Hello, Newman.

Jake Rowe’s been watching some tape of Georgia’s newest quarterback.

A few observations…

– He’s a tackle-breaking machine. Some QBs are mobile and they’ll take what is there. Some will make you miss. Newman does both of those things, but he also bounces off tackles and steps through them. He can run in traffic but it also caused him to get a little banged up so he’s going to have to get that fixed.

– I saw quite a few batted balls. He’s a tall guy and seems to have a normal release, but I went through several full games and a lot of passes were tipped at the line of scrimmage.

– Really good deep-ball accuracy and seems to read the coverage well in doing that. I’m going to highlight a throw he made against Va. Tech that really impressed me because it’s not as easy as folks might make it out to be and he really helped his receiver with the ball placement.

– Definitely prefers to throw the ball outside and that’s where he’s at his best. Gets the ball out quickly and has a lot of zip on the ball so he can take advantage of teams playing inside leverage by throwing darts and allowing his guys to work up field. Throws the ball pretty well in the middle of the field but, as noted, tipped passes were an issue at times.

– I wouldn’t expect UGA to put him in the line of fire as often as Wake Forest did. He had 180 rushes on the year and some of those were sacks, but Wake used him to split the zone in the run game a lot of times — meaning that they would use a walk-up handoff where Newman would essentially set a pick on the backside edge rusher. I’d never seen that before watching Newman’s games. I’ve provided a GIF of what I’m talking about below.

I can’t get the gif to load here, but watching it, I can see why Newman wanted a change of scenery.  Wake beat the hell out of him last season.  I doubt Coley’s going to add that to the playbook.


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  1. J-Dawg

    Will Kirby & Coley play to his strengths or force manball on him? It’s a crying shame that we keep getting really good QB’s and then end up wasting them. If this kid has a bad year because of being forced to play manball our QB pipeline will dry up in a hurry.


    • “We keep getting really good QBs and then end up wasting them.”

      I don’t think we wasted Jake Fromm. He happened to have a slip in performance mainly due to the loss of receivers.

      You talk about manball like it’s a negative. Manball executed well put us on the doorstep of a national championship and a 2nd playoff berth. Manball executed not so well put us in a de facto quarterfinal against the eventual national champion. Do you really think Newman and this TE from Florida State would be coming here if they thought the scheme or the coaching didn’t fit their skills? In particular with Newman, why would he come here when he could have gone to Oregon or somewhere else where they run a system that fits what he has done at Wake? He said it himself he wants to play in a more pro-style system. The QB coach who he worked with worked with guess who? Justin Fields.

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      • Fred Everett

        Well said !


      • J-Dawg

        Didn’t mean for it to come out the way it did. I loved Fromm. He fit our system perfectly. I’m just saying that if we don’t allow them to use their talents then we waste them. I’m just hoping that we finally figure out how to put a round peg in a round hole.


      • dawgman3000

        I don’t think that Jake was wasted as well, however, I don’t believe that this staff got the most out of him either due to a lack of quality qb coaching and not playing to his strength consistently i.e. (hurry up / no huddle).


  2. stsbms

    “ Definitely prefers to throw the ball outside”. Awww…..Geez


  3. ASEF

    I watched Newman in several games late 2018 and early 2019. He was really good.

    Which is why I was surprised to see his QBR last year was the same as Bo Nix. His passer rating was 40th nationally and 4th in the ACC.

    He really struggled when Surratt went down. Surratt is a Sunday receiver. And while he was playing with Wake talent, the opposition he struggled against was ACC bottom feeders. Not a good conference last year.

    His year sort of echoed Fromm’s in that respect, except he didn’t have the bowl game Fromm did.

    He has real skills, and he’s a smart kid. But tap the brakes on “best QB in the SEC next year.”


    • DawgByte

      In spite of the facts you point out there are those knee-jerk reactors who have already anointed Newman as the starter and latest Portal miracle worker that will take us to the promise land.


      • dawgman3000

        Most people who think that QB1 is Newman’s job to lose are banking on the fact that he is the most experienced qb on the roster. For everyone that keeps harping on the lack of quality defenses in the ACC are probably the same ones who won’t acknowledge the fact that Newman had probably 1 NFL prospect on that offense at Wake.


        • Russ

          He had two legit receivers, Surratt and Washington, and Newman’s production went down when Surratt went down (sound familiar?). But I agree that he may not wind up the starter, but he’s obviously the most experienced guy in the QB room and has better than average talent. Our best case is Mathis or Beck makes a huge leap and beats him out in spring/fall. Whoever plays, I hope we have a clear winner. I’m over the two headed QB we tried two years ago.


  4. ugafidelis

    So his specialty is throwing into tight windows to the outside… Sweet!!


  5. Bill Glennon

    The highlight tapes don’t show the bad plays, so it’s hard to get a read on what his weaknesses are. He had 11 picks. His TD/Int ratio was subpar. Were those tipped passes, bad throws or bad decisions?

    On the other hand, the highlight tapes seemed to show him standing strong in the pocket and making late, accurate throws under pressure.

    There should be an improvement dividends at UGA due to having better players around him, having another year of experience and being a 24/7 football guy who has already graduated and will likely take “online classes”.


    • Uglydawg

      He’ll have better players around him but he’ll have better players defending him…lots better.
      This is a huge “wait and see” situation.
      This I know..the situation looks better now than it did the day Fromm announced he was leaving.
      That’s Barnhartish but it’s the only thing we can really say.
      I think the bottom line of the situation is that with Georgia’s defense, the offense only needs slightly better than marginal improvement to get to the playoffs. If there is marked improvement the sky is the limit.


  6. He played at Wake Forest, guys. He excelled at Wake Forest. Let me repeat that. He played football and he excelled at Wake Forest.

    Also, Senator: that’s your best heading for a post ever. Scratches me right where I itch.


  7. junkyardawg41

    Here’s the thing for me:
    1. He had only one less under 50% passing game than Fromm in the ACC.
    2. He had a better receivers than Fromm.
    3. He had a better offensive scheme at WF than we have at UGA. WF was 15th nationally and 3rd in the ACC in total offense. UGA was 61st nationally and 5th in the SEC.


  8. Russ2

    Maybe Newman doesn’t get the respect he deserves , but he sucked as a mailman. He will be competing against the Mailman who always delivers. Go Dawgs!