Missing persons

Sounds like the press played a variation of “Where’s Waldo?” at yesterday’s Georgia practice ($$).

In all, six Georgia players who started in the SEC championship will not be there for the Sugar Bowl, and up to 20 scholarship players were not spotted at Saturday’s practice, missing it for one reason or another.  [Emphasis added.]

Somewhere, Mark Richt is out there thinking “if you never sign that many kids in the first place, you don’t have to worry about them missing the bowl game”.


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  1. Mayor

    If you never pay claims….how is that different than the way State Farm and Allstate operate now?

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  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    Ah, the meme du jour. I bet the scribes drew lots and made a committee of six or seven to go thru the roster. BIG NEWS. IT’S A CRISIS. FILM AT 11.


  3. Jim

    I’m not surprised at the starters out. That was to be expected. 20 scholarship players not with the team? That’s more than a little alarming


  4. 92 Grad

    Maybe Kirby’s idea of making changes to the offense is different than ours? Most of us imagine Kirby holding his coaches accountable but maybe Kirby is changing the team instead? That’s a lot of players to be sidelined.


  5. atlasshrugged55

    Sounds like there’s a problem within the program. You don’t have that many missing for various reasons without some underlying issue that permeates the entire operations.

    I’m curious to see how many players Bama is missing. If they have most/all of their’s there, then what are they doing that we’re not to keep our players motivated to play for UGA?


    • Macallanlover

      There is some smoke to support this possibility; players waking away from coaches while they are talking to them, Swift snapping at Fromm after a play call, increase in number of coaches leaving the fold, more players sitting out a bowl game, etc. Not saying there is a significant issue, but when you look at all the rumbling, it wouldn’t be a shock to hear there is some validity. KS seems to emulate Little Nicky in many ways, and we have all heard his “over control” of staff and other criticisms at Bama go back a long way. Probably somewhere in between, lot of things are evolving.


      • CEPH

        Kirby is so intent in running all over the sidelines to every position group he has forgotten (or never knew) that he is the CEO. Let the assistants coach or maybe he feels he just doesn’t need them


  6. Bigshot

    Major scandal in the works.


  7. Bright Idea

    What a discussion I had with the wife yesterday explaining this is how strictly business college football looks. Same as draining the swamp.


  8. ASEF

    No wonder James passed a drug test.


  9. Junkyardawg41

    I don’t know (can’t find) the travel roster limits. However if the limit is 70, we only have 83-85 Scholly players, simple math would indicated 13-15 off the top would not be present for bowl game practice.


    • Illini84

      No, no, the world is coming to an end RIGHT now!!!!


    • Russ

      I think those are conference limits. Bowl games are exempt I believe.


    • atlasshrugged55

      Everyone, including walkons, student trainers & managers, go on the bowl trip. Injured players are included in the travel party. The coach tends to limit those dressed for the game to a more manageable number & as a reward to those on the scout team who continually work hard.

      Those not there are left home for disciplinary reasons unless they decided to no longer be part of the team. The trip is still a reward for everyone in good standing.


  10. Bigshot

    Why would there be a limit for a bowl game?


  11. Well you’ve got a program that recruits as well as cfp programs but misses the cfp and a HC who openly encourages players to do what is best for themselves when it comes to declaring or using the portal.

    Kirby has a NC mindset but no NC. He recruits at a NC level but has no NC. Ticket prices have been raised twice and NC level resources have finally been put into the program. No more excuses. You have to provide what you have been selling. It is what it is.


  12. Anonymous

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    • Mayor

      ^^This is excellent advice from the man with no name. Follow it, articulately the part about UM coverage and umbrella coverage. When getting UM get the “added on” UM coverage that comes in on top of the bad guy’s liability coverage. Also, if you get an umbrella get the kind that has UM in the umbrella—well worth the extra cost if you get seriously injured by someone else’s negligence.


