“They have to beat Georgia.”

At the 1:45 mark, Corch goes all in on the Gators for 2020.


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  1. Bigshot

    UGA is back to the Richt years.


  2. Scotty Floze

    We wanted to be like Bama and now we have Bama problems. These kids come to Georgia to be with other elite players and go to the league. Kirby sells them on that.

    We will just reload and see what we have next year going into Jacksonville. No one thought Trask was anything special and now he is the most talented QB in the East.

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  3. dawgfan1995

    Number of 5-star players on Florida’s roster: 1 (Brenton Cox)
    Number of 5-star players on Georgia’s roster: 13 (Kelee Ringo, Darnell Washington, Mekhail Sherman, Nolan Smith, Nakobe Dean, Travon Walker, George Pickens, Clay Webb, Zamir White, Jamaree Salyer, Tyson Campbell, Adam Anderson, & Richard LeCounte; did not include anyone who has not yet signed an LOI)

    We’ll see, Urban.

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    • W Cobb Dawg

      That fu roster continues to get hollowed out. Their best DB is leaving early. Greenard, Zuniga, Perine, the punter, and 3 WRs are out of eligibility. At least 8 of their top 22 will need to be replaced.

      Their savior, Cox, was our 3rd stringer after a lousy freshman year where he was given ample opportunity to produce.


  4. RangerRuss

    I reckon that hobgoblin has made a nest in my little mind because
    Fuck those motherfuckers!

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  5. Turd Ferguson

    But that “chaos in the state of Florida” he refers to has been going on for Mullen’s entire tenure at UF, and he still hasn’t been able to capitalize like he should on the recruiting trail. Unless he rattles off a few division titles in rapid succession soon, he’s already peaked as a recruiter.

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    • Classic City Canine

      Yeah. He should be breaking into the top 5 teams in the recruiting rankings. Instead he’s barely top 10 for the first time and is middle of the pack in the SEC.


  6. HR

    Clemson has three five star DL coming in. Are they all from Georgia? It drives me nuts.


  7. Classic City Canine

    Well yeah they have to beat Georgia. Will they? I wouldn’t bet on it just yet. No way they should be the favorite in East right now.


  8. the only thing i feel really confident about next year is beating the gators for the 4th consecutive time. (feels weird to say, i know)
    it’s gonna be fun to watch their hype machine build and get demolished (just like we used to do). #ftmf


  9. RC

    I didn’t watch the clip, but I’m curious as to the rationale for LSU coming in at number 3 other than OMG!!1! recency!


  10. Beer Money

    Gotta love it when national media pundits use (predictable) deductive reasoning to support their arguments.

    Georgia loses it’s quarterback and 4 offensive linemen for the ’19 team.
    No mention of what all Florida loses off its 2019 team. Allow me to help:
    4 WR’s (Cleveland, Jefferson, Hammond, Swain), it’s best RB Perine, 3 starting defensive linemen ( Zuniga, Shuler, Greenard) plus a backup NT, it’s starting MLB Reese, starting safety Taylor, and punter Townsend.

    But go ahead and brush all that aside. Only our departures matter.

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    • Normaltown Mike

      if all those advanced stats (that I refused to believe last summer about our O this last year) is any indication, the returning production on O for FU is the clearest indication of choppy waters ahead.

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    • Uglydawg

      What Beer Money said. I’ve never really understood the reason for Dawgrading but there must be one. It (Dawgrading) is def a thing. Every negative for Georgia they can dream up is highlighted while the sensational depth is ignored.
      Another point I’ll make is that Georgia to Florida is becoming what Bama is to Auburn…the big brother that you really, really need to beat because it’s all you have left.
      “Flawburn” if you will.
      Their fans fret over Georgia as much as NATS fans do.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      You left out their best DB, Henderson, leaving for the nfl. That’s a big hole to fill.


  11. Derek

    One huge advantage FTMF’s has is schedule. They don’t go to Tuscaloosa. Lose there and we have no margin for error.

    I do think there is a chance they lose in Knoxville and we win in T-town in September.

    Isn’t Tennessee due in that series?


  12. duronimo

    Don’t worry about it already …. we have the beef, the brains and no missing pinky fingers. The 2020 edition of the Dawgs will be the best yet.


  13. Charlottedawg

    Our offense might suck but it can still convert those third and Granthams against all those kids at Florida who couldn’t get an offer from UGA!

    Florida is good enough to boost the resume but not talented enough on the coaching staff or roster to actually beat UGA. Love it.

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  14. If the media wants to make UF the favorites pre-season, I am ALL for that.

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  15. Uglydawg.

    One part of me would like to see Kirby take Felipe Franks as a backup and then troll the Jortsies by putting him in to run for two after every Georgia touchdown….epecially if the game’s a Dawg blowout of them.


  16. stoopnagle

    Just my rough calculation, but if we go with Salyer at LT, Shaffer LG, Hill C, Cleveland RG and McClendon RT on the OL, that’s 128 games of experience with 32 starts. Granted, Cleveland is a big chunk of that and it certainly doesn’t feel good RN to rely on a draft eligible guy with apparent academic issues for 42 games and 16 starts.

    This is just me – knowing nothing – gauging what it might look like by who has the most PT so far.

    Fitzpatrick has 13 games and a start at TE with a 5 star coming right behind him.


    • stoopnagle

      …and on Corch’s comments: he’s dead right. If they don’t beat us this year, when will they?

      For one, I think they have a shot. We played a lot of games closer than we had to in ’19. Kirby is going to have learn to hammer for 4 quarters again and stop pulling up on the reins.


      • California dawg

        Wondering if our 2020 season will look like Auburns last year. A lethal defense takes us as far as they can but a freshman/transfer QB leads to a couple losses.