One hand washes the other.

Urban Meyer recommends Steve Addazio to replace Mike Bobo at Colorado State.  CSU hires Addazio.  What happens next shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Colorado State: Sources tell FootballScoop that Steve Addazio is expected to bring Bowling Green tight ends coach (and his son) and former Ohio State graduate assistant Louie Addazio and Ohio State senior quality control analyst Corey Dennis (the son-in-law of Urban Meyer) to the staff. We understand Louie will likely coach the offensive line, and Dennis will likely work with the quarterbacks.

No word yet on if the new motto at CSU will be one happy family.


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16 responses to “One hand washes the other.

  1. Faltering Memory

    Shocked, just shocked that there is nepotism in football (and Coarch UM is involved).


  2. Go Dawgs!

    So Urban Meyer’s helping out family friends again?


  3. ASEF

    No room for Zach?

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  4. TheCoondawg

    I was enjoying the Urban Cryer vs Pat Mcafee scrum


  5. The Tick

    assuredly Corey Dennis is among the top 1 pct. of the top 1 pct. of qb coaches


  6. practicaldawg

    Corch is enjoying his new role as mob boss of college football


  7. mwo

    Quid pro quo anyone?


  8. Spike

    All these guys just get recycled to the next coaching gig, notwithstanding their meager, at best, accomplishments.


  9. RC

    I follow the coaching carousel pretty closely, and I can’t imagine a world in which someone considers Steve Addazio a significant upgrade over Mike Bobo.


  10. Russ

    Top 1% of the top 1%.

    I’ve been stuck at home this week so I decided to watch ESPN’S history of the SEC. It was pretty good until the last episode when they fellated Corch and Timmy. Though they did show my favorite SEC moment with Tim crying when he got beat. Oh, and they had the gall to talk about how the ol’ Ball Sack “went out on his own terms” so it wouldn’t be about him. Of course, after revelling in the fact he and Florida scored 50 in Athens the previous episode, they neglected to mention we hung 50 on his sorry ass and made him quit.

    If you haven’t watched yet, do yourself a favor and skip the last couple of episodes.


  11. WNCDawg

    There is no reason Urban Meyer should be on TV or offer his suggestions in any manner. It’s like The Godfather 2…… he’s crap as a announcer, a coach. No way anyone that’s has spewed the venom as in Harvin, injured not allowed to play because of failed drug tests, The play out of the death of his TE, perhaps NE knew nothing of these previous charges”.. His assistant’s the end of all college football


  12. PTC DAWG

    Who do you know? Helps when job hunting…always has.