Being there

With the absence of Brian Herrien and the questionable status of D’Andre Swift, Josh takes a look at three players who could receive more work in the Sugar Bowl than they have in any single game so far this season:  Zamir White, James Cook and Kenny McIntosh.


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14 responses to “Being there

  1. Mayor

    RB is the one position I’m not worried about. The backups are excellent and now it’s their turn. And the 3-3-5 D of Baylor seems to be a perfect victim for manball. Look for all the remaining backs to have a coming out party.


  2. Pantslesspatdye

    Anyone know the back story on herrian?


  3. Russ

    I’d love to see Zeus and McIntosh carry the load, with White in the slot or carrying it wide.

    I’m excited to see what the new guys (on both sides of the ball) can in this game. Baylor is a very good team and can score lots of points. We will be tested and will need to come out motivated. Should be a great test of what we have in store for next season.


    • Do you mean cook in the slot or do you mean cook and McIntosh carrying the load? Apologize if this seems snarky but I don’t mean it that way. I really want to know your opjnion


      • Russ

        Dang it, yes. I meant Cook in the slot. I can think, or I can type. I can’t do both, apparently.

        Zeus and Mc carry the load behind/beside Fromm, and Cook in the slot, or running wide.


        • Gaskilldawg

          Each of those guys showed skills sufficient to be highly recruited. I have no doubt that a good game plan can utilize their skills well enough for us to win.


  4. J-Dawg

    Would it be a fair comparison of Zeus & Cook to Chubb & Michel? One is the bruising back and the other the shifty one. Any thoughts on this?


    • rugbydawg79

      The practice video of Zamir and Cook competing in a shuttle run has me excited. Zamir was quicker, his coming out party might be tomorrow night.


  5. Greg

    You serious, Clark??


  6. Russ

    Have you seen Raphael?


  7. Whiskey Dawg

    I’m starting to fear we have our own simple minded Chauncey Gardner running the offense. “I like to watch”.


  8. WNCDawg

    “ As long as the roots aren’t severed, all is well. And we will all bei in the garden.”

    “Mr. Gardner do you agree with ( CKS ) Ben or do you think we can stimulate growth through temporary incentives.”
    I am still trying to wrap my head around all the no shows with Rhett Butler’s words echoing through the years of “Frankly, Scarlet I don’t give a damn”.