Sometimes, a man’s gotta snark.




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  1. Merk

    Yeah, because as he didn’t mention, we had no WR worth a crap for most of the year. Either due to injury or just not catching on fast enough. Add in Coley being average at best and yeah, it was not a easy go. Also don’t forget that LSU had some serious voodoo going with Burrow.


  2. So I wonder what name he uses here?


  3. McTyre

    Biopolarity (or overuse of rhetorical questions) is a disease requiring treatment.


  4. Granthams replacement

    He has congressional takes.


  5. Normaltown Mike

    The peak clownishness of that take is that the debate isn’t Fromm 2019 vs Newman 2020.

    It’s Newman 2020 vs. Stet 2020 or that kid from Florida 2020 or Mathis 2020. I’d have night sweats for months if we were going into 2020 with those latter 3 as our only hope


    • Russ

      Exactly. Newman may not be the man for next season, but he’s the best insurance we could get for QB. Best case is if one of the young guns wins the job because they’re better than Newman, but if Newman is the one, I like what I’ve seen from him at Wake. Get those boys practicing with the WRs stat!

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      • Cojones

        He has mucho experience that’s good. That’s good. He’s a team guy with seniority that will command respect from those now on the team simply because he’s an outsider and any feuds would look ridiculous as you build a team around him for a possible 1-yr jaunt. That’s good.

        Now we will sit back and watch Stetson win the QBR in the Spring.


      • gastr1

        Agree. I was wondering who was telling him that getting Jamie Newman was the key to UGA going undefeated next year. It’s more a matter of maintaining than anything else.


    • Dawg1

      Wonder if he’s our Tee Martin?
      That’d work for me!


  6. JustSomeGuy

    “make the offense more multiple” made my head ache.

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  7. mp

    Who the heck else do people expect UGA to get now? It’s not like King in Houston was an option. It’s not like we can undo the QB who signed with OSU (or Fields for that matter). Anyone bitching about Newman needs a time machine to find a better option at this point.

    Why the hell would I not be optimistic? What other choice do I have?

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  8. practicaldawg

    Twitter was made for guys like this

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  9. OrlandoDawg

    Florida grad. All we need to know. Let me guess, he’ll predict that the Gators make the playoffs next year.

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  10. sniffer

    Problem is, chaser was pronounced before the shot. He’s Sybil. With a word processor.


  11. Mayor

    The problem is scheme. And lack of personnel at receiver. Unless we get some guys who can (1) get open and (2) catch it, we’re in the same boat we were last year. Maybe Newman is more of a run threat than Jake was but we still have the same backup QBs so we can’t afford to get the starting QB injured.


    • JaxDawg

      Agreed we need receiver, help. But back up QB situation is totally different. Stetson was all we had, next year we’ll have Mathis (hopefully) and Beck. If it plays out that way, Newman’s wheels could have a significant impact on the offense.


  12. Mike Cooley

    Yeah as Connor McGregor said in a press conference once after his future opponent had trash talked him, “Who tha fook is that guy?”


  13. voxdawg

    Some folks aren’t happy unless they’re miserable.

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  14. Dawg19

    I didn’t realize Danny Kannell had changed his name.

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  15. CB

    I think he has a point with the “shot,” I’m pretty skeptical that a qb with marginally decent running ability is going to make us relevant offensively in the wake of losing 4 oline starters and Swift.

    Wouldn’t that basically require Newman to be head and shoulders above Fromm? I hope he is but I doubt it.

    However “multiple” is football douchebag for “versatile.” An unnecessary repacking of a word to make it seem like you know more than you do.


  16. spur21

    Ref Hayes – he must know football with that football shaped head.


  17. MGW

    I’ve seen people hope that a dual threat QB expected to start signals a more open offense. Don’t know where these people are he references who expect addition by subtraction.


  18. ZeroPOINTzero

    Dbag gotta Dbag. Like the scorpion and the frog. It’s who he is.


  19. TN Dawg

    We have no chance.

    Receivers ain’t no good. It’s ’bout them damn ‘ceivers.

    You could have Jesus himself at quarterback, but then damn ‘ceivers ain’t no good.


  20. Dawg in Austin

    Ok, cool. Go Dawgs.


  21. Sports Fan

    Matt Hayes is the biggest idiot on that site, and that’s saying a lot.


  22. CEPH

    He might as well get used to handing off and throwing back shoulder sideline passes, BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT HE WILL BE DOING. Where has Griffith been, on another planet!!! Hes talking about Kirbys new offense, has he completely lost it? Kirby sure as hell isn’t going to change his offense simply because he has a different QB. As we all know QB WAS NOT THE PROBLEM!!!!!


  23. Mayor

    Florida couldn’t win the SEC East with Trask so……


  24. I stopped following that guy months ago. It’s one thing to see both sides of the coin but I can’t deal with the blatantly ultra-contrarian because you need the hits takes. One Danny Kannel is one too many.

    At least Terrance Moore was legitimate. Imagine him doing an about face.


  25. jt10mc (the other one)

    Well in our defense Fromm wasn’t the best QB in the league nor was the there’s that.


  26. Whiskey Dawg

    Matt who?