Saving his best for last

No guarantees in life or graduate transfers, but this is a stat worth noting.

For Newman, I wonder how much of that was due to defenses having to respect the run option.


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  1. 92 Grad

    Exactly. And, the RB room should be very excited too. Really looking forward to our run game next year, should be more like 2017.


  2. AceDawg

    Either way, Fromm reminded me of my own athleticism when it came to scrambling. Sometimes he delivered good throws with pressure coming but not if he didn’t already have a decision made on where to go, and he scrambled almost never. His OL was better at pass protection than maybe any OL in America, which we should be thankful for. Fromm best hope he joins the right NFL franchise.

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  3. Russ

    Looking forward to 3rd and Grantham.

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  4. ASEF

    Jamie was physically superior to most of the defenders he faced. That’s going away.

    He also shares this similarity with Jake – when Sage Surratt went down, his numbers dropped noticeably, much like Fromm with Cager.

    If there is a fly in the ointment, it’s the way Hartman lit up Syracuse once Newman went out after struggling. There was real buzz Hartman would reclaim the starter role he lost when he got injured. And that odd finish to the Michigan State game gave that more fuel.

    He’s a sharp young man and a real talent. He’s definitely a good get for Kirby. But he has a lot of work to do, and Kirby and Coley are going to have to adapt to his strengths.


  5. UGA '97

    good stuff, however, the avg national pass D he faced was 80th over 17 games, FWIW


  6. FlyingPeakDawg

    How many drops did Fromm have? There were a notable few.


  7. JCDawg83

    We’ll see how he does. He faced exactly one defense that is SEC quality, Clemson, and had like a 15 passer rating.


  8. duronimo

    Fromm had slow, plodding offensive scheme around his neck. Runs into a stacked box continually made it 3rd and long against SEC defenses. Newman’s task was much easier so it’s difficult to compare the two. Excellent numbers, however, in anyone’s league.

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  9. Some of that and some of the quality of defenses he faced. Hopefully going against Georgia D/athletes will help him.

    On the whole QB thing-

    This was quite a good read on Mathis. It seems like they way undersold the severity or complications back in the spring. I never knew it affected his ability to walk, which makes me even more concerned if he’ll ever be cleared to play. I’m really pulling for the guy. His health is most important but it would definitely be nice to have another guy pushing and fighting for the QB job.

    Whoever gets it, I hope they leave no doubt and that the staff can make the most of it. I imagine it’ll be tough since there are some different skill sets at play.


  10. UGA '97

    “he ddnt have all the talent that fromm had…” what does he have this fall? still has coley, no oline, 1 WR, no place kicker, a maybe TE from FSU…basically a couple ACC guys going to battle this 2020 schedule?


  11. 69Dawg

    SEC coaches are not stupid. They all knew we had no backup to Fromm and that Kirby didn’t want to expose Jake to the hits he would take as a runner. So my question is why would we keep going RPO? They loaded the box knew that it would be a 99% chance that he would not throw to the TE’s and that he would not run. UGA literally played offense with one hand tied behind our backs. We should have gone back to the good old days of sweep right sweep left and drop back. Oh yea and we still need a fullback.