Thanks, Mickey.

By the way, whoever at ESPN decided to offer the Skycast option for yesterday’s semis, bless you.  After enduring Mark Jones’ non-stop blather during the Penn State-Memphis game, watching games without commentary from the booth was a total balm for my senses.

Feel free to extend the experiment.  Think how much money you could save ditching broadcast teams!


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  1. Mark Jones is horrible. He is the male version of Beth Mowins.


  2. Derek

    Watched both games that way. Much better experience. Wish it was an option every week. The only limitation was when the pocket broke down the camera had a hard time finding the ball once thrown. But overall it was like having the best seat in the house.

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  3. Bright Idea

    Was it just me but did the crowd noise drown out the talking heads on both semis? Not complaining.


    • Russ

      Does Herbie EVER shut up? I don’t know how one person can talk that much nonstop for 4+ hours. And Chris Fowler is still a smug turd.


      • I can’t stand Chris Fowler. I would love to see Brad Nessler in that chair when the CBS contract runs out.


      • Herbie talks way to much. He literally breaks down every play even if a 1st and 10 run in the middle for no gain. I subconsciously tune him out after a while.

        The networks need to understand that even the women folk now understand football pretty well, it’s americas sport , we don’t need everything analyzed.

        One time I watched an old Georgia Florida game with Keith Jackson. There was easily 75% less talking. And because they didn’t have TV graphics they would Pan up to the scoreboard from time to time to let you know what was what. It was pleasant

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  4. Jim

    Felt like both playoff games had far fewer TV timeouts than a typical SEC game too

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  5. Mayor

    The ESPN crew calling the OSU-Clemson game was particularly obnoxious IMHO. Too much gabbing and too much hometown favoritism out of Herbie.


  6. Love skycam! No announcers and you really get to see the line play, the qb reads, and the complexity of the little things of football we all take for granted like huddles and getting set etc.

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  7. The other Doug

    Where would I find this skycam?


  8. Scuba

    Skycam on ESPN. The only way to watch live an OSU game called by Herbie. Hopefully next season this expands to all SEC games.


  9. sniffer

    Great option for watching the LSU game particularly. I didn’t care to hear anything the announcers had to say after the first half. That game was an hour long Godzilla attacking Mayberry.

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  10. Macallanlover

    Are the various options available to review the game, or only in real time? I would like to check each out, especially the overhead view to see the line play, receiver separation, runner’s cuts, etc.


    • Morris Day

      It was all live simulcasts last night. I just looked through the ESPN app and I don’t see any replays of the various cams available this morning.


      • Macallanlover

        Thanks, didn’t think so. I did DVR the coaches segment in our Rose Bowl game and found that wouldn’t work for me, guess I need to DVR the Skycam channel when LSU plays in a couple of weeks. At least that will give me taste of how I would like it when available.


  11. sectionzalum

    Skycast is excellent.


  12. Normaltown Mike

    But you missed Herbie saying “in phase” on every single pass play


  13. PTC DAWG

    Wait, y’all watched?


  14. Jack Klompus

    Watched half of OSU/Clempsun at a bar where I couldn’t hear the Tv. So nice. H&F are so bad.


  15. Mick Jagger

    Errr, TV’s have a volume control…….

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  16. Tony Barnfart

    I couldn’t find the skycam for the late game last night. Xfinity may have just dropped the ball on the menu– they had the All22, Data Room, OSU radio, but no skycam (that I watched earlier for both the semi and the cotton bowl).

    My one suggestion would be for them to be consistent and LEAVE THE DAMN FIELD MICs turned on and up. One game, it was like being there–you could here the PA guy in the stadium perfectly. Another, it was muffled / muted. But yes, generally, the Skycam with the TV running through my Bose speaker was freaking awesome ! (I don’t do dedicated TV sound systems but will run it through my Bose for an upgrade).


  17. Will

    Watched both games that way. Excellent :chef’s kiss:

    Only complaint was it was hard to catch replays of key plays.


  18. Rex

    I did miss the replays, but it was awesome to watch the holes open up on Penn State’s last TD drive.


  19. Classic City Canine

    I like Skycast a lot and the All-22 as well, but the problem is there is no replay. If you’re not glued to the game, you’ll miss the action. I watched the end of the Rose Bowl on Skycast and it was absolutely amazing. Felt like I was there. I actually saw the hole opening for Sony before he made his cut up field so I got an extra split second of joy before anyone else.

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