And what might have been

As a Georgia fan, one of my lesser regrets was that Mark Richt and Georgia let SEC officials bully them into abandoning the no-huddle offense Richt ran at FSU.

But if you think Richt was a little ahead of this time with that, you ain’t seen nothing yet ($$).

An interesting side note from Shockley: Georgia did use some zone read and even run-pass option plays back in that 2005 season, way before it was popularized. But they only ran it a few times a game because it was so new.

“We had huge success off it,” Shockley said. “It was part of Bobo and coach Richt putting it into our offense, but because it was so new they were still learning how to block it, how to call it, and all that kind of stuff. We used it sd [sic.] more of a change-up than what it is today, which is a part of everyone’s base offense.”

Jeebus.  Can you imagine what Georgia’s offense might have looked like if Richt had embraced that wholeheartedly a decade ago?  Damn.


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  1. J-Dawg

    I hope I’m still around in 20 years or so when Kirby becomes the AD. Then we’ll have a coach and AD who both have a pair of brass balls who will tell the NCAA to go pack sand.


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    Blutarsky I see what you’re saying, but Matthew Stafford running an RPO?


  3. Michael

    Instead, Shockley is the last UGA QB who was a plus running threat (save for Faton Bauta’s one start?) and they’ve watched Cam and Deshaun win national titles while Fields will be a favorite to win one next year.

    Sorry for being a stuck record on this, but offensive design is the one thing keeping Kirby’s UGA from the apex of the sport.


  4. Sanford222view

    I will always wonder why Richt/Bobo didn’t go back to the no-huddle offense once the rules made it friendly again. I realize the SEC put a halt to it initially but I don’t understand why it wasn’t re-implemented once the rules were more friendly to it.

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  5. Normaltown Mike

    [Munson voice] Look at the crayons, falling from the sky!

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  6. Gurkha Dawg

    I seem to remember a quote from the head of officiating for the SEC saying something like : ” If we let Richt run the no-huddle offense, he will eat the SEC alive”. Were the rules against the no-huddle in place before Richt arrived or were they put in place because of Richt?


    • The officials were told to slow the game down by Roy Kramer on behalf of Phat Phil in particular.

      Then, when $Cam came along and Auburn was running the HUNH to a BCS berth, not surprisingly, they let Chizik and Malzahn do whatever they wanted.


      • Bulldog Joe

        Kramer left the SEC Commissioner post after Richt’s second year (2002).

        Slive had no loyalty to Fulmer. That was the window of opportunity missed.


  7. DawgPhan

    I am sure most fans bases have these same stories, but it always feels like UGA has to take the punishment to move the sport forward.

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  8. stoopnagle

    As usual, Georgia is really good but not quite good enough. My sports fandom right there.


  9. The Dawg abides

    The staff, particularly Martinez, sure looked like they’d never seen the read option when they played West Virginia in the Sugar bowl.


    • Macallanlover

      Always thought that was on the players. 3rd trip to Atlanta in 4 weeks because Sugar was moved, combined with players thinking WVU was a joke, led to a lethargic 1st Qtr. That same staff and players shut that down the rest of the game. Hard for me to believe those 3+ weeks of time didn’t allow everyone a peek at what the Eers were doing.

      My take was that would never have happened in Naw’lins where the Sugar would have been a great reward for players in 2005. Trip back to Atlanta made it ho-hum. This is not to say Martinez was a good DC, just that 150 people couldn’t have been that negligent for that long of a period of time. Once they got slapped in the face, everyone woke up and believed they were in a battle. What was an embarrassing loss almost became the best comeback of all time. That damned fake punt…..


  10. Upstate SC Dawg

    I’ll never forget the first few years under Richt we kept getting those illegal snap penalties when we ran hurry up. All the while the officials standing there jerking off and letting the other team waddle their subs in and out.