Laying your money down?

Looking for a betting guide for bowl season?  This may not be definitive, but at least it’s lengthy.  Here’s their Sugar Bowl take:

Sugar Bowl: Georgia (-7½) vs. Baylor

8:45 p.m., ESPN

Last year, the Bulldogs lost in the SEC championship game, earned a spot in the Sugar Bowl and lost outright to Texas as a 12.5-point favorite. This year, Georgia lost in the SEC championship game, earned a spot in the Sugar Bowl and once again is a favorite over a team from Texas. Will the Bulldogs discover a sense of motivation?  [Emphasis added.]

Winner: Georgia, 59 percent

Neil’s pick: Georgia -7½

Matt’s pick: Georgia -7½

That question is worth $64000.


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8 responses to “Laying your money down?

  1. Greg

    Thinks Baylor takes this one. Thin at WR, thin at RB, now rumors that Fromm may leave early, but we are thin there too (thinks he stays)….who knows if the players and staff will show up. My guess is, it will be much like last year. Should sit at home and call it a year…


  2. ASEF

    I think the situation this year is entirely different from a motivation standpoint. Getting crushed by LSU isn’t the same as having Bama on the ropes.

    Baylor’s D is very good. My key question isn’t motivation. It’s confidence with the offense – by the players and by their coaches. Will the players press? Will the coaches trust them in their play calling?


  3. gastr1

    I think they’ll be more motivated because lats year was a bad look. The question to me is whether they can actually do better when trying. Baylor won’t be a pushover.



    I think we are thin at skill positions on O…wouldn’t touch it..


  5. Macallanlover

    Betting bowls have always been a high risk “guess” due to the uneven approach/motivation for the two teams involved, the time off, and how each coach views the bowls. That has escalated dramatically with timing of coaching turnover and knowing which players might be sitting. It is always “gambling”, but the new nuances being added to the analysis makes it more of a coin flip than a true study of the teams’ past performance. Both of these teams have better defenses than their offenses. I might take the under and leave the point differential alone.


  6. FlyingPeakDawg

    Take the under. Baylor won’t score, we can’t score. If the D shows up and O stays putrid, there’s going to be some more unrest in that offseason locker room.


    • David K

      I agree with this. I see this one as a 17-13 type of game. Could go either way.


    • Macallanlover

      No, the unrest will be mostly with the fans. Our team seems to handle such issues much, much better. But it may insure that KS gets another strong message, just in case he isn’t all over this already.