Say what you want about the tenets of roster management, Dude, but with Kirby, at least it’s an ethos.

Damn, the man sure knows how to restock a roster.


UPDATE:  From Dawg Post, so take it for what it’s worth…

McKitty has proven he can be an asset in the passing game. He’s been used a lot in the screen game for Florida State and has decent speed for a guy his size. He catches the ball well, he pushes the pile forward and has the ability to create yards after the catch.

The route he’s mastered is the short curl route. He’s great in mid-to-short yardage situations where he can run a 5 or 10 yards curl route. He does a good job of knowing where the first down marker is and puts himself in a position to get that first down more often than not. He does a nice job of finding a hold in zone coverage and bursts up the field once he’s made the catch.

He’ll also bring some athleticism to the position. He’ll be one of the more versatile and more athletic tight ends on the roster now. He’s not a game-changing tight end, but he’s a guy who does his job and will help open things up in the middle of the field in the passing game.

If you play tight end at Georgia, you better know how to block. McKitty is a weapon catching the football, but has showed he’s a reliable blocker as well. He can handle linebackers at the next level and could see lots of playing time in Athens when the Bulldogs run two tight-end sets.


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41 responses to “Say what you want about the tenets of roster management, Dude, but with Kirby, at least it’s an ethos.

  1. practicaldawg

    Transfer TE U


  2. Bill Glennon

    It worries me a bit that we have more TEs (5) than RBs (4), and the RB room is pretty unproven. We are one injury away from a big problem at a key position.

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  3. Argondawg

    Potentially a VERY good pickup.


  4. Turd Ferguson

    Well, we’re either going to run a significantly different offense in 2020 or many of our latest recruits and transfers are going to be criminally under-utilized.

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  5. sectionzalum

    With a capital “D!”


    • No way in hell I’m doing that. 😉

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      • Macallanlover

        So you think an in-depth, logical, statistically supported analysis is required to venture a strongly held opinion? Just a simple headline, even from a barely known click site, written in mid-Spring practice, can provide a full length thesis ’round heah. And you can even defend it betting your first born on it. Nothing to it, just dream it, and roll with it.


    • Biggus Rickus

      Of the past 20 years, he’s probably second, though I’d be open to Greene in the two-hole. Yes, I put Stafford fourth on a list like that, despite the fact that he was the most physically gifted of all of them.


  6. 2675miller

    The question needs to be begged….we are signing 4 and 5 star tight ends every season but we have had to lean on ga transfers the past two seasons. Same for wr last season and possibly this season. Why aren’t the pass catchers we’re recruiting being developed?


  7. 3rdandGrantham

    The dude also loves aviation and is studying to obtain his PPL. I’d sign him up for that reason alone.

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  8. Comin' Down The Track

    The #1 TE recruit in America, from 7A State Champion Marietta High School (Georgia), signed with LSU. So, I guess we needed to go out of state for a transfer TE… or something.


  9. Otto

    Cager, Newman, McKitty is the ACC a feeder league for UGA?


  10. Texas Dawg

    “but he’s a guy who does his job and will help OPEN THINGS UP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FIELD in the passing game.”
    Be still my beating heart

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  11. FlyingPeakDawg

    Big tall target. Kirby recruited him for our D to practice against…that’s been our Achilles heal.


  12. duronimo

    Newman and McKitty double prove that 3 star recruits getting playing time (in actual games) are better than 5 star players doing great in practice.


  13. Russ

    Is this guy at least in consideration for next year’s all name team? Tre McKitty?


  14. WNCDawg

    I just hope both those TE’s can block. CKS chooses against the thought of FB’s on offense. Gotta teach trap and reach blocks to them new TE’s. Lot of work to get them freshman WR’s to position block also.


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