going back and forth to the hospital doing epidurals. But there were no epidurals from 4P to 8P. I guess even the unborn know not to fuck with me when I’m trying to watch the Dawgs.


        • TN Dawg

          3&G basically told 92G that if he ran a business, he must be a yard boy cutting lawns trying to punk him.

          It’s on the game day thread.

          I noticed 3&G’s penis shrank significantly once offered the opportunity to meet for an earnest discussion.

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  31. ATL Dawg

    Congrats to Coach Pittman. The guy getting paid $7 million a year to run our football program has a lot of work to do this offseason.

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  32. Anonymous

    I can’t wait for the “Pittman left because McFrugal wouldn’t pony up the money” nonsense like that which happened when Bobo got his HC gig.

    Good luck, Sam. Arky is going to be one hell of a rebuild.

    I’m really surprised we are not hearing anything about Dell McGee and some of the G5 openings. Kirby has stated on many times that he thinks Dell is the one that would make a great HC. Willie Fritz recommended that Georgia Southern hire him as his replacement when he left for Tulane. They hired Tyson Summers instead.

    Anyone want a gently used James Coley?


  33. 3rdandGrantham

    Far too much panic here guys; some of you need to relax a bit. Yes, losing Pittman is a big loss no doubt. However, first and foremost, UGA recruits itself, and Kirby will do more than hold his own. 2. I’m hearing rumors that Matt Luke could be in the running. If Kirby lands him, I’ll sleep like a baby (and no, I don’t mean waking up every 3 hours crying or anything either).


  34. sniffer

    God speed, Coach Pittman. That said, Kirby will have a long list of top coaches to choose from for any and all openings. As we piss in our own cheerios, agents are blowing McGarity(‘s phone up) to get an interview.

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  35. Will (The other one)

    With Pittman officially gone, here’s hoping the entire offensive staff other than Dell McGee gets encouraged to follow or look elsewhere. Some really good stuff could come from a disappointing season yet.
    “Coach Smart likes to win” — time to show us, coach.


  36. Bulldog Joe

    Congratulations, Sam. Proud of the job you did here.


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    • Russ

      Yep, glad we had him and happy for his new opportunity. Congratulations to him!

      Hope Kirby finds a suitable replacement.


  37. George Jones

    Some rumours are starting to fly. I’m hearing Matt Luke to replace Pittman and there is another one saying Kirby has boarded a plane to Fort Collins CO. Maybe Kirby is getting on the ball fast, I hope so


  38. Irwin R. Fletcher

    I know the rent is in arrears, the dog has not been fed in years
    It’s even worse than it appears, but it’s alright
    Cow is giving kerosene, kid can’t read at seventeen
    The words he knows are all obscene, but it’s alright


  39. Mayor

    Nothing against Sam Pittman but it’s just the reality of CFB in the portal world. I expect not onlyOL recruits to follow him to Fayetteville but we may see some guys on the team use the portal to go there too. Get ready.


  40. Go Kirby

    Step off the ledge people….we need recievers period. I honestly don’t care if we have backs at this point. I mean just a damn decent back is okay. We are not Running Back U anymore…those days are gone.

    I actually think Coley called a halfway decent game….Im not going to knock the man. However we need to hire Hines Ward….this is an absolute must. I would love for him to work with Pickens and Cager. Those two have some incredible talent going forward if we play the cards right. We need to play to our strengths going forward….

    so again step away from the ledge and for the love of Gawd give Kirbs some space people. He is a winner….You can see it in his eyes. He shows alot more emotional drive to win than I ever saw Richt do in his 15 years….

    Hell I think its funny he got knocked down again last night….he’s loving what he is doing. I’m okay with that and it’s good for the team overall.


    • Hines Ward is not coming to Georgia


      • Go Kriby

        He will if we tie him up in a red bow and bring him here for Corch just like ole Cousin Eddie….

        and because McGarity is such a fine AD we’ll double Bobos Contract 20% of USC’s because Bosses Listen Closely.

        I love my Jelly Donut Membership Club….YATA


      • Mayor

        Didn’t Hines and Kirby play on the same team? Since Hines was a receiver and Kirby was a DB I’m guessing they knew each other quite well. Anyone know of a reason why Kirby wouldn’t want Hines Ward as WR Coach?


  41. D as in Dawg

    I figured out the problem…

    Quote Of The Day
    “… Georgia’s just going to do what it’s going to do to win ballgames. Whether that’s passing the ball or running the ball or doing both. It’s kind of simple: whatever way to win ballgames.” — Charlie Woerner, The Athletic, 12/4/19

    Charlie forgot to say catching the ball!


  42. S

    We’re well and truly fucked now. Pittman was the best thing we had on the offensive side of the ball, by a long shot.

    On another topic, if we’re going to bring in a former UGA receiver, it should be Terrence Edwards. Most productive receiver in UGA history and he also runs an academy for receivers that has a pretty good reputation. The man can coach receivers and if he’s already used to selling his own academy, he can sell UGA.


  43. I really like Pittman and wish him well. I’d love to see him make a bowl his first year.


  44. Debby Balcer

    My dad is from Arkansas and when former players of his started publicly lobbying for him to get the job and no announcement came I started worrying. I think this has been a done deal since not long after Morris was fired they were just waiting for our run to end to announce it.


  45. MGW

    To the people acting like the sky is falling…

    There are two programs: one is having to fire a bunch of assistants, the other’s assistants are being hired away to superior job titles or for far more money. Which do you want?

    And no, in 2019, just giving every good coach a big enough raise to keep them every time there are others interested isn’t an option. When you have an assistant looking at coordinator money, or a coordinator looking at head coach money, you can pay to keep them through that dilemma maaaaaybe once… to say nothing of their desire to move up a level or two in the coaching hierarchy.

    We have a decision to make with the OC. But by and large we’re on the very good end of that hired away versus firing everyone spectrum. Yes, Pittman was a huge loss, but we’ll have our pick of the litter in the hiring market. And that’s after what amounts to an 11-2 down year. We’re good to go, people. Settle down.