“Every blade of grass”

Manball, meet Bradyball.

First part of that is basically Coley’s “players, not plays” credo.

Second part of that is what Kirby got a heavy dose of all through the SECCG.



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14 responses to ““Every blade of grass”

  1. Derek

    It helps to have a qb who can force the defense to defend every blade of grass.

    A statue with marginal arm strength and a questionable receiver group, can’t do that no matter how much you want to.

    There is nothing profound there. Nothing. Its a matter of having the players to do it. If all you have is three yards and a cloud of dust and the occasional back shoulder, then thats what you have. If you win 12 games with it, is that bad coaching?


  2. Classic City Canine

    What Joe described is essentially what the NFL does. They gear the entire offense around creating mismatches because they can’t out-talent all 22 players on the other team, but they can beat you with their best players. It just so happens that the elite teams have found that gearing your offense around matchups and having lots of talent across the board is a devastating combo. Kirby’s manball offense only trys to out-talent/out-execute you instead of doing both and we’ve seen how that leaves us short against the elite teams.


  3. Paul

    We all know from experience that Kirby’s offense, at least to date, has been ‘this is what we do regardless of who we have.’ That slowly stopped working this year as the season wore on. Hence, we get to spend the next nine months debating whether or not Kirby has ‘learned his lesson’ or is simply ‘reloading with the right guys.’ How many days until the season opener?


    • Mayor

      I have been as critical of Kirby as anyone on this blog but in all fairness a good argument could be made that we just ran out of receivers. Most of the best receivers left after 2018, the best returning receiver got kicked off the team(don’t get me started about that) and the best of the rest got injured. The passing game went up in smoke because of a personnel shortage and Kirbs is addressing that.


  4. Somewhat older dog

    Putting pressure in the opponent. Kirby believes in doing that with his defense. Why doesn’t he want to do it with his offense as well?


  5. Rocketdawg

    Can some of you lawyer types get this clown disbarred or at the least investigated?


  6. Mayor

    Basically what Brady said is the opposite of what Kirby believes. Kirby is a pound a square peg into a round hole guy. But hey, he won 12 games this year doing it.