Today, in timing is everything

Every time I see shit like this, I think of A.J. Green and Todd Gurley losing significant chunks of a season and get mad all over again.

Tennessee has self-reported an NCAA violation that involved a football player advertising the sale of a replica version of his jersey on Facebook.

The incident was among seven Level III and Level IV violations that Tennessee reported over the last six months. The reports were obtained Monday through a public records request.

The Facebook-related violation involved a player permitting the use of his name and image to promote a commercial project. The player wasn’t identified.

After the player made the post, which has since been deleted, a Facebook friend of his paid the player $300 for four jerseys. The player said the jersey manufacturer was an acquaintance of someone from the player’s hometown.

The player said he intended to give the $300 to that acquaintance but could never reach the jersey manufacturer to confirm shipment.

The buyer was disappointed over the delay in receiving the jerseys and contacted school administrators on Dec. 4. Compliance officials then determined a violation had been committed.

The player paid the compliance office $300, which was refunded to the buyer. The player and the buyer were Facebook friends but didn’t know each other personally. The player also had no direct contact with the jersey manufacturer.

The player received education on the rules and was held out of athletic competition until the NCAA reinstated him on Dec. 19.

So, Nameless Urnge Player was suspended on December 4 and reinstated on December 19.  How convenient for everyone concerned.


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33 responses to “Today, in timing is everything

  1. Salty Dawg

    That’s disgusting. Excuse me while I go puke.


  2. Bigshot

    Once again proves my theory that if anything can go wrong it will happen to UGA. A UGA just has to learn to accept all the bad things that will happen. And having a spineless AD didn’t help. UGA always gets screwed. It’s a part of life.


    • Mayor

      I think the AD when AJ Green’s penalty occurred was red panties. He was spineless too, though, and incompetent as well. People forget how AJ’s penalty occurred. My best recollection: A Miami player attended a party where all sorts of nefarious things took place and sought to deflect attention by asserting that AJ was there too. AJ wasn’t. So the NCAA sent a minion to Athens to interview AJ. AJ proved with records that he was not At that party. However, Red Panties allowed the interview to turn into a fishing expedition which unearthed the jersey sale which led to AJ’s suspension and ruined the Dawgs’ season. Lesson: Never let the NCAA interview your player and if perchance that has to happen be sure the player is represented by counsel with authority to instruct the player not to answer questions outside the scope of that particular incident under investigation. Red Panties—gone but not forgotten.

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    • The Dawg abides

      Still waiting for that major scandal you promised us before the Sugar bowl relating to all the missing players.


    • Comin' Down The Track

      After the go ahead touchdown last night, two LSU players got together and one mimed sprinkling talcum powder on the other’s hands who mimed tossing it into the air à la LeBron James. i immediately texted my buddies something like, “Hey, guys! Do y’all remember that time A.J. Green got a 15 yard penalty in the last minute of a game against LSU for literally folding his arms?”
      So, yeah. I feel you.


  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    Steve Spurrier thought up that one. Suspended Stephen Garcia from June until the beginning of August one year.


    • Uglydawg

      Didn’t SOS once punish Garcia by not letting him start a game, only to put him in on the second play?
      He did shit like that, SOS did.


  4. Russ

    Burn it down, Kessler!

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  5. Go Dawgs!

    I’m not mad that the Tennessee player wasn’t screwed over by the NCAA. I’ll just be forever mad about Gurley and AJ.

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  6. reality check here

    As I recall Georgia and Oklahoma sued the NCAA in 1984 to unlock their chokehold limiting NCAA football on tv. In a real sense UGA helped turn lose the cash cow that has made the NCAA rich. The stupid bastards at the NCAA have had it out for Georgia ever since for being audacious.

    There may be someone who has lower regard for the NCAA than I do, but I haven’t met them.

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  7. Well, we have an admin who likes to self-report and be the shining beacon of self-righteousness for a conference that doesn’t care.

    I’m not suggesting that we blatantly break the rules but willingly throwing yourself on the blade of a crooked organization like the NCAA ain’t it.

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  8. Spence

    The most appalling part of all of this, the thing that really makes you weep for humanity, is that someone wanted to buy a UT player’s jersey from the past 3 years.

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  9. 69Dawg

    NCAA enforcement is a lot like the IRS. Remember, your tax is collected through “Voluntary Compliance”, our job was to scare you into volunteering. In my 11 years with the IRS it was well known that with the exception of high profile cases ( more publicity to scare the living hell out of the average taxpayer), we preferred for the tax payer to bring his own rope and chair to his hanging. We would happily kick the chair out. So it is with the NCAA and the “Self Reporting”. There is no reason in the world that a Power 5 school should ever cooperate with the NCAA in any football related matter. Delay delay and deny, deny, the NCAA makes no money on football so it’s enforcement really costs it money.


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