Don’t blame Bobo.

In case you were wondering…


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  1. I never actually got the feeling that we seriously even talked to him, much less offered him. Bobo is the antithesis of Kirby’s offensive philosophy. He may decide manball isn’t enough but Bobo would likely be much more than baby steps. Kirby clearly believes in offense helping the defense and Bobo didn’t give a damn about how long the D was on the field. Lol


  2. Russ

    Well, based on some of his other responses, I have no idea if Kirby ever talked to Bobo or not. I’d like to think he at least picked up the phone, but then he “didn’t change his defense” against Auburn either.

    Unless Kirby was photographed with Bobo I’m not sure Kirby would tell us anything anyway.


  3. Bright Idea

    I listened to the presser. Kirby said he did talk to Bobo but it was the LSU week and it was about Bobo’s plans. My bet is that Muschamp cut that deal weeks ago.


  4. Derek

    What happened to guy who “KNEW!” bobo was coming here way back in September?

    This was the same guy who KNEW Justin Fields and Adam Sasser were gay married or some such nonsense.


  5. CannonDawg

    If Kirby stays with Coley, then I wouldn’t mind seeing him hire Aaron Murray to coach the QBs and become an offensive assistant to the OC. Murray obviously knows the position, and he seems to have the requisite communication skills to land gigs as a color commentator. I believe he would be good at game planning and in providing sound, in-game advice to Coley. Our QBs would greatly benefit from Murray’s tutoring, IMO.


    • FlyingPeakDawg

      Mark Richt for OC!

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    • MDDawg

      Murray’s still trying to play ball anywhere he can.


    • The Dawg abides

      Good lord. Murray’s had zero coaching experience and has given no indication that he even wants to get into coaching. If having played the position and being a color commentator makes you a candidate to coach qb’s, then Fran Tarkenton is wayyy more qualified. And I think Jon Richt is available. In all seriousness though, Joe Cox might be a good option once he gets a little more coaching experience under his belt.


      • No, I think we Tarkenton would be the best (most entertaining?) of the three you mentioned. What would the over/under be on how many playclock minutes expired before he and Kirby got into a slap fight?
        Plus, it seems like I remember Cox was colorblind? Had some issues with what color jersey he was supposed to throw to?
        It’s been a while, it’s all kind of fuzzy.


    • 123fakest

      Wow, that is an awful take. Murray is dooooosh.


  6. WNCDawg

    Never Fear, the Sugar Bowl tickets are a bust when parking passes are more expensive than tickets Why or should the players care when “The B/M McGill folks are upset because they wanted to go to Miami, We’ve already been to New Orleans.” Really I always thought it was a football bowl game but after seeing previous posts It seems more about where the Donors wanna spend a week and the game is a afterthought. Why should the players decisions be any different ? Somewhere we have all have become lost. Students have advisors the tell them the classes they need to take and guide them towards a easier end to the means. All a student athlete has to do is follow the semester list and turn in the work.
    Donors just gonna donor and want their voices heard to the end to all means. Perhaps Bass Pro Shops/Cabelas will have a post summer fishing sale on fishing stuff come September. As for the rest of ya’ll I hope you get to Miami over New Years and maybe those donations will still be a deduction if you bring your clients and use your Corporate Credit Expense account. If not that tax exempt status for your points in the B/M McGill society is closing.
    Coach Erk once said the “great and soul of this team spirit is those people sitting on the tracks.” We sure have fallen off those tracks.
    Glory, Glory to the Bulldawgs !


  7. stoopnagle

    Rolling my eyes over here, Kirbs.