Shoes to fill

It’s been amusing, to say the least, to see the social media reaction to the Newman signing, particularly in regard to Gator Nation, which, in addition to already measuring the space to add the 2020 SEC East trophy, has shown a proclivity for knowing what Georgia’s offensive scheme is and will be.

(As an aside, I had no idea those folks were so butthurt over Beck’s decision to come to Georgia.  But, as usual, I digress.)

Not so funny, though, is what I read from Newman’s training guru about the same.

“In the offense that they are running, they haven’t been in a position where they could add to the game with the quarterback runs,” Avery said, citing Fromm’s limited mobility. “They’ll be able to do that, but I think it will be limited.”

The modified version of the Bulldogs’ offense will stay balanced, but Newman adds a dimension Fromm could not.

Avery indicated Georgia coach Kirby Smart isn’t looking for any offensive gadgetry from Newman.

“He’s going to allow Jamie to pass the football, drive the ball down the field and outside the hashes,” Avery said. “When things break down and they’re not available outside, then I think they’re going to be able to use his legs.

“It’s not gonna be a bunch of quarterback runs, although, he has the ability to do that as well as anyone in the country.”

I’m not looking for any offensive gadgetry from Newman, either, but I sure am hoping for less of that “outside the hashes” stuff.  Georgia’s passing game desperately needs to reacquaint itself with the middle of the field.

I assume Avery is getting some of that from Newman himself, but I’m still uncertain how much anyone can rely on anything about Georgia’s offensive philosophy going forward until we see how Smart fills the open position on the coaching staff.  (NOTE TO READERS:  I am probably putting too much hope in the new guy and you are free to mock me for doing so when Kirby brings on somebody he touts as being a wizard in the run game.)


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65 responses to “Shoes to fill

  1. Reverend Whitewall

    While I would like to see a QB actually pull the football on a few reads to keep the defense honest, I’m not wanting a bunch of designed run plays for the QB. To me, what most KILLS the morale of a defense, and what Burrow is incredible at, is when the defense has the absolute perfect play called and has a guaranteed sack on the QB, only to have the QB find a way to escape and end up hitting a 20-30 yard pass down the field. I love Fromm and always will, but that’s the play he could never give us, and it’s the one that just demoralizes a defense, especially if you do it several times over the course of a game. Perfect defense called, perfectly executed, only to give up a big play in the end because the QB was big enough and mobile enough to get out of it. That by itself can make an offensive scheme look a whole lot better.

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    • gastr1

      But when you have a guy built like a linebacker at QB, you need to let him run a few times to keep the defense thinking about it, no?


    • Derek

      Scrambling for a first down does the same. 3rd and 8 and you cover everyone get pressure and the guy finds the sticks and keeps the punter on the sideline is demoralizing for a defense.

      With this guy’s size we’re going to have more options on short yardage situations too.

      If you can throw it a mile, run with it some, run for power in short yardage and you make it very hard for a defense to get off the field.

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      • Reverend Whitewall

        Yeah I should have included that too (scrambling for a big play), it’s the same result, and Burrow is one of the best I’ve seen at both. Perfect D called and executed, only to give up a big play, it’s such a momentum turner. Lots of other guys are good at it too, but Burrow just has a way of pulling it off at the most devastating times.


    • Russ

      Preach, brother!


    • Greg

      Agree…..he may be the best I’ve ever seen in CF. So far that is, but I don’t see Clemson changing my mind.

      He’s a Brady with legs, a dangerous combo.

      Good points on Fromm….


  2. gastr1

    Apparently Green missed Newman’s comments about wanting to learn more pro style concepts to prepare himself for the NFL. The usual Gator ignorance FTW.


  3. Otto

    Fromm ran the ball well in ’17 when Eason was the backup. They didn’t allow him to run as much with Fields as a backup in 18 and 19 Stetson was the only backup. Against Clemson the most SEC like D outside the SEC ,Fields threw twice as many INTs as he did an entire season of Big10 Ds. It looks like Smart was protecting his QB in fear of tanking the season if he was injured.

    ’20 should have Mathis cleared, Newman, Beck and Stetson. Hopefully we’ll see the QB run a bit more.


    • Mayor

      I think Fromm can run. It’s just that Kirbs wouldn’t let him because of the injury issue and lack of a backup who could do the job. (I’m looking right at you Fields when I say that too.)


