“Everybody gets a piece of the pie. Everybody eats.”

If I’m worried about whom Jake Fromm will be throwing the ball to tomorrow (along with how well the blocking holds up), I’m not that worried about life on the other side, even with the absentees.  Why?  Because ($$).

Georgia embraced the no-name defense ethos because it lacked that superstar that other teams schemed around, a la Roquan Smith in 2017 and Deandre Baker in 2018. But the Bulldogs made up for it with their depth, using as many as 24 players in the regular rotation, with only Reed never coming off the field. It was a multi-layered depth: The starters tended to be a motley collection of former three-stars and transfers, with only safety Richard LeCounte a former five-star. But off the bench came all those five-stars: Nakobe Dean as a third-down inside linebacker, Nolan Smith and Adam Anderson as pass rushers, Tyrique Stevenson as a dime package defensive back. And so on.

There’s definitely enough depth to hold up against Baylor, which is good by SP+ standards (25th), but no LSU.  Now, if they only have the attitude to match


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  1. Russ

    As I said earlier, I’m excited to see all the new talent get a chance to play in this game. I hope they are just as excited and play hard/smart. If so, we have a great shot at winning. If we play like last year, it might get ugly as Baylor can score points.

    One thing that worries me regardless of our motivation is Baylor’s up tempo. Our defense depends heavily on rotating players. LSU exploited that by not substituting and Baylor will probably do the same. There are only so many injuries we can fake.


    • Sanford222view

      Baylor scores points? I think you are remembering the old Baylor. They aren’t as prolific on offense this year and struggled to score fairly often this season. They were held under 30 points six times this year and scored 35 or more only four times.


  2. ugafidelis

    Now that is some high quality Dawgrading.


  3. W Cobb Dawg

    Considering the talent level and athleticism of our defensive players, I don’t believe substituting ad nauseum between plays is a necessity. I can understand substituting between drives, to keep players fresh. And we do have tons of talent to placate with playing time.

    I guess sending in a different CB, DE, or OLB on a given play keeps Kirby from getting bored.


    • CEPH

      Actually it gives him a chance to have his “britches puller” something to do. Richt had his security blanket in the “water girl” and Kirbys security blanket is his “britches puller”


      • Mr. Sinclair could reinvent “throw down thursday” with a newer “pull back Kirby” edition….


        • W Cobb Dawg

          While we’re on the subject, having Sinclair tugging at Kirby’s backside all game is another element that’s got to go. It’s a fricken embarrassment akin to Grantham’s towel holder. Kirby needs to exercise some self control, and I’m sure Sinclair has better things to do during the game.


  4. Texas Dawg

    After losing a close winnable game to Bama last year, they were all moping around feeling sorry for themselves. LSU solved that for them this year by giving them a good old fashioned ass whipping..no what if’s after that game. Couple the embarrassment of that with getting embarrassed in last years Sugar Bowl AND hearing about it for a full year, I don’t think motivation and effort will be lacking. They may get beat, but I think they will leave it all on the field this time. With wholesale changes on the OL, that is my biggest concern as those guys have to be on the same page. This unit will not have the same cohesiveness as a unit that has played together for a whole year (or more)


  5. Diving Duck

    I think we’ll miss Tyler Clark the most out of the defensive absentees. We don’t have a lot of play makers on the interior. Incidentally, of the absentees his is one that raises a red flag. He’s been a workhouse on the d-line for 3 years and doesn’t project to be drafted in the first two days. Something seems amiss here.


  6. Uglydawg

    There are so many of us that should be the OC.
    Would I have sets with Jake and Stetson in the backfield together?
    Yes. At least occasionally. If Jake pitches it to Stetson..who can scoot..it becomes a true RPO with the added threat of a flea flicker back to Jake.
    If you don’t have a true duel threat QB, you use two to make one and a half.
    (And this is why I’m sitting at home typing this instead of having brunch with the boys in NOLA this morning.)
    My point really is this…when you’re at a stalemate on offense and missing key pieces to the board, you have to think out of the box. And I predict we’ll see more QB runs in one form or the another…and Baylor knows this too. Jake indicated this week that he expects and wants to run the ball more. The Bears will be looking for it. Thus the (somewhat silly) two QBs in the backfield scenario. Gonna’ shake things up or settle for the status quo?


    • 92 Grad

      I’d be happy with Jake under center more. If the blocking is going to suck might as well let the RB get a head of speed up before he slams into the box. Every handoff from the gun gives the opponent 5 yards before the play even starts.


  7. Duronimo

    Even with a lot of players missing, we’ll still have superior, better rated athletes all over the field. So, I think it’s down to the intangibles. One note:
    Pittman’s laid back attitude vs Luke’s energy. Expect better Oline play in this game.


  8. We’re starting a lot more backups and they aren’t starters for good reason. We spent all year blaming the offense on Cager being out and a young WR corp. Now a bunch of guys aren’t playing. I’m concerned.

    I’ll be rather impressed if the players and staff actually gameplan and prepare enough to win. At least play a good game. I think the circumstances make this game a little more important for the future. Could be some really good momentum for the off-season.

    This is also why I wish Swift would just sit if he’s not returning. He gives us a better chance to win the game but I’d really like to see Zeus get a lot of touches. Swift could get maybe 10 and white get 15+ if Swift does play.