Some of y’all can bitch and moan all you want about Georgia’s chances next season.  Me, I’m gonna be over here savoring Jake Rowe’s depth chart projection for the 2020 defense.


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  1. dawgtired

    Depth AND experience all around. Can’t wait to see this group dominate. If we can score any, we should be in every game.


  2. Derek

    We should be the favorites to win the conference. Don’t care if no one realizes that truth.


  3. Good stuff. Keep lining Walker, Smith and Dean up on one side of an OL. Yikes!

    They’ll probably have to carry again but with good reason, unlike in 2019. Got a lot of new offensive players to break in.


  4. We’ll finish as the #1 scoring defense in the country for 2019. Could be significantly better next season. Ridiculous.

    We only really need a semi-functional offense to compete for a title (easier said than done)


    • Derek

      Hopefully, “semi-functional” is a bar we can jump. But I agree. We don’t have to score 40 plus a game to win all 12 on our schedule. Who knows what will await in the post-season? Hopefully, its us, oklahoma, oregon and Notre Dame.


      • playmakers in space

        Now that would be favorable. But I don’t see any way Clemmins doesn’t make it in given their roster and their goober conference.


  5. Tronan

    We’ll be better than fine this coming season. The defense should be lights out and I’m (hopefully not unduly) optimistic about the offense improving. Recruiting has been spectacular since Kirby arrived and we have depth and talent very few other teams can match. The schedule isn’t a cake walk but there’s not a single game we can’t win. That doesn’t mean we will win them all – but we certainly could. Regardless, anything less than finishing first in the SECE and in the top 5 nationally would be very disappointing.


  6. Go Dawgs!

    And the defensive coaching staff would appear to be staying in place as well which is also good news. You’re going to need to be pretty damn good to score much on Georgia next year. That bodes well for the issues we appear to face on offense.


  7. Russ

    Yeah, that defense is going to be awesome. I can’t wait for next season. And I think the offense will be improved, since all the problems were glaringly highlighted this season. We won’t need anything fancy, just hold the ball, score some and let the defense crush the other team.


  8. Skeptic Dawg

    I have not heard anyone, not even the most skeptical of Dawg fans, question or doubt our defense heading into the 2020 season. What remains to be seen is if Kirby has a philosophical change regarding his offense. If he continues to fail to use the offense as a weapon equal to that of the defense and deploys 4 and 5 star talent in a risk adverse manner, then we will continue to see the same uninspiring offense that we watched in 2019. This will be a huge year for Kirby.


    • I still believe Manball can work. But it has to be schemed and executed correctly. More experience in the WR corps should open up more running room. But to me, the offense won’t improve simply because it’s a different season. Kirby’s next moves will be telling on what could be expected.


      • Skeptic Dawg

        I agree that Kirby’s moves will be telling. We will probably not know until the season begins to what extent Kirby tweaks/alters/overhauls the offense. Where we differ is the belief in Man Ball. I do not believe that Man Ball can be successful on on a playoff level. Sure, we can win a bad SEC East, but that’s about it. Also, I believe that Kirby must use the offense as a weapon to win games opposed to viewing the offense as a third of the game that can only do harm to his defense. This is why I am anxious to watch 2020 unfold.


        • I could swear manball executed well won the SEC championship and a Rose Bowl and put us on the doorstep of a national championship in 2017.


          • Skeptic Dawg

            Valid point EE. Touché! That being said, the 2019 offense was a mere shadow of the 2017 offense. Changes in personnel, changes in coaches, increased responsibility for an average QB, conservative play calling all led to a dysfunctional and inefficient 2019 offense. We ranked 50th in the nation in points per game with 4 and 5 stars filling the offensive huddle. The issue is scheme and coaching, or lack there of.


  9. Bulldog Joe

    OK, so which of these guys gets Tripped to tailback?

    Or will it be a late signee or transfer? Enquiring minds want to know.


  10. TN Dawg

    I don’t doubt for a second we will have a great defense.

    What my greatest hope for the success of the season is that Kirby releases the hounds and with all of that individual talent the defense become turnover hawks.

    Assignment football is great. But with that much talent, I hope there is a shift in mentality to give these guys the opportunity to ball hawk, blitz, and score points themselves.

    Field position battles kept us in and won just about every game, but they also kept many of our inferior opponents in nearly every game.

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  11. 69Dawg

    Defense hell I want to attack.


  12. practicaldawg

    There’s a lot of optimism here, but remember we’re unfortunately in the same division as the best head football coach in college football. That Dan Mullen is such a great coach he doesn’t need no stinking talent. Corch also says they’re the team to watch.

    In other words, it’s day 1 of the offseason!!!

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  13. Honestly, I got a lot of beer to drink, guitars to pick, fish to catch, and people to piss off before I even dare to start thinking about next year too much.


  14. DawgFaithful

    Hubba Hubba.


  15. I’m reminded of Erk…………”If we score we may win. If they don’t score we can’t lose.”


  16. Mr Poon Logan

    First downs will be at a premium against this defense


  17. Billy Mumphrey

    Georgia will win the east and have a chance to win the SEC and National Championship in 2020. Probably play ManBall to boot. Not sure how anyone could predict otherwise.


  18. He gone? Corn Dogs riot on Bourbon Street?


  19. duronimo

    Oh the humanity … on both sides of the ball.


  20. Gurkha Dawg

    Or defense is so good that 11-1 and a East title is pretty much baked in. But that’s not the point is it? Right now Ohio State, Clemson, and Bama look to have defenses that can compete with ours and all have much more effective offenses. I don’t have to tell you how that worked out in the SECCG. I think the only teams that will be able to compete with us are the 3 above teams, but we have a long way to go to field an offense that will make us competitive with them.


  21. I didn’t see it mentioned in the thread about the FSU TE transferring here but does he have to sit a year? I assume so. I don’t expect we’ll try to challenge the rule if so.


  22. Dawg151

    I can’t wait to watch the defense play next season. If we’re not one of the top three statistically ranked defenses in the nation, I’d be extremely surprised.

    The offense, though, is what will hold us back. After we lost abut 65% of our offensive production to graduation and the NFL coming into last season, I was one of those that chose to ignore it and focused on the talent we had returning…thinking it could step in and seamlessly fill that offensive void. I was wrong. We missed the likes of Mecole, Nauta, Wims, Holyfield, and others very much.

    I won’t make that mistake again this season. I truly hope to be proven wrong, but if we couldn’t get it done with a seasoned, veteran Jake Fromm, a RB like D’Andre Swift in what amounts to his “contract year”, and one of the best OL (on paper) ever put together at UGA, I don’t see how we improve on offense in 2020 when we’re lacking those things.

    I can see two possibilities for UGA in 2020:

    We win the East with a couple of regular season losses (go to SECCG based on head-to-head results), but drop the SECCG again.
    We take a small step back and drop 3 regular season games and miss out on the SECCG for the first time since 2016.

    Either way, I don’t see a CFB playoff appearance for Georgia. The defense will be good enough to keep us in the mix for an SECCG, but the offense is what will hold us back.


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