You say it’s your birthday.

Man, Charlie Trippi is 98 today.

Legend.  Have a happy one!


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17 responses to “You say it’s your birthday.

  1. Russ

    One of the all time DGDs! Happy birthday, sir.


  2. Mark

    Happy Birthday to a legend.


  3. Many of the old timers say he’s still the best athlete ever to wear the Red & Black. Happy birthday to a truly DGD!


  4. Gurkha Dawg

    98, pretty good run. Does anyone know how he’s doing health wise? Is he still with it? Happy birthday dawg!


    • The Tick

      Loran called to check on him recently. Charley’s wife said “He’ll have to call you back … he’s out in the yard digging up stumps!” (True story)


  5. Uglydawg.

    Happy Birthday, Mr. Trippi!


  6. RangerRuss

    Happy birthday Mr Charley. Damn Good Dawg!


  7. Opelikadawg

    My father was at UGA at the same time as Trippi and he used to tell me that Trippi was the best player that he ever saw.


  8. Was that what you got Loran Smith calling the play?


  9. Russ

    A member of both the Pro and College football halls of fame, and one of our 4(?) number one overall draft picks. He won the NFL championship in 1947. Woof!


  10. Mayor

    Charley Trippi is arguably the best college football player who didn’t win the Heisman Trophy. He should have won it.


  11. Rampdawg

    I have autographed pic of me and Charley at the Kevin Brown celebrity golf tournament in Macon. He was 89 then, couldn’t hit it far, but was straight down the fairway everytime.
    I asked him ” Mr. Trippi, could I get a picture with you? He says “Why sure, and please, call me Charley”.
    Happy Birthday Charley.

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  12. rugbydawg79

    Happy Birthday Mr. Trippi


  13. Faltering Memory

    I had the honor and pleasure of introducing him when he spoke to the LaGrange Gridiron Club, preseason 1980.


  14. Tony Barnfart

    All that Rose Bowl stuff 2 years ago…..the train ride out there, the celebrities, some guys never coming back. Man, what an era ! ! A living legend !