There’s a bond there.

That hyped meeting between Kirby and Jake on Monday?  Maybe it was just so Fromm could get a phone number from Smart.



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  1. The other Doug

    If Jimmy told Fromm it was the right time to go, then I’m going to have to believe him.


  2. I can’t imagine Sexton being willing to take time away from his high profile coaching clients to represent a junior QB who is “limited” in what he can do (according to some QB experts here at GTP). He has to believe Jake can become a big-time player who has a ton of endorsement deals.


  3. Bill Glennon

    According to his twitter post, God also advised Jake to go pro. Not sure who held more sway, but I’d probably listen to Sexton if it was a tie.


  4. duronimo

    I have long asserted that NFL scouts would not hold this year against Fromm. Jake’s problems related to coaching malpractice as follows: He was operating in one of the slowest offenses in America, where the coaches rarely got him into rhythm. They hobbled Fromm more by running over and over into a stacked box, leaving him to cope on 3rd down. Then they would get the play in late, with not enough time left to change it. In addition someone decided not use the grass between the hash marks where all the easy throws are. When UGA went uptempo, Fromm looked normal. Our offensive problems would disappear. All of a sudden our receivers were open, the running game was mixed in and many times we scored. Fromm looked like he did in prior years.

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