I blame Boom.

Agent Muschamp strikes again.

Barring a last-minute change of heart, Mike Bobo will be South Carolina’s new offensive coordinator.

Three sources close to the situation confirmed the hire to The Post and Courier on Sunday. They each spoke on condition of anonymity due to USC’s Board of Trustees having to meet to authorize Bobo’s contract.

USC can’t officially confirm the hire until a contract has been approved. The Board is expected to do so on Tuesday.

Should make for an interesting experiment next season.


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42 responses to “I blame Boom.

  1. 3rdandGrantham

    Bad career move for Bobo; not sure why he’s going to SCU. I just don’t get it.

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  2. FlyingPeakDawg

    Mike’s health and Boom’s temperament won’t mix real well for recruiting or game day management. Good for Bobo, but not worried about it.


    • Yea, no worry here. I have doubts that Mike Bobo can put in 16 hour days and a 100 plus days on the road. And after being a head coach, hes gotta go put up with coach booms shit


  3. junkyardawg41

    Either this is “Just another example of the Georgia Way” or “Manball for the win!”. Sigh.


  4. Ok, so Bobo is off the board. That’s fine. Coley still needs his walking papers.

    Find someone who will ride Fromm I rule he either quits or improves his fundamentals.


  5. Logjammin’ Dawg

    Truly liked Bobo when we had him, but had my doubts about him working out under his good friend Kirby. Could’ve devolved into another Richt/Martinez situation. Still, Coley needs to be exited from the building STAT.

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  6. Mayor

    Geez. This is scary.


  7. Debby Balcer

    I was hoping he was headed home. Makes sense when BMac stayed and stepped down if he knew Bobo was coming.


  8. GruvenDawg

    I saw a story when Kirby interviewed for the Auburn job (they hired Gus) he stated Bobo would be his OC. They have at least talked about being on the same staff before. I bet Bobo didn’t want to work at UGA with McGarity as AD.

    Anyways…my first call would be to Mike Yurich at Ohio State. Offer him the keys and 100% control.


    • 81Dog

      What about Joe Brady?


      • Otto

        Don’t see Joe Brady leaving.

        Auburn did not want a Pro style offense, they fired Borges and went spread. Franklin and then Gus were OC, Chiz went back to pro style also going winless in the SEC. Auburn hired a spread guy again in Gus. Lowder and company knew they weren’t going to out Bama Bama. Any pro style OC was a non starter for Auburn.


  9. The other Doug

    If Muschamp has success with Bobo and Kirby stays with Coley this gets ugly.


  10. NoAxe

    What is the problem with Bobo’s health?


  11. NoAxe

    What is wrong with Bobo’s health


  12. spur21

    I heard peripheral nephropathy. It’s not life threatening but it is a pain in the foot or other extremities.


    • Allen

      I have it. It’s irritating as hell, but you learn to live with it. I Take Neurontin and it helps, but doesn’t cure it. Don’t think much about it anymore.


  13. practicaldawg

    I feel bad for Bobo that he’s going to end his career there. No coach emerges from SC with higher stock than when they arrived.


  14. If true, this is a potential disaster:


  15. 69Dawg

    Well I called this one a couple of days back. Gruven Dawg is right Bobo not a fan of McGoofy.


  16. TXBaller

    Thank God hes going SC.
    Please go get me a west coast/air raid/spread OC.
    Look at every OC at: OklahomaSt, Oklahoma, TXTech, WashSt, USC, Oregon, etc…..
    I need points!!!!


    • Mayor

      Ok let’s talk turkey! Who’s available? Bobby Petrino? No? Not him? How about Art Briles? No? You don’t want him? I hear Butch Jones is available. Don’t like him either? I think Terry Bowden left Akron-how about him? No? Let’s get realistic. Bobo is the best guy available and whatever it takes we need to hire him as OC. He may be the only guy that can drag Kirby into contemporary offensive football.


  17. spottieottie

    All this means is that Bobo will be back on the market next year, after Boom gets a pink slip.


  18. Haute Dawg

    Does it make any sense to hire Aaron Murray as QB coach? He was always a student of the position and got some good NFL training. Could he then be developed into an OC?


    • The Dawg abides

      Actually, I think Joe Cox has got a big head start on Murray as far as coaching goes. Among more recent ex-UGA qb’s that is.


  19. Bigshot

    Strong rumor that Bobo’s wife said she would never move back to Athens as long as McGarity was there.


  20. Derek

    Wasn’t there a guy around here guaranteeing that Bobo would be the next OV at UGA?

    Isn’t he the same guy that said Adam Sasser and Justin Fields we’re best buds?

    Now there’s a guy with a source!


  21. Macallanlover

    Can’t blame Bobo for not wanting to come back under McFrugal, and agree about how difficult it is to work for friends, but this is a bad move for Mike. He isn’t desperate for a job, but how can anyone think Boom is going to last long in Columbia, and you are tied to his success. Unless Evil Bobo is plotting a Palace Coup and wants to be there when the opening occurs.

    Bad part is, Bobo is uniquely qualified as someone who can work magic within the confines of a pro-style offense. We have seen hi do it, he may really be the guy to give KS his cake and ice cream too without trading off (some) of his principles.


  22. CEPH

    Have any of you guys watched the CSU offense, apparently not ! They were terrible. BOB0 does not need to be recycled back through UGA. . Ga’s offense needs new blood and ideas.. I’m glad USC got him. Best news I have heard today!


  23. Go Kirby

    All I know we is in a real pickle….
    and what if USC beats us again next year….with Bobo calling the offense.

    It is a mortifying thought when you stop to think about it..


  24. Mayor

    Rumor of airplane flying from Athens to Colorado Springs tonight—any truth to it? Beuller? Anyone?


  25. WHB209

    I saw a picture of Bobo taken about 3 weeks ago and he does not look like a healthy man. I do not know the problem and would never try to guess, but he just does not look like the Coach we use to know.