Null and void

Today, in the annals of committing to a school, not a person

The nation’s No. 22 OT prospect (per the 247Sports Composite) has opted to back off his commitment to Georgia in the wake of the news that Pittman is no longer the offensive line coach at Georgia. It does not even make sense to call it a de-commitment this time. At least is his eyes.

Braun and his family viewed it as a commitment to play for Sam Pittman as the line coach at Georgia.

“Due to Coach Pittman leaving, I have taken a step back and am reassessing my commitment,” Braun told DawgNation on Wednesday. “My commitment was to play for Coach Pittman, but since he is no longer there the commitment is void.”

He didn’t decommit from Georgia.  He never committed to Georgia in the first place.  Or something like that.


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  1. Good luck to him. If he goes to Hogtown or Columbia, I hope Mekhail Sherman and Company beat his @$$ for 5 years.


  2. Aladawg

    While I came to UGA based on what I saw, these kids are recruited by individuals representing the schools. Those individuals are their contact with the schools unlike my entrance to UGA. Thus I totally understand why they decommit. The early signing period is resulting in a lot of coaching change a lot quicker than the past and a bunch of recruiting angst. Oh well.


  3. ASEF

    Basically how Roquan ended up in Athens but after Signing Day?

    I would guess Luke sells him. Spots at elite schools are filling up fast. A roster opportunity at Georgia is as good as it gets.

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    • Bulldog Joe

      Like Roquan, I can’t fault him for keeping his leverage until the coaching carousels have finished spinning.

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      • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

        Yes, I agree. Unless you grew up in a family that predestined you go to a certain school, I don’t think any of these kids have been committing to a “school”. It has always mostly been coaches, friends who you knew, and availability for family to come see you play and an available slot that caused you to make a choice for one school over another. I would say that the only thing that Luke could keep him, but they have to have a relationship. Braun needs to make his own decision and we need to respect it for what it is.


  4. barneydawg

    I don’t believe that Luke him to Ole Miss and also did not schedule an in-home with him, per other sites. That is bad on the other side, I would have taken the hint and de-committed also. He had stated that his other schools were Florida and South Carolina. If he does go to Columbia, we will know it is not for the OL coach, because whoever is there will be gone in a year or two.


    • Starbreaker

      Yeah, seems more like a “decommitment” in that he wasn’t on Luke’s list of wants. I’ll trust the coach, but too bad as I liked the film I saw of this kid bulldozing the opposition. Sounds like UF is the favorite here.

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  5. W Cobb Dawg

    Meh, he would be a backup to one of our backups. Use the slot for an extra QB, preferably one who can self-coach.

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  6. KDawg

    Umm…if his commitment is really to Pittman, he should end up signing with Arkansas; end of story. If he doesn’t, then what he’s said at this point isn’t the truth….

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    • Unless Pittman doesn’t offer him at Arky.


    • Go Dawgs!

      Exactly what I came here to post. The kid seems sensitive about the issue of his commitment and breaking his word. Well, if his word was to play for Sam Pittman then, congratulations, Arkansas. You’re getting a good one. As for me, I hope that he’ll reconsider his commitment to Pittman and realize he’s in for a few years of losing in Fayetteville and come on to Athens.

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    • I’ll take the plunge and bash the kid for a bit. Why in the hell is he going to sign with UF if he was committed to Sam Pittman. #FTMF


  7. Connor

    I have a hard time giving a kid any grief for changing his mind about college in the middle of his senior year. It would be awfully hypocritical of me, since I did it several times.
    “Commitment” in the context of recruiting is obviously just another version of “Student Athlete”, a term used by the college football oligarchy to manipulate public perception.
    Good luck to him. I hope he enjoys college wherever he goes.

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    • chopdawg

      This is exactly why I never pay attention to all the recruiting gossip. Kids are gonna change their minds. Why get excited about a recruit until he actually signs?


  8. “the annals of committing to a school, not a person” Personally I can’t understand this. Initially you commit to a coach because you like him and the environment at the school. But this kid was supposed to be moving to Athens in about 10 days. Don’t you think he has built some relationships with his fellow recruits and current team members during the last 6 months?
    I know I would have.


  9. Butler Reynolds

    Kind of like how Fromm switched from Bama to UGA?


  10. Derek

    I know this happens. But i don’t understand it. How many coaches are in the same place for 4/5 years these days? If you want to play college football, expect change. Lots of it.

    Commit to a place, not a guy. I can see a coach turning a kid away from a place he’d otherwise like, but liking a coach should never be the reason you pick a school. If you’re going to at least make it about the head guy. At least there you’ve got a remote chance of playing for him the whole time.

    But position coaches?


    • Tony Barnfart

      Exactly. Nobody doubts the genuineness of his position. What’s in question is the mindset of what goes into that decision and the advice he’s getting from his parents in how to make a decision. Seems like anybody who has followed college football at all would understand that macro place and program features should be as big, if not the biggest, concern.

      The Eason family decision through all of our turmoil is how an educated decision should be made. Obviously fate stepped in the way, but it was entirely sound to look at the entirety of the circumstances and say, regardless of total coaching turnover, here is a blue-chip program in the best conference where I can walk in and start from Day 1.


  11. SouthernYank

    Nothing’s ever a done deal with kids and schools nowadays. Ask UF.


