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“We find Popeyes every state we go in.”

I can think of worse pre-game preparations.

It’s part of a family ritual for certain road games: While Travis is getting ready for the game, his mom  heads to Popeyes so she can buy him one of his favorites – either a chicken sandwich or chicken tenders. Then she brings him the food at his hotel the day before the game.

“We make a joke: that chicken gives him wings,” Donnetta Etienne said.

Only question unanswered:  spicy or mild?



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Monty Rice doesn’t have time for that shit.

He didn’t play in last year’s Sugar Bowl, so he doesn’t want to hear about it ($$).

“The Texas game, we heard about it for a year,” Rice said. “The Texas dynasty was brought back after that game. So we just want to go out there and show that we care about this game. Even though it isn’t the playoff.”

I’ll take irritation as motivation for $200, Alex.  It’s gotta work better than last year’s sleepwalk.


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In search of a motivational stone

So, Georgia finds itself in much the same position it did a year ago:  loser of the SECCG, relegated to a Sugar Bowl consolation prize against a resurgent, motivated team from the state of Texas, key players missing the game either voluntarily or otherwise…

You get the picture.  So does Kirby Smart.  The question is, how to get this year’s model cranked up and ready to go?

“We had to change some things up from last year,” Smart said in his meeting with the media upon arrival to the Big Easy. “We’ve been able to do that. Our format of practices has been different. We’ve really preached fast and physical. We’ve had, I guess, 11 sessions that have all been right at an hour and a half. We usually practice for two hours. Because of some depth and different issues, we’ve really had to practice smart and get after it. And we had to do a lot of good on good. So our players have really enjoyed that. And with the competition for all the open spots, it’s been really good to have those.”

Georgia football, The Next Generation.

“I’m looking at this as a one-game season,” Smart added. “It’s a one-game season for us. That’s exactly what it is. And our kids have been driven to say, ‘You know what? We’re going to have an opportunity to send these seniors out the right way and we’re going to have a chance to propel ourselves into next season the right way.'”

Does pride and competition overcome disinterest?  It didn’t last year, but stay tuned.


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