    • Mayor

      If Mathis really has a metal plate in his head as I have read, there is no way the kid ever plays again. Period. I understand the compassionate thing of keeping him on scholarship through all this and agree with it. I thought Stetson Bennett would develop into something though, the way all the defensive players were carrying on about him being a “beast” when he was the scout team QB. Newman is the man right now and Beck is the future IMHO. Just hope he doesn’t “Fields” out on us.


      • D as in Dawg

        If Beck plays behind Newman, he’ll almost certainly stay for his sophomore year to try and win the job over whichever QB comes in 2021. If he loses that competition, he’ll definitely be gone. Hard to see it happening, though. He’s talented!


  4. Jeff Sanchez

    Ooooh boy. Glad we got Newman, but his tainer’s comments aren’t exactly exciting.

    Particularly that “outside the hashes” bit.


    • The Dawg abides

      I think in that context he means developing that part of his game, not our offense’s propensity for avoiding the middle. He knows being able to hit those deep outs is crucial for any qb’s pro prospects.


  5. RangerRuss

    Gator trash arrogance has no limits. Insufferable pricks. Got a text yesterday from one whilst I was hunting giving me a ration of shit over the Dawgs loss to auburn. They can’t beat us in any major sport so now they’re living vicariously through other sleazebags. Yeah, we’re in their heads 24/7/365.


  6. sniffer

    I agree about the middle needing to be an option. It will only happen when we have someone and someone else that will not look to run from contact. I’m looking at you, DRob. Ability to catch is a plus. Looking at ………… (fill in the blank). My point is Fromm had no one after Cager that he could trust over the middle. Tight Ends, you ask? I have no answer for that.


  7. practicaldawg

    With what promises to be an elite defense next year, I just don’t think we need wholesale changes on offense. Just having a QB that can throw a deep ball here and there, pick up a first down on a busted play here and there with his feet, and just manage the game the other 80% of the time, should be all we need. Mock this line of reasoning as you see fit.


  8. Whiskey Dawg

    I think Newman will do well for the Dawgs. I don’t expect he’ll run a lot but that extra dimension will be there and used when needed. For a jacuzzi that’s green (other than envy), check the PH and change your filter once in a while Gator fans.


  9. Dawg in Austin

    With 5 offensive coaches and 4 defensive coaches, I have a feeling Kirby may not use it on an offensive coach. That said, I don’t think he’ll do much different than hire some analysts from the NFL or go visit teams with different concepts. Kirby seems too stubborn to make dramatic scheme changes. He’s a Jimmies and Joes guy, through and through.


  10. MGW

    It’s the ones where it would otherwise be a “coverage sack” but the QB dodges the three-four man rush for a chunk play. Fromm seemed to typically either throw it away or make it back to the line or get a modest gain.

    I do think Fromm was capable of more with his legs but coached to do less because there was nothing behind him and we, regardless of what a lot of people think, had a very real shot at the playoff. Certainly enough of a shot to protect your largely pro style QB.

    But I’d love to see this kid coached to pull it and go a little quicker. Seemed like Fromm was coached that if they’re covered, give them a chance to open up; if they don’t, then go. I hope these are the orders to this kid: priority is to pass it, but if they’re covered up, just go!

    Seems like when they do that more often they develop that back yard ability to start pump faking in the direction they’re going to run to force the defender to chose receiver or QB. THAT’s the stuff I’d love to see. Priority on passing of course; we’re not running a bunch of inside zone… but be damn good at scrambling.

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    • Mayor

      I agree we had a much better chance at making the playoff than many now give the Dawgs credit: (1) Obviously we would have gotten in by beating LSU; and (2) If we hadn’t lost to SC and our only loss was to #1 ranked LSU in the SECCG I think we still get the #4 spot even with getting embarrassed like we did. Hell, we finished #5 with TWO losses.


  11. spur21

    If Newman is what I think he is 3rd and Grantham is in for an ass kicking next year.


  12. 92 Grad

    Newman should also be athletic and strong enough to block a DB/LB/S so that Zeus can take off down the field.

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    • 69Dawg

      Interesting you should say this. On the WF highlights of Newman he was actually running the old belly series on more than one clip. He would actually go into the middle of the defensive line with the ball still in the RB’s belly and only pull it at the last moment when the RB would actually act like a FB and block the LB.


  13. Newman is going to get the same coaching Fromm did. Protect the ball over everything else. Don’t give up cheap field position. The objective is for every possession to end with a kick even if that kick is a punt. If you don’t protect the ball, you won’t play.


    • Derek

      Look at what happened to the Ravens. Jackson had 500 yards and his team got killed. Three turnovers to 0.

