What’s the harm in looking?

While we’re absorbed over Georgia’s roster numbers and motivation, let’s not overlook the fact that Baylor’s got its own distraction issue.

As news about NFL teams, like the Panthers, expressing interest in interviewing Matt Rhule started to get shared on major networks and social media for all to see on Sunday, Baylor players were getting ready for Sugar Bowl practice when Matt Rhule decided to have a team meeting.

The goal of that meeting for Rhule was full transparency – something not all coaches who are being pursued by other teams or organizations are willing to provide.

There, players shared with the Dallas Morning News that Rhule told them that he’d be “dumb” to not take an opportunity to talk with an NFL team.

Wonder if Rhule thinks it’s dumb for players not to explore transfer opportunities that might be beneficial for their careers.  But I digress.

Anyway, you have to wonder how hard kids will play for somebody who’s at least open to the possibility of bailing on them after a special season.


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11 responses to “What’s the harm in looking?

  1. Lol. Matt Rhule gets it: whenever you have a chance to get the fuck out of Waco, you take it.

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  2. Gaskilldawg

    If Rhule is already planning on leaving Baylor as soon as the game is over he shouldn’t have brought himself to th ed Sugar Bowl. At least that is what a lot of fans say about players.


  3. Reverend Whitewall

    On one level, gotta respect him for being honest. On the other, yeah that could really backfire from a motivation standpoint.

    I definitely get the attraction of an NFL job tho. No year-round recruiting, you actually get a true offseason. If a player gets in trouble with the law, the heat goes on the player, not the head coach. And worst case scenario, even if you fail spectacularly, a college team will be sitting there waiting to throw big money at you to come back to the college game.

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  4. Gaskilldawg

    I read the article and what stood out to me is his message to the players was, “Your effort gets me a big raise. You don’t get a raise. Thanks guys.”


  5. 69Dawg

    Well at least the players are going to show up. That’s more than we are getting. I can see some players with sure fire pro jobs not playing but we cannot get the maybe guys to play.


  6. I still don’t think that is in the same universe as what Georgia is dealing with.


  7. Macallanlover

    That is hardly ever a “digression” for you Senator; closer to being an “obsession”. Amirite? 🙂 Whatever, he has done a spectacular job in record time. Depends on which team I think, but I think he stays….this time. I do believe he ends up in the NFL, just might be too early given the background in Waco.


  8. WNCDawg

    Sure fire NFL talent 3-4 players maybe. The rest will follow Nauta and Hollifield to practice squads or out of the league and no degree. These agents are money grubbing braggarts that makes their cash off of coaches contracts and then talk shit about how these players are gonna grade higher……. till they don’t. Compared to a actual job is more healthy perhaps not as many $$$$ as getting your ass whipped pretending to be the Dallas Cowboys offense for a season.
    I know the players deserve to get their shot at the show and ultimately they are gonna get paid for likeness and Cost but seriously would you not go back given the chance and just be apart of the team. Let alone being a player…… I am sorry, injury or not for me it “Would Just Mean More” to be a Dawg in the Sugar Bowl. For Christ’s sake where has the sanity gone. They don’t have to go to class per reports of Burrows who graduated in 3 years with a liberal arts degree from the OSU. Fields also stated he didn’t have to hassle with going to class. He never leaves the football facility and all his classes are taken on line ( by who ) and you don’t think this is not a part of the Georgia Way. ( There are only 7 universities nation wide that actually requires their athletes to physically go to class “7” )
    Yes they bust their ass. I know I have probably never stayed in a hotel as nice as the digs they live in. Their meals aren’t exactly what we have at our house during a week. So they don’t really have such a bad life. Plus it’s just gonna get better……. I really hate it for the guys that are in the Team Concept corner. As the season grew on it was evident something was wrong. Possibly playing for #1 and walking away while coaches were talking. Fussing, punching each other on the sidelines. The main reason I got out of coaching after 33 years besides age and energy was the inmates were starting to run the asylum. It’s only getting worse.


  9. CB

    Does he have a problem with players declaring for the NFL? Probably not.