The fan base might not show up for the Sugar Bowl…

… but if this is any indication, the players sound like they’re taking it more seriously than they did last time out.

But two Georgia defensive backs on this year’s Georgia team have both stated they will be playing in the 2020 Sugar Bowl when Georgia takes on Baylor on Jan. 1 in New Orleans.

LeCounte told reporters after Georgia’s 37-10 defeat to LSU in the SEC championship game.

“I’m definitely going to play in the bowl game,” LeCounte said. “The next thing I’m looking forward to is what happens in the bowl game.

Reed told reporters the same when speaking with media in Atlanta. Reed is a finalist for the Jim Thorpe Award, which will be presented on Thursday night.

“The Dawgs are playing and I’m still a Dawg,” Reed said according to the Athens Banner-Herald’s Marc Weiszer.

That falls in line with Smart’s proclaimed strategy that he wants to emphasize players who want to play in the bowl game.  When you’re as deep as Georgia is at most positions, it’s a good approach, I suppose.

I don’t think it’s a horse out of the barn situation, either.  When you combine how the 2019 regular season ended with the egg the team laid in the last Sugar Bowl, showing up to play this go ’round would restore a certain vibe.  Another lackadaisical approach to a bowl game following a disappointing SECCG would be certain to leave a lasting bad taste in the collective mouth of the fan base and I don’t think that’s something Smart wants to risk.


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30 responses to “The fan base might not show up for the Sugar Bowl…

  1. mp

    Did I miss LeCounte announcing he was leaving to the NFL? Weird for a junior to make the declaration to play if not leaving.


    • mp

      Never mind. Just got around to reading the article. No decision yet.


    • He hasn’t announced. I believe he is getting his draft grade from the NFL.

      For all of this, Deandre Baker said he was playing on national TV after accepting the Thorpe Award.

      I think Reed has 4th round grade from what I read. Playing probably makes sense. If LeCounte gets a high draft grade, I think he ends up sitting (hope I’m wrong).

      On Kirby, I would love to hear what he told the team on Sunday before hitting the road for recruiting.


    • 123fakest

      Why would LeCounte even think about declaring when everyone with eyes know he will not get drafted in the first two rounds?

      That being said, he improved a lot this year, and has the potential to become high pick with another year of seasoning.


  2. atlasshrugged55

    Baker said he was playing in last year’s Sugar Bowl only to change his mind. These are still kids who say all kinds of things & can easily be swayed by the adults in their life.

    I’ll believe that they’re playing when I see them on the field playing.

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  3. Looks like a bunch of Vols bought tickets for the Music City Bowl!


  4. Bigshot

    I already have a bad taste in my mouth and I expect the same thing as last year.


  5. Paul

    First we made it all the way to the National Championship game only to lose late in the fourth quarter. The following year we made it to the SEC Championship game, only to lose late yet again. This year we won ugly during the regular season, made it to the SEC Championship game and, well, basically didn’t show up. I think Kirby believes he needs a convincing win for a variety of reasons. I tend to agree. Another Sugar Bowl like the last will not be good for the program.

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  6. DawgByte

    Last year’s Sugar Bowl was a fiasco that should not be repeated. I’m glad to hear Kirby is taking a different approach. I would not allow a player opting out the game to travel with the team. Additionally, I hope Kirby puts the clamp down on New Year’s Eve partying. Last year guys were out all night on the town.

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    • JCDawg83

      I agree 100%. If a player quits on the team he shouldn’t be allowed to travel with the team, stay at the team hotel, go to the bowl game events or watch from the sidelines wearing the jersey he used to wear as a player.

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  7. Dee Herb

    i have a simple solution to get the players and fan base excited about any bowl game going forward. Kirby should announce that we will be wearing black jerseys for the Sugar Bowl if he feels the players are committed to being there. No fake juice, announce it ahead of time, and let the excitement build. It didn’t work out so bad last time we did that in the Sugar Bowl, as i understand that Hawaii quarterback can still be seen wandering aimlessly through the streets of the French Quarter on New Years night.


    • Macallanlover

      I think announcing it in advance IS the fake juice part. What primary color jersey we wear shouldn’t involve the fans at all. Just show up, dress appropriately (red, black, or white jersey), and play. Now if we are letting Nike dress us again in some weird version of a Power Ranger uni, they should warn everyone so they can stay away and not be embarrassed by out clothing. The other options are all good looking, UGA uniforms and should be used without all the surrounding BS. And it should be a decision involving the coaches/players, not a message board group. The only way to take the discussion out of the “fake juice” category would be to use the black jerseys somewhat regularly (once or twice a year?).


  8. Russ

    Didn’t DeAndre Baker say the same thing last year? As much as I hope Lecounte and Reed play, I’ll believe it when I see it. Once the agent gets involved and the kid sees $$$ on paper, they have a moment of clarity.

    I really hope they play and stay healthy, but I can’t fault them otherwise.


  9. DawgPhan

    I know things are different now and all, but great UGA teams are Sugar Bowl Champs. I also sure that someone will remind me of some all time great teams that didnt win a Sugar Bowl, but winning the Sugar Bowl I think still means something.


  10. The “after talking with his parents” part of Reed’s comments leads me to believe that he has talked to the people advising him on his future, and he will play. I can’t really blame players for sitting out when the media and fans, to some extent, have labeled their final games as totally meaningless, but it says something to me when they do play.


  11. Tony Barnfart

    Maybe the powers-that-be can make an interim agreement where players can be paid for the bowl games……. Kills 2 birds with 1 stone. I think $10,000 for every player on the winning Sugar Bowl team in lieu of Bowl Swag would crank up the intensity quite a bit.


  12. WNCDawg

    Last Sunday Baker was getting torched playing with the Giants. I know it’s all about money but I’d rather play on a team that wins the Sugar Bowl rather than announcers trashing me on national TV. Perhaps money is the root of all evil.


  13. Mick Jagger

    Players sitting out (along with the playoff or nothing mentality) are ringing the death knell for the bowls.