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One hand washes the other.

Urban Meyer recommends Steve Addazio to replace Mike Bobo at Colorado State.  CSU hires Addazio.  What happens next shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Colorado State: Sources tell FootballScoop that Steve Addazio is expected to bring Bowling Green tight ends coach (and his son) and former Ohio State graduate assistant Louie Addazio and Ohio State senior quality control analyst Corey Dennis (the son-in-law of Urban Meyer) to the staff. We understand Louie will likely coach the offensive line, and Dennis will likely work with the quarterbacks.

No word yet on if the new motto at CSU will be one happy family.



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“That was the one red flag for the team going into the season.”

Seth Emerson ($$) talks to Bill Connelly about the Dawgs returning only 24 percent of their receiving yards from last season.

But receiving yards have been the best indicator. Why? The idea runs counter-intuitive to the idea that an offense is built along the lines and at quarterback.

“I’ve talked to coaches a little bit about it and it kind of surprised them a little too,” said Connelly, who joined ESPN in June. “But when you’re looking for why, the best explanation I’ve heard is the chemistry between quarterback and receiver and the actual routes that are being run, and just the overall cohesiveness there, ends up mattering more than anything else.”

Mea culpa time here:  I confess that I severely underestimated the impact of this on Georgia’s offense this season.  And as much as I read Bill’s work, I shouldn’t have.

I’d like to think if I’d have seen this chart Seth compiled in the preseason, I really wouldn’t have.


(The asterisk is about Malcolm Mitchell’s injury, in case you’re wondering.)

Historically speaking, that 2019 result isn’t as bad as you might expect, so maybe score one for Coley there.

There is some slightly bad news to brace for, though, per Seth:  “Right now, Georgia projects to return 54.9 percent of its receiving yards, pending stats from the Sugar Bowl.”  Coach ’em up, fellas!


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In defense of James Coley

Lawrence Cager is passionate in his defense of his oft-criticized offensive coordinator… okay, maybe not this impassioned…

… but, you know, impassioned.

“I have a biased opinion of Coach Coley,” Cager said. “He did a lot for my life, and he’s a great coach for me and all these guys. I know any guy in this room would go to bat for him.

“Whatever negative stuff is being said about him are people who really don’t know what’s going on inside of here, and he shouldn’t be getting anything negative.”

Let’s hope a few of Cager’s teammates go to bat for him in the Sugar Bowl.  It couldn’t hurt.


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Can a conference get a playoff spot?

Only one of the P5 conferences isn’t represented in this year’s CFP field.  Even Larry Scott has to admit that the Pac-12 failed the “best” test and the “deserving” test this season.

There’s another test Larry has in mind, though.

“This year, to be the one league of the five that doesn’t have a team in it, that’s harmful to our positioning, our brand and everything we’ve got,” he said.

Playoff expansion — do it for the branding!  Now there’s a rallying cry we can all get behind.  Maybe that’ll help Larry the next time he tries to sell off a piece of the conference to some hedge fund bros.

I am so looking forward to a bigger playoff.


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Congratulations are in order.

Well done, sir.

You’ve come a long way from telling your dad to put a muzzle on it.  You’ve given us plenty of memorable moments and I hope you’ve got a long pro career ahead of you.  You’ve certainly earned it.

And while I’m handing out bouquets, this is a pretty good resume.

Now do Davey O’Brien.


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