Can a conference get a playoff spot?

Only one of the P5 conferences isn’t represented in this year’s CFP field.  Even Larry Scott has to admit that the Pac-12 failed the “best” test and the “deserving” test this season.

There’s another test Larry has in mind, though.

“This year, to be the one league of the five that doesn’t have a team in it, that’s harmful to our positioning, our brand and everything we’ve got,” he said.

Playoff expansion — do it for the branding!  Now there’s a rallying cry we can all get behind.  Maybe that’ll help Larry the next time he tries to sell off a piece of the conference to some hedge fund bros.

I am so looking forward to a bigger playoff.


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9 responses to “Can a conference get a playoff spot?

  1. Timphd

    Play better football Larry.


  2. 3rdandGrantham

    I’ll tell you what’s hurting their brand: hardly anyone out there cares about CFB. You turn on the TV and it’s just swaths of empty seats. You put on the PAC12 title game and there’s maybe 30k there. Perhaps Larry should worry about that more than getting his team in the playoffs.

    If a brand falls in the forest but nobody is there to see it, does it still make a sound?


    • At the Pac 12 title game, they had the full upper deck covered with tarps. It was sort of sad.

      Outside of USC, Oregon, Washington and Utah, no one really cares. A friend of mine who currently is living in the Bay Area was surprised at the amount of apathy among the younger people on his team.


      • ASEF

        “Let’s hold our championship game on a Friday night just after rush hour in one of the most congested and expensive metro areas in the world – and a plane flight away from both participating campuses!”

        How much extra TV money are they getting for that slot? Can’t be worth it.


  3. Bright Idea

    8 teams will only piss off even more folks, including the PAC 12. Those at-large picks gonna cause a huge stink. Right now there’s 4 at-large but with automatics and only 2 spots for the rest of the world look out.


  4. Paul

    Scott comes off as a whole lot more reasonable than that particular quote if you read the entire piece. For instance he points out: “[Scott] said he would like to see more consistency among the conferences in how they schedule if the playoff format is going to change.” I believe he is correct about that. Also: “Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby said he would like each conference to require its members to play at least 10 games against Power 5 competition, regardless of whether those were conference or nonconference opponents.” I’m in agreement there as well. I hope we stay at 4 and Scott points out we are contractually obligated to do so until 2026. But if we’re expanding let’s at least put some scheduling requirements in that keep schools from feasting on cupcakes to keep their record intact.


    • Harold Miller

      That 10 against P5 would really jack up the Gators scheduling.


    • Milton Dawg

      Personally, I think that if they are going to go to eight in a playoff with 5 automatics, a G5 team, and two at-large bids, the P5 teams should only play P5 teams throughout the season (and Notre Dame and I would include the service academies). That is at least a step in the right direction for a discussion about those two at-large bids. If you want to scream that the G5 teams need those games, then fine…each P5 team can have no more than one G5 team. But no more FCS for anyone in a P5 conference. If you want to throw a bone to the FCS schools, make the “spring game” more of a game and pay the FCS schools to come play in those. While there are usually 5 to 10 FCS teams beating FBS teams each season, most of those are against G5 teams. Towson or UT-Martin can still travel to Gainesville to play the Gators in the spring and get paid.