“The apathy surrounding the program was too much to overcome.”

This ($$) is so, so good.

… The key piece to this puzzle is Kiffin. Everything that comes along with him is a bonus — or a side effect, whichever you want to call it.

He is a 44-year-old lightning rod in the sport with a track record that borders on the ridiculous, from breaking NCAA rules by sending recruiting hostesses to visit high school prospects while at Tennessee to deflating footballs while at USC to sending numerous tweets that cross the proverbial line. He has said he’s matured and learned from his experiences, with a nod to the value of coaching alongside Saban in particular, but he has never really muzzled himself. His personality and his candor are what make him polarizing, but they also make him must-see TV and a must-follow on Twitter — especially when his teams are good but most definitely when they aren’t. They are what keep him in the national spotlight, whether he’s in Boca Raton or Tuscaloosa.

Now the Lane Kiffin show, as unorthodox as it may be, comes to Oxford. The fans are already rushing to get in their deposits for tickets, with the start of a new season still 10 months away. The show that starts right now is the point.

Junior was hired for the attention he’ll bring.  Coaching success is almost secondary.  But I’ll bet you one thing right now:  if he succeeds at Ole Miss, he’ll be the coach they hire in Tuscaloosa to succeed Saban.  The Laner is probably the one dude in the country who wouldn’t be intimidated in the slightest about succeeding a legend.  Hell, he’d be playing with house money at that point, anyway.

In the meantime, I’m looking forward to the first time he makes Greg Sankey uncomfortable.


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  1. JJC

    He’s left people disappointed and angry at every stop (FAU excepted [so far]). We’ll see how it ends up in Oxford.


  2. WarD Eagle

    Kiffin at Ole Miss is good for the SEC. He also has two talented QBs to work with and their recruiting will immediately improve.

    He will also suffer idiot players which will make it fun to watch.

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  3. 81Dog

    The thought of Kiffin with the keys to The Processmobile is mind boggling.

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  4. ASEF

    Kiffin is kind of the opposite of Saban. When he is the primary culture tone setter in a program, it rots from the inside out.

    This will probably be his last P5 job.


  5. God I hope you are right. If there ever was a coach and a fan base that deserved each other, it is Kiffin and the Gumps. He could light a fire that ends up burning the whole thing down, same as he did in UT.


  6. 92 Grad

    Is that comedian Tosh still around?

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  7. practicaldawg

    That’s why this is the perfect hire. Disappointed and angry is the baseline in Oxford. There’s literally nowhere to go but up, even if it comes crashing down in a couple of years. Which it will.


  8. Mayor

    I can’t believe those morons in Oxford would do this after witnessing what Kiffin did to Tennessee and the effect it had on the Vols’ program. Likely result: one good year then he’s off to a better gig likely on the west coast (probably UCLA), then Ole Piss deteriorates to a 2-10 program. BTW Senator, you know a lot of people in football circles…now that Kiffykins and his wife are divorced can you get me a date with her?


  9. 123fakest

    Am I the only one that thinks this is a really, really good hire for Ole Sis? He’s pretty insufferable, but so are the snobs on the Grove. He’ll immediately improve recruiting. He’ll take recruits away from Florida, LSU, and Bammer. He has two young QBs to work with. Like him or not, the guy can coach offense and kids.

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    • Oh, I think it’s a home run hire for Ole Miss. NFL and Power 5 head coaching experience, part of the “Saban tree.”

      I still think he either runs the program further into the ground and walks out with another big buyout or leaves for a greener pasture in 3 years if successful.


      • MDDawg

        That’d have to be 3 really good years, but anything’s possible. I just wonder what that next stop would be? Can’t see USC hiring him again, but it’d have to be that kind of jump right? Group of 5 job -> Small Power 5 job -> Big Power 5 job. Maybe UF if Mullen hasn’t won the East by then.


  10. Uglydawg

    The real rising star to watch is Joe Brady. If he can accomplish with another QB what he accomplished with Burrow, he will be on his way. And it won’t be to another OC job but to a HC job (if he wants one). Wouldn’t be surprised to see him at ‘Bama or Florida (If Mullens hasn’t won the East yet) in two or three years. Joe Brady at any SECE school scares me.


  11. MGW

    Say what you want about the tenets of being a jackass; at least it’s a personality.


  12. FlyingPeakDawg

    Bama, Auburn, LSU, TAMU. Egg bowl is always a toss-up. An upset here, a bad loss there, Ole Miss is going to be a 7 – 8 win team at best. Will be exciting, but all noise, no substance. Next gig will be TV until some other desperate AD comes along and that’s IF he can keep his nose clean…which he probably can’t. 3 years tops.


  13. The Truth

    Bluto, I bet you loved the line in the story about his navy suit: “This is actually Jimmy Sexton’s suit.”

    Truer words have never been spoken.


  14. Jack Klompus

    “Too much apathy.” Wow.

    I wonder how Keith will feel when he has to meet him on the tarmac the 2nd time.


  15. Spike

    Tennessee v. Ole Miss should be epic!

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  16. I love this! The Laner is like a buddy you love to go off drinking with but wouldn’t leave alone with your sister …..
    Between this, Matt Luke to UGA (Another great hire) playing Bama early in the year (I think we have a punchers chance) and Bobo to SC, all we need is a QB controversy and we’ll have an awesome offseason. What are the chances that the Plumlee kid hears somebody yell “Honky” over in Oxford?


  17. more spinners

    Coaching in the SEC is a bitch, then you are fired!
    Or all the fans and alums think you are arrogant, out of touch, stubborn, or simply stupid.
    If you coach in this conference you need two credentials.
    Taken from Townes Van Zandt – Pancho and Lefty.
    Coaching in the SEC may friend,
    Is gonna make you dirty and mean,
    You wear your skin like iron,
    Your breath as hard as kerosene.
    Welcome back to the SEC Bobo and Matt Luke.