      The only thing worse than turnovers are kicking game busts: blocks, fakes, returns for tds.

      Titans won with a qb who threw for 83 yards.

      That game was an affirmation of everything I believe about football:

      Protect the ball.
      Be physical.
      Play field position.
      Win the game.

      With another off season of recovery maybe Zeus can be like Henry.

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      • I agree. My comment is meant for all of these people who think we’re all of a sudden going to be throwing it everywhere and Newman is going to be running wild. That’s not the way Kirby is wired.

        The South Carolina game was an aberration. If we protect the ball and control the kicking game as we had in generally every other game last year, we beat them by 30.

        Be who you are and execute.


          • Be who you are and execute. I’m not saying we would have beaten LSU, but we would have made them work harder for it.


            • Mayor

              I’m saying we could have beaten LSU in the SECCG and I really wish we had another chance to do it in the playoff. If the receivers don’t drop the ball early in the game and the Dawgs had scored on that first drive the game would have been different. The reason the game got out of hand was the Dawgs got behind and had to throw to guys who couldn’t get open or catch, leading to turnovers. It would have been nice to have a healthy Swift catching it coming out of the backfield and Cager, too. And lets not overlook the forgotten man who could have made all the difference–JJ Holloman. That turned out to be soooo “Georgia Way.” We lose because we run out of receivers and Kirby kicked our best wide out off the team when no other school in the nation would have done that. I hope some of you loud mouthed snowflakes are all happy with the way the season turned out. Karma can really be a bitch.


  14. Bright Idea

    Count me in the minority as I’m one of those willing to wait and see rather than speculating. That’s my policy on anything I have no control over. Kirby’s likely not seeking some offensive guru unless he’s willing to offer them OC with complete control, but I like everybody else am just guessing.


  15. 69Dawg

    Not sure this is the case but with our giant (as in tall) offensive line Jake might have had trouble seeing over them to look at the close middle receivers. Newman is taller than Jake by 3 or 4 inches Remember when Stetson was in on mop up he had to roll out to see. The real test will come when we get five or six WR’s that will catch the damn contested balls.


  16. Macallanlover

    While seemingly “best available”, I am not as quite as sold on Newman as many others. I do agree he doesn’t have to be a running QB, just be good enough as a passer who can hurt you with his legs if the defense doesn’t account for him. Sure the standard is set impossibly high with Burrow, but our defense gives us an edge that says Newman could accomplish what we need if he stays healthy and grasps the offense well enough.

    Like others, I don’t see a major overhaul of the offense coming, but if they don’t take the leash off the QB to run some for fear of injury, this could be a total waste of time. Fromm was certainly a good enough athlete to have picked up a couple of 8-15 yard runs once or twice a game with virtually no risk of injury….it was wide ass open. As a baseball player, he certainly knew how to slide.

    Spring Game going to be very interesting, and unlike others before, QBR numbers may not be the reliable predictor we have had in the past. 🙂


    • junkyardawg41

      “Sure the standard is set impossibly high with Burrow” and people forget Burrow is in year 2 with his teammates and coaches (outside of Brady).


      • Macallanlover

        True, but he was pretty damned good last year as well, he had comparable numbers to Jake Fromm. But this year he was off the charts great, by any measurement. You have to give Brady a lot of credit to tweaking that offense enough to get him so many targets open. The new LSU offense improved the running game, improved Burrow, and when it was hitting on all cylinders, which it was every single game in 2019. The points weren’t there against Auburn, but they had right at 500 yards against the Auburn defense.

        This is a team that blew the top off of offensive football from Georgia Southern in game 1 all the way through game 14 with Oklahoma. They had 49 points against OU in the first freaking half. And they put up their numbers with 3 games against, maybe, the best three defenses in the country with UGA, Auburn, and Florida. They slowed it down in the 2nd half and almost put up 50 points against Bama…in Tuscaloosa.

        I get familiarity and chemistry, but this was more than that. Best season by a QB in all the time I have been watching CFB. If Newman exceeds our expectations ten fold, he will fall short of what I saw watching Burrows play about 6-7 times this year.

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        • Mayor

          I get it that we are all supposed to be for LSU–“SEC, SEC, SEC” and all. Personally I’m sick of the MFs. Also, they had every lucky break go their way all season, particularly in the SECCG. Luck has a way of running out at the worst possible time though. Remember when the Patriots were 18-0 and if they beat the Giants in the Super Bowl would have been crowned the Greatest NFL Team of All Time? How’d that work out? I’m going to go out on a limb here and predicting that the horseshoe falls out of Coach O’s ass and Burrow shows his mortality Monday night. Clemson is going to wax LSU and it won’t even be close–about like they did it to Bama last year.


