By George

Pickens had himself a whale of a game last night, didn’t he?  It was stout enough that I didn’t even wince when one of the broadcasters made with the AJ Green comparison.

And this catch:

A true freshman.  Damn, just damn.




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  1. J-Dawg

    If only Jake comes back to throw to him.


    • The other Doug

      Sure, but Pickens is the type of WR that bails out a young QB. Aaron Murray has talked about how in his first season he just threw it towards AJ Green and let AJ make him look good.


  2. My one and only complaint from last night: he was tipping it it was a run play by not putting his mouthpiece in.

    He still has to grow up a lot, but he’s going to be the best we’ve ever had if he can keep his head on.


  3. W Cobb Dawg

    Pickens looked great. Even Landers upped his game for the bowl. No worries, though. DRob did his part to remind everybody our WRs will find a way to keep the score close.


  4. tbia

    If only he had gotten to campus ready to block.


  5. Brandon

    I love Terrence but whatever yardage he had, he’s not the 2nd best WR in UGA history right now. AJ Green and Hines Ward were both better off the top of my head and probably Fred Gibson too.


    • SSB Charley

      Might also go with Andre Hastings and Brice Hunter too. Big fan of TE, but I disagree with him on this.


      • Russ

        1. 3,093 – Terrence Edwards, 1999-2002
        2. 2,884 – Fred Gibson, 2001-04
        3. 2,619 – A.J. Green, 2008-10
        4. 2,602 – Tavarres King, 2008-12
        5. 2,373 – Brice Hunter, 1992-95
        6. 2,350 – Malcolm Mitchell, 2011-15
        7. 2,282 – Mohamed Massaquoi, 2005-08
        8. 2,098 – Lindsay Scott, 1978-81
        9. 2,008 – Reggie Brown, 2000-04
        10. 1,975 – Juan Daniels, 1993-96


  6. Everyone was calling him the next AJ last night. He might be, but he looks a whole lot more like Julio Jones than AJ. At this point as a freshman, AJ was a wiry speedster who could go up and get it. Wiry is not a word I would use to describe Pickens. He’s a grown man who is only going to get more physically imposing in a top-flight S&C program.

    If you listened to the press conference after the game, Pickens got a question about the ups and downs of this year. Before Pickens could answer, Kirby told George to be careful. Pickens was very gracious in his answer. It seems the kid is growing up.

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    • Russ

      I agree. He looks like another Julio Jones. I’ve seen Julio just take over games. I hope to see Pickens do it for 2 more years (at least).

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    • Diving Duck

      Yeah, it seemed control freak Kirby was physically bracing when they gave Pickens the microphone on the stage. He did a great job. Glad he is a dawg.


  7. Pickens was on post game radio with Fromm and the guy(Pickens) seemed more humble than I expected and he seems fairly well spoken. That impressed me about as much as his performance tbh.

    I’m not sure if people are trolling or just wishful but I’ve heard he has grade issues. If that’s actually true then why would he have played? Kirby has shown me that he does the opposite of brush real issues under the rug to play guys.