  12. Cojones

    Using this subject of commitment to Coach or school, there is a parallel with UGA fandom.

    Most of us that are graduates are true fans to our school and to the team that represents us. Some fans measure their school’s representative sports teams according to wins or losses, the same manner as they may measure the events in their lives. Cheering those wins and losses becomes a sport unto itself to some who become so entrenched in sports cheering that they measure their loyalty toward their team according to wins and losses only and, while their numbers are small, they become acerbic in their criticisms of the team after loss instead of maintaining their loyalty to school and it’s representative team. Our emotions certainly go up and down according to team wins and losses, but sometimes that’s more like the few HS commits that commit to a person instead of our institution’s teams.

    My point is not one of rebuke towards those fair-weather fans any more than I should rebuke a former commit for changing his/her mind according to their valuations systems and fealty towards a person instead of the UGA team they wish(ed) to join. They are no different from those fans who go for wins and losses as a measure of supporting their school’s team instead of continuing to cheer with as much verve as possible after a loss and especially at a time of low team morale as we have now.

    We are Georgia and have a reputation as being batshit crazy in love with our team such that we make noises like Uga, our mascot, when cheering them on during their battle on the field. The team needs us most in NOLA this year to cheer those players loyal to our program and especially for those Seniors’ last game and who will leave as alumni to join in the support and cheering for the next teams. Do this while the program is less and not as high as in the recent past, because now is when we are needed most. Here is hoping all the Dawg old farts keep away from sickness through the holidays long enough to make it there and to help make a large cheering section.

    If you see an oldster surrounded by youthful pulchritude and with a Santa-like appearance (glowing cheeks and a stupid appearance) who is carrying a bag of special holiday cookies, stop by and introduce yourself. Sic’em Dawgs!

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  13. Morris Day

    So… when NIL compensation becomes “legal” in the NCAA. How quickly does it seep down into the high school ranks? How soon is Booster A signing up a Josh Braun to hawk Dodge Ram pickups on the contingency that he commits to and signs with Whatsamatta U after leaving high school? Could bring about a big change in the way recruiting is done. Decommitments may require the hiring of a lawyer. I’m not arguing for or against NIL. Just a thought I had while reading this.
    “Hi, I’m Josh Braun, future offensive lineman for Whatsamatta U and I’m RAM Tough!”


  14. Shawn R

    Plus…if he decommited because he wanted to play for “Pittman”…Why is he projecting Florida??? Shouldn’t he be going from Dawg to Hawg???…Oh right…he is going to play for a different OL coach…even though he quits on Georgia because he DIDN’T want to do that…wait…what?


  15. Hobnail_Boot

    Unless he goes to Arkansas, he’s full of manure.

    Oh well.

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  16. ciddawg

    Understandable… He’ disappointed and needs to process..he has a Father that is the Athletic Director at his high school so he has involved parents who were all in after a 30 ft tall decision tree on the Pittmaster and they probably had questions about the character of a guy in charge of the culture at Ol piss miss….Mom and Dad are probably not going to want to helicopter into a Kirby “I want you to eat!!!” pep talk without Sam there holding their hand outside…see you later gator…


  17. They commit for many reasons and they are 17-18 years old. Hell, I didn’t know what I wanted to do until I dropped out of college after 2 quarters and enlisted in the Army. “4 years” turned into a decade before I went back and finished college. Lol! Things turned out good for me and mine, too. I’m an extreme case but my point is the same- some make big decisions and stick with them while others don’t.

    That said, I really want Braun at Georgia and had hoped he would be one of Luke’s first visits. Hopefully we can still reel him in.


  18. Ceph

    If Braun committed to Pittman then if he doesn’t follow him to Ark then he is full of crap. You.know damn well Pittman has called him and said, “Welcome to Arkansas my.loyal and devoted son” Braun probably said, ” who’s calling please”

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  19. WNCDawg

    Perhaps it is not Pittman as much as the no show in the SECCG. I think that might turn my head somewhat if I saw that on TV with my family. Perhaps that the direction that many kids might not to follow in the footsteps of. Again I say for CKS sake the Sugar is a must win. Why do you think he made made the statement I have learned my lesson and only the kids that are interested in winning will make the trip.
    It wasn’t like this was a surprise that just happened over night. It happened last Saturday night. It has been a process since USCjr. I wouldn’t be bragging about flying into a recruits home and saying you can line up now and play right away if ai were a top 4 head coach. It happens.
    There were rumors mind you and it has been repeated before not here and it is rather unethical so I never had the nerve to speak of it here per repercussions cause I find it a great falsehood.
    The statement was that a transfer was suppose to start a certain game and certain donor or donors came down and said it was not going to happened and IT did not. Like the Senator’s play pen this is a question to be summed and surmised. I do not feel it to be true. It has been repeated many times. Perhaps it sour grapes or just a drunk baseball player speaking out of turn but in reality it is the way athletes address each other in conversation, Twitter and more common than you might think. What say Ye? That’s all I got.


  20. 123fakest

    Some of y’all are butt hurt over the the #22 Offensive Tackle in the country decommitting. Why??? This guy was second string at best.
    Sign another WR or QB.


  21. 123fakest

    and he just committed to Floriduh.