Sco’ and sco’ some mo’

Enjoy this clip Josh Hancher assembled of every touchdown Georgia scored this season.


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7 responses to “Sco’ and sco’ some mo’

  1. CEPH

    Nobody in the world runs a RPO as badly as Georgia. That my friends is called lacking of coaching.

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  2. Anonymous

    Great video, but needs to be about 3x as long next year.


  3. Gaskilldawg

    Enjoyed that, but missed a few. Missed the scoop and score against UT, missed Herrien’s TD in the first quarter against Tech and missed the Wolf TD against Auburn. Replay took the Jackson TD against Auburn off the board, but it was still fun to watch.

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  4. Russ

    So they left out Pickens’ TD in the SECCG (I know, it was hard to remember that we actually scored). Plus I would have liked to see our defensive scores as well, especially the hit at Tennessee when the QB shot the ball out of his ass and Crowder ran it back.


  5. rchris

    The halfway point was the first TD against USCe. 5 and a half games before, 8 and a half after. Amazing how much we changed after that game.


  6. MGW

    It’s not a long video.