  17. CO Dawg

    I find the speculation on Newman in Georgia’s hilarious. I also find these “private football trainers” to have an outsized opinion.

    Addressing the first. I’m no expert, but usually when you put a better athlete on the field, better stuff happens. Being a turnover liability mitigates that upside obviously. But a guy that throws a better deep ball, that’s bigger, faster? What am I missing here? Who cares if we run the same plays. How many inside zone runs did we call where the weak side LB crashed into the play side with zero respect for Fromm running? I felt like I was taking crazy pills.

    On the second point, this private coach guy just wants his name in the paper. Truly. His job is mechanics and movement. If he was a schematic genius, he’d be on a staff somewhere.


  18. DawgPhan

    I wish that we had Avery on staff. He seems to do good work with QBs.

    I am sure that who ever is the QB we will be pretty good. As long as Smart is running laps around the East in recruiting it seems like they arent likely to catch up.


  19. Russ2

    It seemed to me Kirby’s 1 year(16) we sucked in Offensive strategy and that year was replicated in 2019. Jay Johnson was an Offensive analyst in 17, 18. Who replaced Jay Johnson in 19? Just an observation


    • Mayor

      In fairness, that year kirby tried to play smashmouth with finesse players and without the players needed to play smashmouth. Different story when you have the right line.


  20. Derek

    “I know that I have certain abilities, I believe myself, that even though I am in high school that Fromm doesn’t have,” Caleb Williams told DawgNation. “No offense to Fromm. Fromm is a wonderful guy. He’s the smartest guy that I have seen offensive wise. But he can’t move as much. So they don’t do as much.”

    Doesn’t that say it all?

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  21. MGW

    We lost a proven QB, and gained one who also is proven, but elsewhere under different circumstances, and who plays with a different style. That’s more than can be said in every respect than anyone else on our roster, with the exception of last years backup who has experience in the system, but who appears inferior in every other respect as far as talent.

    This is unequivocally a very good thing and a very big deal. I don’t get these hot takes trying to go “whoa whoa whoa why do these silly Georgia people think this is good?!?!”

    Our offense was very good for 2017-2018, but stunk in 2019. We don’t know what fixes will be made to make it better for 2020, aside from bringing in this QB. Nobody’s under any illusions that this suddenly guarantees a record setting offense and a national title in 2020. But it PROBABLY significantly improves the QB position at Georgia from what it briefly was after Fromm declared. That was the goal at that position this offseason, and it was accomplished.

    Forgive me if I find that a little bit exciting.


    • spur21

      I find every approaching new year exciting.

      We found a mobile QB with better than average wheels that throws the deep ball well. We brought in a very tall well built TE that appears to be very athletic. Added another stud RB. Recruited well at the WR position. Seemingly added some quality OL depth.

      Put that together with three years of recruiting unbelievable talent across the board – how can one not be excited?


    • TN Dawg

      Recruited well at the WR position?

      How do we know? Robertson was 5 star and Simmons and Landers were highly touted as well and yet everyone (including the coaches openly in media comments) considers them to the be the sole reason the offense sucks.

      We may have just recruited the latest crop of garbage. Who knows?


      • Mayor

        The kids were highly skilled coming out of HS but haven’t improved. I think the problem was and is coaching—and we have the same coaches. Not a recipe for success with the new crop of wideouts.


  22. Just use the entire field and all our weapons! I’ll take that for starters. Stop sandbagging just because you’re playing lesser opponents.

    In fairness to the gator part- Coley was like a clock for most of the season. The 2020 offense will be almost entirely different personnel and a good opportunity to open things up. Of course, all the new players will be a great excuse for Kirby to babysit the offense. There will be talent everywhere and the only way to make use of it is to try. You could find reasons to play cautiously every season but you’re never gonna do anything great that way. Take the training wheels off!

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  23. BuffaloSpringfield

    Priority #1) Can the WR’s block.
    Priority#2) Make sure the new kid can kick FG’s
    Priority #3) Make sure the WR’s can run both the fade and out patterns
    Priority #4) Make sure the 6’8” TE can block.
    Priority#5) Run left twice, run right once and PUNT
    Then play defense.
    I hope this changes. New OC, offensive analyst or special team coordinator.


  24. Mick Jagger

    Great post, Buff!


  25. FlyingPeakDawg

    But how is he on fake punts?


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