Matt Luke hasn’t been in Athens very long, but he’s already got himself a meme.

Let’s face it — “Milk it!” is a much more appropriate buzz phrase for this team than “Do more”.



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  1. T-shirt, please:

    Milkin’ it!”


  2. Bulldog Joe

    Better than hiking a leg.

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  3. chopdawg

    Thought our line played a good game last night, considering the guys we were missing, call it a great game from the line. Luke might be the difference, looked like he was really into things on the sideline. Glad to have him on our team.


    • Otto

      I like the energy he bring. The staff needs those player coaches. I always thought BVG was CMR’s Erk. I know BVG may was not as good as Erk but he brought the fire to go with CMR’s cool.


  4. Dawgflan

    As bummed as I was when I heard Pittman was gone, I am ecstatic to have Luke as a coach. He did an impressive job with the patchwork OL last night, but more importantly, it was clear that the team really likes him and has already embraced him. He’s high-energy like Kirby, but a lot more positive, and even Kirby mentioned that he has improved overall team chemistry.

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  5. Russ

    I think Luke is enjoying letting loose on the sidelines a little more than he could as a HC. The OL did a good job last night against a very good defense considering it was patchwork.


  6. Bulldog Joe

    First week in November, I bet he didn’t expect to be coaching in a bowl game.

    Life comes at you fast, sometimes. Glad to have him aboard.


    • Tony Barnfart

      The Saturday before the Egg bowl (11/23), I was duck hunting with someone within the ole miss brass ……. exchanging softball Q&A about them and us. I can guarantee you neither of us thought Matt Luke would be coaching the Georgia bulldogs in the sugar bowl 39 days later.