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And… he’s gone.

Good luck, Jake.  You’ve certainly earned it.

Next season just got a helluva lot more intriguing.


UPDATE:  And while we’re on the subject of departures,


UPDATE #2:  Is this good enough to support a transfer waiver request?



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Getting to know you

For what it’s worth, Bruce Feldman is reporting ($$) that there are two graduate transfer quarterbacks on Georgia’s radar, Wake Forest’s Jamie Newman and Boston College’s Anthony Brown.  As he puts it, Newman is considering Georgia, along with several other schools, while Brown is being “recruited” by Georgia.


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Your 1.8.20 Playpen


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Juuuuust… a bit of a gap

Out of 130 programs, Georgia comes in second in PFF’s college football offensive line rankings.

2. Georgia Bulldogs

Highest-graded player: OT Andrew Thomas – 92.4 (3rd)

Georgia’s strength on offense this year was clearly their offensive line, a unit that ranked fifth in run-blocking grade and fourth in pass-blocking grade. Andrew Thomas and Isaiah Wilson are both headed to the NFL, leaving big voids at the tackle spots in 2020, but their mark left on the nation’s second-best offensive line will not be forgotten. Georgia’s offensive line helped pave the way for the Bulldogs running backs to average over 2.20 yards before contact per attempt on the ground.

Waffle House U’s o-line didn’t fare so well.  In fact, they basically didn’t fare at all.

130. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

Highest-graded player: OG Mikey Minihan – 61.9 (181st)

It was a rebuilding year for Georgia Tech, as their offensive line had to adjust to pass-blocking more than they ever had with the triple-option of years past. The Yellow Jackets struggled mightily in the switch from a dominant run-first offense, and they gave up the nation’s highest sack+hit rate, with 12.1% of their pressures ending up with the quarterback on the ground. They also lost 34.9% of their pass-blocking reps, by far the highest in the country, and the unit also had the nation’s lowest pass-blocking efficiency rating as well as the 129th-ranked run-blocking grade.

404, baby.


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The new normal doesn’t seem that normal.

To paraphrase Robin Williams, this quote is Gawd’s way of telling you you have too much money:

Texas Tech’s football coaching staff turnover between the 2018 and 2019 seasons will wind up costing its athletics department nearly $6.6 million…

“It’s something that was budgeted for, so prepared for,” Tech senior associate athletics director Robert Giovannetti said. “It’s part of the business, right? You understand it’s a part of the business and you chalk that up to cost of doing business and don’t let it affect the way you run your operation.”

Um… dude, your football team finished 5-7 and 4-8 those two seasons.  Maybe you should let it affect the way you run your operation.

I’m pretty much convinced that a school could pick at random a GTP commenter as its next AD and wind up with a better run athletic department.  The sad thing is these guys are all convinced they’re doing a bang-up job.


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More where they came from

Todd Blackledge was muy impressed with Georgia’s depth on display in the Sugar Bowl.

“So we do this Georgia game, right, and we put up… The first time Georgia had the football, we put up a graphic and the first time Georgia’s on defense we put up a graphic with all these headshots,” Blackledge said in an interview with Chris Childers and Rick Neuheisel on XM Radio’s The Full Ride. “They literally had, because I count D’Andre Swift, even though he played like three plays, I count him as not playing in that game, that makes 15 guys who had played significantly for them, maybe 12 of them who had started games that did not play in that game and in most cases weren’t even there on the trip. And still there was that incredible disparity of size and skill and talent and speed on the field with that Georgia team.”

So much for Matt Rhule’s “equal footing”.


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Say hello to our new leetul friends.

Welcome, class of 2020 early enrollees.


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Today, in Dawgrading

Love the admission of self-sabotage combined with a shred of guilty delusion here from Matt Rhule:

Sure, fella, sure.  If only the NFL hadn’t come calling…


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