A takeaways take away

Georgia finished next to last in the conference in defensive takeaways.  If I’m reading this Dan Lanning quote correctly, part of that was by choice.

“We’ve got to get more takeaways,” Lanning said. “You try to emphasize it, and we do know there are certain defenses you can play that are going to be more predicated to create takeaways and maybe have more eyes for the ball, and we didn’t necessarily play as many of those this season as we could have.

Question there is, if you believe you need more, why would you deliberately choose to scheme in a way that didn’t allow for that?


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  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    A possible answer to your question: You’ll take what you can get but you have higher priorities?


    • Russ

      Yeah, I’d like to know what they prioritized higher than taking the ball. I guess maybe the probability of a takeaway goes from 1 in 15 to 1 in 10, but the risk of a big play from the offense increases more.

      We know Kirby is risk averse. That shows in his offensive philosophy. I didn’t really notice it too much on defense except when he’d quit play tight coverage and let the other team matriculate the ball down the field.


    • 81Dog

      Maybe they prioritized shutting down the run and holding down scoring. That seems to have not been a total failure,approach wise.

      We didn’t lose to LSU due to a lack of defensive takeaways, im pretty sure. SCjr wasn’t a defensive failure, either. Just sayin. Who wouldn’t want more sacks and takeaways? But if you don’t get them and win with possibly the best (not most perfect, but best) D in the SEC, hard to see that as a failure in approach.

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  2. Reverend Whitewall

    Good question. Only thing I can come up with is maybe that involves more risk taking, potentially giving up big plays, and you know that runs against every fiber in Kirby’s body.


    • Greg

      as close of an answer as you are going to get….risk/reward, especially if you are sending’em (blitz). You are giving some number/numbers up in coverage.

      No complaints on our ‘D, this was a championship defense this season. Could be even better next year.


  3. J-Dawg

    Mel Tucker; where are you?


  4. Feleipe Franks was hurt … that’s probably the primary reason. 😉

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  5. D as in Dawg

    Perhaps increasing the takeaway probability increases the big play probability. Priority 1 and 2 for Kirby is to prevent the other team from scoring and don’t turn the ball over. This works until you face a great team and/or you fail to execute one or both priorities. At such a point or points, you need an effectice offense. No point in discussing offense, but to say that modern elite teams refer to it as priority 1.


  6. Hogbody Spradlin

    “Takeaways takeaway”, “Academics are academic”. You’re on a repetition streak today. Keep it going!


  7. David K

    It all comes down to pressure on the quarterback. More pressure leads to hurried passes that are off target, or QB’s getting sacked and fumbling. Kirby wants to generate sacks and pressure from our guys beating their guys up front because our guys are better than theirs. Someone like Todd Grantham wants to generate sacks from scheming guys unblocked to the passer through zone blitzes and corner and safety blitzes. No way Kirby wants to play that high wire defense that generates more sacks and turnovers but also gives up 3rd and long completions regularly.


  8. more spinners

    Perhaps the choice was based on youth and game inexperience.
    How did they fare from first of the season til the end.
    On the whole they played well to win 11 games.
    i don’t think they were they wanted to be along the D line.
    With youth, game inexperience along with that morbid offense, yes I can understand their reluctance to expand the D playbook.
    The late game drives by Florida and Auburn were an issue. They looked clueless.
    Oh the LSU game, Burrows and company diced them up. But then again a so-so LSU defense totally shut down Coley and Company.
    Since that game and the Sugar Bowl game is a tight window to get some things resolved. Looking forward to where they are.


    • “The late game drive by Florida was an issue.”

      We were giving yards in exchange for clock. It worked exactly as it was supposed to. I think Florida took 17 plays and 7 minutes off the clock to get that score. No chunk plays and no freebies. Dopey Dan was too stupid to go full HUNH.

      Auburn is a different story. Kirby was trying to do the same thing on the first drive, but the defense didn’t execute.