  13. The Dawg abides

    Breaking things down, there’s the 3guys sitting out to protect their draft status (Thomas, Wilson, Reed), Cleveland is an academic casualty (confirmed last week by his father), and the injured guys (Cager, Blaylock, Shaffer, Mathis, and most likely T. McGee and W. Grant ).
    Those absences are the norm in the current climate. What’s disconcerting are the reports of another 7-8 names according to different sources that are not with the team. These range from 5th year seniors to freshmen that are redshirting. Reasons being guessed range anywhere from more academic casualties to failed drug tests ( anywhere from weed to PEDs). There’s a rumor that the NCAA tested a large group just before the SEC championship .
    Whatever the case, I just wish the school would release a list of which guys aren’t playing. The 3 voluntarily sitting out are obvious, but a list of which guys are involuntary out should be made available just to quell all the incessant media guessing. The speculation is not fair to the injured guys, and I’m Sure Baylor is aware of who’s not playing by now.


  14. This seems not good. I’m really starting to think that a lot of this, in addition to the WR exodus last year is a result of Kirby playing favorites with Fromm and the guy that at least half the team thought was better leaving.

    Kirby stresses competition at every position….except one apparently.


    • dawgman3000

      Great point. It definitely makes one wonder.


    • … guy that at least half the team thought was better leaving.

      Just curious — is that speculation on your part, or did you see something about that somewhere?


      • Well….I suppose the true answer is that I’m speculating. However, I have been told, by people I tend to believe, that the WR core in particular last year felt that Fields was better. Ditto a significant amount of the defense.

        Now, was half or more than half? You’re right. I’m speculating and don’t know that to be accurate.

        My personal belief is that it was much closer to 50/50 than we were lead to believe last year and that Fromm’s struggles this year while Fields lit it up probably wasn’t great for morale.


      • Anonymous

        You aren’t the only one that can read other people’s minds, Senator. It is apparently a very common skill.


  15. WNCDawg

    Perception can be become reality. Did Nauta or Hollifield really have draft grades to go or was that a prelude to this season and the 30 scholarship players not being at the Sugar Bowl. Minus the 7 injured the negatives that elude in the PR department alone leads to there is poison within.
    CKS press generic conference’s and continuous illustration that the Dawgs just to execute better is falling flat on deaf ears. It’s time for the $7 million dollar man to face the facts.
    I don’t expect a national championship every year, not even a SEC championship every year. The tires of perception is wearing thin. What appears outside the program is not the reality of what is going on in the program. Sounds a bit like present day government.
    One of two things exists. Kirby has decided that certain players are not performing up to expectations and he rids the cancerous tumor or the players themselves has recognized that the cancer is the head of the program.
    Quote from “ The Outlaw Josey Wales” don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining.
    Of the 20 top athletes in Georgia the majority chose to go out of state. Perhaps the kids from D.C., Texas, Nevada and the left coast are better than the state of Georgia’s athletes. Could it possibly be that the kids in Georgia see that there is a problem within the staff and between players and choose to see there is a better way from their skills elsewhere. Asking for a friend if you were a 5* TE after seeing how Nauta and Worner were targeted in the offense would you consider UGA.
    The reasoning of silence is maddening only to see performance dropping. But I imagine after the bowl game we will hear CKS say we just need to execute better.


  16. WNCDawg

    Oops 20 players but Monday is tomorrow so who knows the correct number that will not be those that are invested to play in the Sugar Bowl. Except for the injuries we will not not know the reasoning was it player attitudes or coaches attitudes.


    • The Dawg abides

      You think it only has to be one or the other of what you mentioned? Jake Rowe gave a complete list of players that haven’t been seen at either practice in NO. After accounting for known injuries, the ones sitting out for the draft, and one known academic casualty, there are 7 players (5 seniors and two underclassmen) not seen participating for undisclosed reasons. Nothing has been released as to if any of these 7 are permanently off the team or transferring, though it doesn’t matter for the seniors. The reasons could range from more academic casualties, to undisclosed injuries, to suspensions for disciplinary reasons. And in fact, the one player that has been confirmed to have entered the transfer portal, Robert Beal, is practicing with the team.


  17. Jim

    Any insight as to why players like Wilson, Walker, etc are not available?