Back, at least for a night

I’ll leave you to read the tea leaves from Fromm’s post-game presser about whether he stays or goes in 2020.  Either way, I’m just happy he enjoyed a measure of redemption last night.

This, in particular, is one of the best throws of his career.

That, my friends, is exactly what “dropping a dime” looks like.



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26 responses to “Back, at least for a night

  1. Bigshot

    The kid has been crucified by many Ohio State fans. See what I did there. He’s a great player and I hate to see him go. Thanks Jake, you deserved better treatment.

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  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    Right in the proverbial pickle barrel.


  3. RangerRuss

    That’s the Fromm that some announcers were comparing to Brady in his previous two years.


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    I still believe Jake would benefit from better coaching, and hope he sticks around for a shot at a Natty. But unless we make a change on the offensive staff, I see little evidence Jake would benefit by staying. I don’t see us making a Natty challenge unless we get some real improvement with the overall offensive coaching.

    What should really concern us all are the coaching mistakes Jake has minimized. That will be exposed for all to see when he leaves and this staff has to break in a new QB.

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  5. ASEF

    Selfishly I would love to see him stay. But WBs rarely make money coming back. Draft types just nitpick their games the longer they play in college. Draft rewards “potential,” not “proven” at that position.

    “Maybe a Tom Brady” is worth more than “maybe a Kirk Cousins”.

    Kirby will get Jake the NFL info he needs to make a smart decision.


  6. Jake’s stat line from last night 20-30-250-2-0 was solid as a rock. If Robertson makes that one catch, Jake throws for almost 300 yards.

    If he leaves, he goes out on a positive note. I would love to see him for one more year. The man is class and represents our university like an ambassador.

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  7. more spinners

    Eric Zier went ballastic on that call…”a drop in the pocket”.
    Zier has been critical this season of receivers not giving Fromm enough sideline space to put the ball in there for a reception.
    Perhaps he stays.
    The culture of players declaring early and sitting out is turning.
    Going against them. The percentage of injury is against them. Plus, I think they lose money when they are not seen for a complete game re against top players from other teams.
    Thomas would fared better if he had played agains the Baylor’s 3-3-5.
    In the end it is their call, but after this season there could be a reversal.


  8. Mayor

    Call me crazy (many have) but the team I saw last night seems poised to win the East again, win the SECCG and make the playoff in 2020 if Jake comes back. Obviously Pickens is terrific but I saw the emergence of Zamora White as the RB of the future and several D-Linemen. Also, the O-Line didn’t really miss a beat. I still think Jake is about as good as Joe Burrow only needs the type of offensive thinking Burrow was bestowed last season. That’s on Kirby. I hope Jake comes back and that Kirby uses that as an opportunity to come into 21st century offensive football.

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  9. Russ

    That was vintage Fromm. Hope he stays but understand if he leaves. Next year, he’ll be up against Lawrence and Fields in the draft.

    If he leaves, I’d like to see Kirby go after the grad QB from Wake Forest.

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  10. He’s started for 3 years so I could see him going just for a change is scenery. On the other hand, how do you leave an offense that’s about to super stacked?

    Virginia and Bammer to start the season is gonna be tough with a freshman QB. Damnit.


  11. Uglydawg

    When Baylor was getting some momentum and punted to start Georgia at the one foot line, the game seemed to be at precarious turning point. Jake made a great read and pass on third down to dig Georgia out of that hole and break Baylor’s mo’.
    That’s when I knew all would be well.
    If Jake comes back the sky’s the limit…that is if we can hang on to Luke. I think Luke has changed the dynamic on the line. Running the ball really helped Fromm’s passing. The pass blocking was nearly perfect.
    Jake is a man the believes in himself and his team.
    Never sell him short. He’s a winner.
    Whatever he chooses, (I hope he stays, though) I wish him Godspeed.


  12. Going into Tuscaloosa, game 2, with a freshman QB and Mays at LT slightly concerns me. Lol! Hopefully Luke and Mays put in work or they find a better option.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      Bama might be losing a much bigger batch of players to the draft than we’re used to seeing. I know saban’s picture is in the dictionary next to ‘re-load’, but I’d be biting my fingernails for the next few days if I were a bamer fan.


  13. Classic City Canine

    I’m 70% convinced that Jake leaves after listening to his post game interview with Holly Rowe.


  14. Nosy in Newnan

    I remember when the phrase “dropping a dime on him” meant ratting out someone to the cops. You went to a pay phone (I know, what’s that?) dropped a dime in and someone went to jail. What happened to Louie? Someone dropped a dime on him. Oh.