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If there’s shit Nick Saban doesn’t have time for…

… it’s gotta be this.

Truly crazed.  I would love to be a fly on the wall when Daddy walks into Saban’s office to “negotiate”.

Of course, the truly funny thing would be if the insurance policy really was with an outfit called “Lords of London”.



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Nashville, a toddling town

After a sobering-up period, they were released around midnight with the charges dismissed.”

I ask you, who among us hasn’t gotten shitfaced with their parents before the Music City Bowl?


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Junior’s still got it.

Oh, FFS.

Nothing like starting out the new year trolling Greg Sankey like a boss.  I have no doubt there’s more to come.


UPDATE:  Vetted, bitchez!

Translation:  we know this smells but we don’t care.

I hope they get creamed with this on the recruiting trail.


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“When you’re not hungry, you become average.”

Part of the Process:

I would say that Smart’s learned something about that between last year’s Sugar Bowl and this year’s.


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Thanks for your attention

With 2019 in the books, I thought I’d take a moment to mention that GTP generated 5,938,823 hits last year, second-best total in the blog’s history.  (No, tops doesn’t go to 2017, but to 2015, which goes to show that bad news sells.  Always.)

Anyway, this blog’s a teenager, but is still going strong, at least in a big fish in a small pond sense.  I still enjoy spouting off and as long as you guys enjoy reading it, I guess we’ll stick it out a while longer.

I appreciate you all and here’s hoping there a big reward coming to all of us in the near future.  Not that deserve’s got anything to do with it, but we deserve it.


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So, how much did Kirby want to win last night?

Enough that he was willing to risk another year-long round of mockery if this call had blown up in his face.

But it di’int.


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Culture and The Process

I’ve seen some misgivings expressed in the comments section about Smart’s pursuit of Zachary Evans, the gifted running back recruit from Texas who’s had a couple of behavioral/discipline issues this season.  Seth Emerson ($$) makes a good point about that in his piece about Pickens’ role in Georgia’s Sugar Bowl win.

… Smart has shown he will take chances on players if they have a lot of ability. Zachary Evans, the five-star tailback who was suspended for his high school team’s Texas state championship game, is expected to announce for Georgia on Thursday. You can absorb a few high-maintenance kids if you have a good culture, and surround them with a structure of good teammates and authority figures.

Will Smart be right every time?  Human nature being what it is, that’s highly unlikely.  But kids like Pickens show it’s worth making the effort.


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By George

Pickens had himself a whale of a game last night, didn’t he?  It was stout enough that I didn’t even wince when one of the broadcasters made with the AJ Green comparison.

And this catch:

A true freshman.  Damn, just damn.




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Back, at least for a night

I’ll leave you to read the tea leaves from Fromm’s post-game presser about whether he stays or goes in 2020.  Either way, I’m just happy he enjoyed a measure of redemption last night.

This, in particular, is one of the best throws of his career.

That, my friends, is exactly what “dropping a dime” looks like.


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Matt Luke hasn’t been in Athens very long, but he’s already got himself a meme.

Let’s face it — “Milk it!” is a much more appropriate buzz phrase for this team than “Do more”.


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