Junior’s still got it.

Oh, FFS.

Nothing like starting out the new year trolling Greg Sankey like a boss.  I have no doubt there’s more to come.


UPDATE:  Vetted, bitchez!

Translation:  we know this smells but we don’t care.

I hope they get creamed with this on the recruiting trail.


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14 responses to “Junior’s still got it.

  1. ElectroM

    He should hire Art Briles, really give Sankey a big
    ef you.

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  2. The Truth

    Jordan McNair’s parents certainly are the forgiving sort…oh, wait, they weren’t contacted to vouch for Durkin’s character. Well, he killed their son so I guess I get it.


  3. W Cobb Dawg

    They can re-name the team (again) to Mean Machine!


  4. Uglydawg

    Because Sandusky’s still in jail.


  5. MGW

    How to successfully deal with the NCAA or a conference office: Do exactly whatever you want, and tell them to suck it if they have a problem with it. Anything less is coaching/administrative malpractice.


  6. Russ

    Dang Senator. Sorry for clogging up another of your posts commenting on this. I should’ve know you’d be all over this.


  7. Ole Miss doesn’t give a fuck anymore! They’re the drunk family at the Music City bowl who became belligerent after mom got busted. They’re gonna do the polar opposite of McGarity and the Georgia Way.

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  8. Bulldog Joe

    Oxford’s a small town. Laner needs a wingman.


    • Cojones

      What Laner needs is an old couch soaked in used oil sitting in his outer office with a box of matches nearby.


  9. RC

    Damn, man…there’s tone-deaf, and then there’s the Ole Miss AD…

    Didn’t they just go thru all of this with Hugh Freeze? Were they struck by a fit of nostalgia for those good old days? They didn’t have enough fun the last time around? Do they have a minimum hours-billed clause in the retainer with their counsel and just didn’t want to pay for services not rendered?

    They really have decided to go all-in on this whole “Rebel” thing, haven’t they? They seem more than content to show a giant middle finger to the NCAA and any horse they choose to ride in on. And ride in they shall…


  10. Classic City Canine

    Boy, I was hoping Lane would do some good work at Ole Miss. This just makes me hate them and wish for their consumption by a raging dumpster fire of their own making.