Today, in aw, shucks BS



I’d like to see LSU win the thing this year, because they’re a fun bunch to watch.  But I have to admit I’d like seeing that sanctimonious ass lose more.


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13 responses to “Today, in aw, shucks BS

  1. spur21

    This Dawg will be pulling for LSU. They look terrific and I’d rather think we lost to the best team.

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  2. 69Dawg

    I’ll have no problem pulling for the Bayou Bengals. We don’t play them enough to hate them and they are UF’s western opponent.

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  3. Greg

    Agree….his crying is getting old. Respect is earned, he has not done it with that schedule imo. He has a chance to do it & should shut his trap until he does.

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  4. Nothing I’ve seen from Clemson vs ACC paper schedule has them prepared for the reality slap their in for from OSU or LSU should they advance. Playing the whining “no respect “ victim mantra will not carry the day vs stout competition.


  5. siskey

    I am not a fan of Saban and he certainly whines from time to time but this stuff from Dabo is making him a worthy successor to Corch on my most disliked coach list. Maybe he and the guy on ESPN with the fake southern accent can do a show co-hosted by Peyton Manning & Stephen Smith just to get all the dickheads in one place for perfect symmetry.

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  6. CannonDawg

    “Sanctimonious ass” is apt. If it’s LSU they face in the championship (and I very much hope it is), I’d like to see Burrow & Co. bury them. Perhaps then Dabeaux can reflect upon how well he’s got it in the ACC.


  7. Classic City Canine

    I used to like Dabo, but not anymore. Hope they beat OSU and then get whooped by LSU.


  8. The Truth

    The only way Dabo’s statement could have been more wrong is if he’d said it had never happened before — I’m surprised he didn’t.

    I respect the hell out of what Dabo has done at Clemson, but he and they are better than all the “woe is us” bullshit he’s been peddling the past couple of weeks. I think they’ll give LSU all the game they want.

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    • Macallanlover

      Very hard to not respect, or like, Dabo. But he is dead wrong on how he is playing this “respect” tirade. Has been in the top 4 all year, and never faced an opponent capable of challenging his team, he should be thankful they weren’t actually punished, and doubted, from the middle of the season to now. Respect for past accomplishments should not be a factor in the rankings, now he has the chance to earn it; that is all any team/coach should ask for. I frankly don’t know if they are capable, they seem competitive with the field, but without any tests thus far we cannot crown him.

      I still like him a lot, but I don’t care for Clemson much so it is easy to root for LSU, my 2nd favorite SEC program. Interesting semi-finals, and the correct four teams seem to have their opportunity. I hope all the games are exciting and the officials don’t determine another MNC.


  9. Logjammin’ Dawg

    Anymore cheese with that whine, Dabo? Do you WANT karma to dick-slap you on national TV?


  10. Bwaredogs

    Clemson opened as 2 pt favorite, so I wonder how Dabo will spin that?


  11. Mayor

    Sorry but I’m sick of our rivals winning natties. I hope both LSU and Clemson get the hell beat out of them. For that matter I don’t want to see tOSU win with Fields at QB either. I’m pulling for OU.


  12. Fuck Dabo.

    I hope they lose a close game by some kind of idiotic mistake so we can have the return of “Clemsoning”…. a term he utterly despises.

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