Nashville, a toddling town

After a sobering-up period, they were released around midnight with the charges dismissed.”

I ask you, who among us hasn’t gotten shitfaced with their parents before the Music City Bowl?


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10 responses to “Nashville, a toddling town

  1. Greg

    That’s hot…


  2. The entire family? Wth! They must have become belligerent after one got popped. Either that or it was like ACCPD playing the RNG game that one time in ’98. Smh


  3. Sanford222view

    I wasn’t with my parents and my issue was more during the Music City Bowl than before it. I got into the stadium for the bowl game against Boston College just fine but, getting out was much more of a challenge.

    I actually had an interesting encounter at that game. We had access to a box through a Nashville connection for that game and ended up being in the box next to Gordon Gee who was the President at Vanderbilt at the time. He was also the University President at Colorado when I was in Boulder for my undergrad about ten years earlier. I mentioned meeting him in Boulder at my fraternity when seeing him on the way to the bathroom and he came over to our box to chat for bit. Our conversation turned into a debate about the creation of a college football playoff and Gee claimed it would never happen because the school presidents wouldn’t allow it. Well, Gordo, looks like I won that argument!


  4. voxdawg

    In the words of the late great Colonel Sanders: I’m too drunk to taste this chicken

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  5. RangerRuss

    The daughter was too drunk to sing so they made her drive.


  6. The Dawg abides

    The dad has an extremely punchable face. UK people have always said Louisville has a trashy fanbase. Still, I would have let the brunette in.


  7. Russ

    Damn, they’re from Louisville and they can’t hold their bourbon? For shame.


  8. Bulldog Joe

    Well, it beats standing in line at the Pancake Pantry.


  9. I thought there was a rule that one of the family had to stay relatively sober to ride herd on the drunkards? It’s that person’s responsibility to intervene in an altercation, provide direction from point A to B, and negotiate an appropriate exit strategy with the local constabulary if necessary.
    In return the designated sober person gets to be a condescending asshole the next day and say things like “What a beautiful morning, who wants to go for a run?” and “How should I know where you left your pants?”.


  10. Casey Chestnut

    Dagnabit, looks like they’ve pulled the article. And everything else I can find on Google has been pulled also.