Quarterback insurance

Is it just me, or does it seem obvious that, regardless of whether Jake Fromm stays or goes at season’s end (okay, particularly in the case of the latter), Georgia should have a healthy interest in this kid?

Just wondering…


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  1. TN Dawg

    Would this kid be interested in UGA if JF doesn’t go?

    Transfer to be a bench warmer at a school that doesn’t throw much and apparently has receivers that aren’t any good would seem an odd career choice.

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  2. I’m betting Costello stays out west. He doesn’t fit the bill for Riley at OU. He lost the starting job to Davis Mills after fighting injuries.

    I would certainly pursue him, but he isn’t going to come to Georgia if Fromm returns. He would be in exactly the same situation … sitting behind a Georgia QB from the Class of 2016.


  3. Russ

    Can he block? It took a freshman AA receiver one full season here learning how to block. This guy doesn’t have that luxury.


    • TN Dawg


      I wonder if the reason our receivers “couldn’t get separation” is that they only see playing time if they lock up and engage defensive backs?

      Those that run away from defensive backs are cowards!


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    Sorry, but he’ll never unseat the master of the back shoulder pass.

    And unless both Fromm and Swift already have degrees in hand, I think they should return.


    • Russ

      Swift has nothing left to prove, and RBs have a short shelf life. I’d tell him to go get paid.

      As for Fromm, it’s a little different. I think his draft stock took a hit this season, but next season he’ll be competing in the draft against Lawrence and (probably) Fields. Plus, there’s no guarantee he’ll get the proper coaching to help him improve. The coaching he’s gotten so far could be why he has regressed. So I can see pro’s and con’s to both sides for Fromm.


      • Fromm isn’t competing with Lawrence and Fields who are likely going to be at the top of the draft board. Getting into the back third of the 1st round where he has the luxury of learning from a guy on the back end of his career (cough, cough … New England … cough, cough) like Aaron Rodgers would be his high side.


      • W Cobb Dawg

        Both Chubb & Sony stayed for their senior years. Holyfield left early. Check the results so far.

        I think Thomas & Wilson are as close to sure-thing nfl material as we’ve got. After them, I think anyone considering leaving early should be very, very careful. At least have a backup plan if the nfl gig doesn’t materialize.

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      • DawgByte

        “The coaching he’s gotten so far could be why he has regressed.”

        I’ve read two posts by you today and both are daft.


  5. Jim

    I had a dream last night that Stetson Bennett was our only option next year and he was awful


  6. The other Doug

    Regardless of what Fromm does, he needs capable bodies in the QB room. I think Kirby will try for 2 transfer QBs this off season. One will be good enough to compete with Fromm and the other will be more of a 5th year guy who can be a capable back up.

    If Fromm stays and Mathis is 100%, then maybe only one transfer.


  7. Go Dawgs!

    All-Pac 12 players have a great track record as transfers to UGA, I say go for it.


  8. Junkyardawg41

    I don’t see much of an upgrade in skill set to Fromm. KJ is not a DT QB and his accuracy is not an improvement.


  9. Turd Ferguson

    Slightly off-topic, but: I’ve been seeing conflicting reports on D’Wan Mathis. According to some, he’s progressing nicely, soon to be cleared for full-contact, and should definitely see the field in 2020. According to others, doctors are unlikely to ever clear him for full-contact, given the nature of his issue and the risks involved.

    Does anyone know anything about this?


    • Tony Barnfart

      Pretty good summary here. Just my guess, he never plays another down of football. At the end it talks about 3 or 4 world renowned cranial doctors taking part in his recovery…….I feel like they would know already whether this was just a matter of time and healing. That if there was a known quantifiable “recovered for contact football” point in his healing / therapy this would have long since been mentioned. If this is a gray area for the best doctors in the field, then who the hell is going to take the risk authorizing him to play contact football again ? (and rightly so)



  10. duronimo

    I hope Fromm leaves. One of the slowest offenses in college football stifled his talents and crushed his confidence this year. Offense 101 dictates that you get your quarterback into rhythm. Not doing so is coaching malpractice. So, I’m confident NFL scouts are not holding this year against Fromm especially when they saw he was “normal” when the tempo was normal.
    If he leaves, a most excellent Carson Beck will be the next QB neutered.


  11. Morris Day

    How many years of eligibility Will Costello arrive with? Because if you take him, that’s one less scholly you can offer for the 2021 recruiting cycle. If he’s a one and done, is he worth that? Over a high school kid you will have for 3-4 years?