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Three Sugar Bowl takeaways

These are broad brushstrokes only.  The usual bullet pointed Observations post will come in time.

  • Winning a meaningless bowl game is a lot more enjoyable than losing a meaningless bowl game.  In the vast scheme of things, it may not mean much, but it was good on a number of levels to see Georgia take this year’s version of the Sugar Bowl more seriously than last year’s.  Kirby coached like he needed the momentum, the players who were there looked like they wanted to be there and, as a fan, it sure was a lot more fun to watch.
  • Recruiting matters.  Hey, remember all that angst we shared before the game about the missing Dawgs?  Turns out this team is pretty loaded, especially on defense.  Stacking top three classes on top of each other makes a big difference.
  • There is still a gap.  The problem is that it doesn’t make a big enough difference, at least not this season.  I’m sure there will be something of an argument about which of Alabama, Georgia or Oklahoma deserves to stand fourth in the final rankings, but that doesn’t change the reality that this Georgia team finished on a lower tier than the three best teams in the country.  Closing that gap is Smart’s biggest challenge of this offseason.


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