If you can’t throw a pass, throw a punch.

What a way to go.

Eastern Michigan quarterback Mike Glass III was ejected with 10 seconds left in Thursday night’s Quick Lane Bowl in Detroit after throwing punches at two Pittsburgh players.

Glass smacked Panthers linebacker Cam Bright in the face mask, then hit defensive back Paris Ford across the helmet. He also appeared to make contact with an official, who was trying to keep players separated.

A brief scuffle ensued, and Glass was ejected from the game, a 34-30 Eastern Michigan loss.

And to think some folks believe minor bowl games are meaningless.

At least that happened in the heat of battle.  Mississippi State didn’t even wait for the bowl game to get into it.


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7 responses to “If you can’t throw a pass, throw a punch.

  1. 81Dog

    The ref took a dive. Seemed to only have the bill of his cap grazed, but he went down like Tyson after a Buster Douglas haymaker. Does he have a European soccer background?


  2. Uglydawg

    Looks like (at :07 sec.) he might have caught the draw back motion of Glass’ fist on his beak.


  3. Greg

    What is amazing to me, are the players that throw punches at players with helmets on….especially a QB.

    What is even more amazing are the ones that take off their helmets to fight.

    Must not take much these days to get into college….a little athletic ability, maybe some money.

    Oh well, on second thought…it has probably always been that way