Neyland Stadium South

Jake Fromm’s gotta be thrilled by this news.

I don’t know what the deal was with the footing yesterday, whether the problems were turf-related or shoe-related, but somebody’s ass needs to be held accountable.



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21 responses to “Neyland Stadium South

  1. Normaltown Mike

    Right. Because ACL’s never tear in football.


  2. Hobnail_Boot

    Blaylock’s injury was a landing issue, not a surface/clear issue.

    Get well, young man.


    • Macallanlover

      Agree, this was not a slippery turf problem, he just “stuck’ the landing too well, and at he wrong angle. It is the 4th non-contact ACL that has stricken UGA in the past 6 years, that I can recall. Zeus last summer, and now Blaylock, are the latest for this weirdness to occur. Hate it for him, he was just beginning to find his way as both a receiver and a punt returner.


  3. spur21

    It seemed obvious with our guys not so much LSU so it must have been the shoes.


  4. chopdawg

    I remember the same trouble last year. Eric Zeier mentioned it on the UGA broadcast. Something’s wrong with that turf.


  5. Aladawg

    I noticed it with our players so I figured it was our shoes. Black did a plant and change direction so probably too much traction. Either way it’s a bitch. Minimum 9 month rehab. Get well Dominick.

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  6. Mayor

    The Falcons and the rest of the NFL teams that play there don’t seem to have a problem. I’m betting wrong shoes, which might explain a lot.


  7. siskey

    It was my first time at the new Dome. After being there it seems even more of a waste of money that they (the City of Atlanta and me by extension as someone who stays in hotels there periodically) spent so much money on a stadium that is not much (if any) of an upgrade on the Dome.

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  8. It had to have been shoes issues. Which means LSU even has a better equipment manager than we do. 🤦‍♂️


  9. 2675miller

    The outlook for next season’s offense just got remarkably dimmer. He won’t be ready and if he is he will go into the season with little off season practice reps. Pickins is probably 50/50 to make it to next fall. It likely that Jackson and Robertson will be our top two returning wrs, Landers will be 3rd and no tight ends with a meaningful contribution in the passing game. And we thought this season was rough.


  10. Mike Liss

    The fact that we have played in the Benz 3 other times in the past 2 years should have meant we had the right equipment for the turf. Crazy…


  11. Reverend Whitewall

    Like most people have said here, it’s not like that field hasn’t been used recently. If there was a problem with footing, it had to be footwear related. I halfway expected to hear a report after halftime that the whole team had gone in and changed cleats. Because that’s what they needed to do.