Go back to the drawing board

Seriously, if you’ve compiled a list of the top 25 bowl games of all time that doesn’t include the 2017 Rose Bowl, you’ve done it wrong.


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9 responses to “Go back to the drawing board

  1. Athens Dog

    Even Stewart agreed ………


  2. Mark

    Hmmm, also it seems there weren’t any dramatic bowl games before 1963, and relatively few before 2000…


  3. Russ

    I think he meant to label it “25 Random Bowl Games I could think of”


    • No kidding. Dude wasn’t even alive in the 60’s and he’s got them down. I guess he read about these games from 50+ years ago. Also, no belk or pinstripes bowl should ever be even considered for a list like this – what a joke. Then he toots out a tweet responding to his own post about how he left out the cheezit bowl. GTF outta here.


  4. Kdawg

    Yes, but what are you going to take off? The Bahamas bowl, the New Mexico bowl or the belk bowl? Those are serious competitive traditions not to be denied.


  5. Legatedawg

    Just imagine leaving out a game which included the first-ever meeting of two old-money CFB programs, who then combined to set a record for total offense in the Nation’s oldest bowl game (the second appearance there for each). Also included the largest comeback win in Rose Bowl history, its longest FG, and its first OT, which went to two. That list is garbage.

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  6. Otto

    Well I’m not giving that guy any clicks…….


  7. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I watched that Rose Bowl game couple of days ago (as well as the ensuing game with Bama) and we all agree that list is full of shit. Best. Game. Evah.

    But what struck me as I watched both games is that JF11 is pretty much the same QB now as he was then. Especially early in the game he had rough streaks in both games.


  8. WHB209

    How about the 1980 Sugar Bowl. Herschel Walker dislocated his shoulder on his second carry. He missed three plays, came back in the game and carried the ball 35 times. Which is exactly what ND knew UGA would try to do, and they still could not stop this 18 year old grown man.
    Herschel and his teammates, won this game in one of the greatest exhibitions any player has ever produced. I know you had to be there. It is not a game you can explain to a fan and expect them to understand what happened during that great game, and the exhibition that one freshman showed a stadium full of people and a national TV audience. I am so very glad that my wife and I were seated in the stadium and did not miss that game..