“As far as catching the ball and athletic, yeah, that’s Trey.”

Well, I wasn’t expecting to hear this about a grad transfer Kirby Smart wooed and won:

Former Florida State defensive coordinator Harlon Barnett saw plenty of McKitty in practices to know what the Bulldogs are getting.

“Trey is the modern day tight end,” Barnett told DawgNation on Wednesday. “The modern day tight is a guy that is not necessary a great run blocker — he’s a position blocker — but he can run, and he can really catch.”

“When we recruited McKitty at Miami, we thought he was a great player,” Richt said on Monday in New Orleans. “He’s very agile. He’s a lot like (First-team All-ACC) Brevin Jordan who is at Miami now and is one of the better tight ends in the ACC.

“McKitty has got good ball skills, and he’s probably a better receiver than a blocker. But he’s a willing blocker, and he’s definitely a guy who can play.”

Either you believe that the Georgia staff can remake this kid into Mr. Manball in a matter of a few months, or else they really are thinking of making some changes to the offense.


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27 responses to ““As far as catching the ball and athletic, yeah, that’s Trey.”

  1. ApalachDawg

    Like Obama said “Change is coming” to our Offense.

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  2. sectionzalum

    Headline question: how does one “give scout?”


    • Dawg19

      If only there were any sports editors left to answer that.


      • Mark

        The Dawgnation article on UGA’s players named to the all-bowl team yielded this gem:

        “The defensive effort, without the likes of J.R. Reed and Tyler Clark, helped Georgia end the season with the nation’s No. 1 scoring defense in the country.”

        That guy must write for the Department of Redundancy Department.


  3. Dawgflan

    Yeah, and Demetris had 1k yards at UCLA.
    We’ll see.


  4. TN Dawg

    Gonna be hell on those 5 yard out patterns twice a game.

    Athletic guy like that could break one and turn it into a 7 yard gain.

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  5. Fred Everett

    Smile…this is not re-build…it is re-load.
    The incoming class looks G-R-E-A-T…the incoming transfers look G-R-E-A-T…the OL will measure up to Pittman standards as all the players save the two late additions are his. And remember…Kirby is not done with the 2020 fixes. There is still time to add 1-2 transfers…lock down two important commits…tweek the staff on the offensive side of the ball.
    And remember…our problems in 2019 can be directly traced to the loss of WR talent through early departures…team dismissal…injuries. This has been addressed…and one more transfer may yet materialize.
    So…it will not surprise me if 2020 turns out to be a more balanced…stronger team.
    Mark me down as optimistic.

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  6. MGW

    If the questions about the offense aren’t costing us in recruiting, why in the world would Kirby show his hand as far as what the specific changes are going to be? I don’t think he gives a damn about cooling off some pissed off fans.

    It was one down year on O. All I now is it was a great offense in 2017-2018, Kirby has zero track record of NOT fixing a bad offense, we now have 2 true dual threat QB’s on the roster (one of whom will almost definitely start in 2020), and we took a ton of quality receivers in this class, including this TE and another TE who can catch.


    • JaxDawg

      But Kirby is stubborn and never changes. And he doesn’t cater to the fans at press conference. He’s the most stubborn person ever and is ruining the program. The internet says so.

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  7. dawgfan1995

    Maybe, like Newman, McKitty is coming to Georgia to improve on the facets of his game — here, blocking — that aren’t as good as the other facets. Maybe scouts told him, “We know you can catch the ball, but can you block like a good blocking tight end — like Charlie Woerner?” /s

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    • Paul

      This, unfortunately, makes sense. Though I hope it isn’t true.


    • Russ

      Well, one of the articles I read on Newman was that he was looking to work more on his pocket passing abilities as opposed to running, so there may be a kernel of truth in your sarcasm.


  8. bcdawg97

    Kirby’s playing 4D chess y’all. He purposefully reined in the ’19 offense to lull everyone to sleep so that in ’20 he can go full on Air Raid.


  9. Mayor

    No chance. Not a good enough blocker. When will Kirby learn—just put one of the extra guards on the end of the line with a different number.


  10. Scuba

    My guess is Kirby could not possibly care less what reporters, bloggers or anyone with a device post. Until it effects recruiting silence will win the day.
    GDay & QBR will be meant to entertain the faithful while he attempts to make his program a 2020 juggernaut. I don’t think he needs us to tell him score more points and with his Death Star defense we will have a real chance at being NC’s again finally.

    After watching his actions since Fromm announced he was gone the man is on a mission to fix what ails his program right now ASAP. I’m really looking forward to our next visit to Tuscaloosa. I did not feel that way a month ago. Pawl is not going to like what is coming down the tracks to Ttown.

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  11. Would be awesome if we just lined up occasionally in a formation that started with more of the defenders outside the hashes and took the TEs and ran them out of the box so then they are just downfield blocking and not blocking a monster on the line only to get run the eff over.


  12. Dawg in Austin

    I’d guess they like Fitzgerald as the mostly blocking TE and McKitty as the pass catcher. They’ll teach him to block better.


  13. ASEF

    Honest question: what’s even the use of a TE who isn’t a mismatch nightmare these days?


  14. Don’t play with my emotions!

    We’ve lost a lot of WRs and TEs the last couple years but have also recruited very well at those positions. The staff is gonna be kinda forced to let these guys play even if they aren’t yet premiere run blockers like Kirby wants.

    You definitely want balanced players but this isn’t the triple option. Hopefully something good will come from all the turnover. Playing to not make mistakes didn’t get them far so maybe let them make mistakes and grow early so they’ll hopefully be better when it matters most.


  15. FlyingPeakDawg

    He’s merely practice fodder for our D. We showed a weakness against big targets like this. Stetson will enjoy throwing to him.