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  9. CKS has the bloggers splitting hairs and reading so much into every little thing that we’re going to have a lot of Bald & Blind folks around here. LMAO

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  10. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    At least early in his career at UGA, LeCounte (for example, and not just him, but you will have a memory about this) would leave his assignment trying to make a big play and get burned. We didn’t like it when it happened, so why worry about this now? We have one of the best defenses in the country by any standard. Let’s not ‘fix’ something that isn’t broken in search of some stat.

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  11. HiAltDawg

    No wonder KirbDawg never lets anybody talk and lobbied for a 90 day buffer on information.


  12. Derek

    You get fewer picks playing man (eyes on receiver) vs. zone (eyes on qb). We play a lot of man coverage.


  13. DawgPhan

    Defense was great this year. Hard to complain about any shortcomings.

    What I would be concerned about is how much time Smart and co. spent talking about increasing havoc rate and how little of that they actually did.

    They set an expectation and then didnt meet it. Either they couldnt figure out how to scheme or they couldnt figure out how to coach it, but they really wanted to do both.


  14. Mayor

    Gee Senator. I remember you saying for years that fumble recoveries at least were just luck. I guess we just need more good luck.


    • DawgPhan

      The recovery or interception is luck. But you can work to generate those opportunities. You to create the opportunity to get lucky.


      • Mayor

        My point exactly. It ain’t luck. It’s work. That’s why some teams (such as Bama) lead the nation in turnovers regularly.


  15. FlyingPeakDawg

    Not even Kirby wanted our offense on the field. Best to keep the D out there. Did we even fake a punt or FG this year? No? More proof.


  16. They certainly made up for the season’s lack of risk taking in the SECC. We blitzed from the secondary early and often. It was actually fairly effective but Burrow is just too fucking good and made us pay with his arm and especially his legs. Seeing him just abuse our D any way he wanted was quite humbling.


  17. Hobnail_Boot

    Probably because someone asked him if they wanted to create more turnovers?

    Smart and Lanning coach “watch the man” vs. “watch the ball”.


  18. WNCDawg

    My thoughts were more bend but don’t break scheme. With a tad of blitz’s thrown in at critical times. Mixing zone concepts with Man free is what happened with 3rd. and 26. CKS backed off after that. Plus we didn’t have 3 DL men that took to OL men to block there is where you gain advantages. Most blitz packages enrolled CB’s or star. Which if you’d look it up OLB’s probably as a total had the most sacks.
    The most glaring point of emphasis was CKS package defenses. Against LSU he copied Auburn’s D and with the Tigers hurry up there was no subs the entire drive that lead to their first score.
    In as offensively there were adjustments but after the fact. It’s a chess game and you better make the correct move first.


  19. PTC DAWG

    Of the few issues I had with our squad this year, NONE of them involved the D.


  20. Cojones

    I’ll be watching for the turtle heads sucking in after Baylor scores a couple. Enjoy the game folks and a Happy Festivus to us all.


  21. duronimo

    The defense is good but they take few chances so as not to give up big plays. They have the talent to move to a more risk/reward mode when the situation calls for it. Adding that dimension would make them even better.


  22. Ozam

    It’s pretty hard to get an interception when our corners are not taught to turn and make a play on the ball. All part of the bend but don’t break strategy. Everything we do is premised on superior talent and depth prevailing (at least during the regular season).


  23. Macallanlover

    The aggression for takeaways versus guarding against the big play definitely works against each other, but are not mutually exclusive. And turnovers don’t just pply to the passing game.The Bama example shows there are other factors, including the alertness of athletes, talent and speed of the athletes, film study, and just plain “luck of the bounce/tip”. I tend to side on being more aggressive, but not reckless; believing the turnovers and lost yardage plays will offset the times they burn you. No question, that puts me at odds with Kirby. That applies to both offense and defense based on what I have seen from him so far. He has been right in the games where we have a large talent advantage, but I think my way might have had a better result in some of the tougher games (would not have mattered against Ole Miss 2016, or LSU 2019).


  24. CB

    We should have run interception left more. Or maybe iso fumble.