A 2020 motivation stone?

Screenshot_2020-01-17 Matt Hinton on Twitter Also – Have to assume LSU will drop a bit as the emphasis shifts from defendin[...]

I’m sure Gator fans will be positively giddy over the status quo Hinton cites there.  (I’ll be curious to see if the media projections at SEC Media Days reflect that.)  If we’re really lucky, maybe we’ll get a snarky comment from Mullen, to boot — after all, it’s kind of a Florida coaching tradition to keep the rubes stoked about that in the offseason.

What I’m not curious about is how Smart will react to such a narrative.  Oh, sure, he’ll have some anodyne public comment about how it shows his team will just have to work harder in 2020, but I’m betting the reaction behind closed doors will be a lot harsher.  Now, can he translate that into positive motivation for his program?


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  1. Scorpio Jones, III

    Sorry for the thread-jack, sorta, but if you have not sat through Netflix’ docuseries on Aaron Hernandez, make time, today. Really.


    • Sanford222view

      It is good and the podcast they based it off of is better in my opinion. Gladiator goes more into the highschool and UF days.


        • Scorpio Jones, III

          A nugget from the Beast story: “Meyer’s life and career are a manifestation of the basest cynicism of college sports, rewarded and exalted at every possible turn. He is the kind of guy who gives interviews where he insists that he makes sure his players go to class, extols the virtues of football as a builder of character, all while his charges constantly find themselves in trouble or die of MDMA overdoses, while the school and their coach make money hand over fist on their accomplishments and do nothing to address the real-life problems of their teenage charges. But, he wins games, so the sports media and boosters just kind of go along with it and declare him a leader of men, because sports regard winning games as a moral good, instead of what it is.”


  2. Bigshot

    I would say that sounds about right. UGA’s chances are slowly slipping away.The door is closing.


  3. sniffer

    They’re “way too early” for a reason. We have eight months of 18-22 year olds living life to get worked up over click bait. Sure, based on today, it may look like this. And I’ll add that since we’ve all witnessed how important qb play is, Florida is gonna get the nod right now. When halloween rolls around I’ll GAS about UF. Until then, ftmf.


    • Macallanlover

      Of all the gin joints….uh, excuse me. Of all the seasons to not do “way too early” polls for UGA and LSU , this would definitely be the one.

      Never makes much sense but this time we really have all the pieces up in the air and no clue where they will fall.


  4. DawgPhan

    He will never understand that the slide is a direct reflection of what everyone in the industry thinks of his coaching and decision making.

    He will definitely do something stupid like say players can’t use social media or he needs 180 day FIOA request period.


  5. dawgfan1995

    Sniffer is right that it is way too early. UF has plenty of time to fail to get its recruits admitted to the school, for example. UGA still has a massive advantage in 5-star recruits; the only ones Florida has are guys who jumped ship from their previous schools (Brenton Cox and the RB from Miami). Grantham will probably flutter his eyelashes at LSU and Baylor in an effort to get another pay raise and those are the only major schools with open DC positions (though maybe we could add Hawaii to that list for the HC position).

    I laugh at comments like “UGA’s chances are slowly slipping away.” As long as Kirby recruits at as high a level as he does, UGA will always have a chance.

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  6. Sanford222view

    I agree with the Senator on LSU likely dropping. Tht seems high to me even before the coaching losses. Losing Burrow at QB is massive in my opinion. Then add Brady and Arranda (sp?) leaving and the whole mess OBJ has created and it could be a tough adjustment next season for Coach O and the program.

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  7. JD

    Wow! The comments. Not just today but…
    “door is closing”.
    “slide is a direct reflection of what everyone in the industry thinks of his coaching and decision making.”
    Folks, there is no slide.

    Allow the man the chance to develop as a head coach.

    Was he supposed to have the wisdom of 65 year Saban in his first 4 years?
    Go back and look at Saban’s and Swinney’s records.
    Saban won his first championship in his 10th year as a head coach.
    Swinney in 8th.

    Yes, the offense was frustrating this year.

    They built this year’s team with the idea that they could “manball” their way down the field. But with no legit deep threat, defenses just outnumbered us at the line. Frustrating, yes. Still beat Florida and Auburn with that flawed offense.

    As long as he’s recruiting top 3 every year, the door will never be closed.

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    • Bigshot

      If he doesn’t win a championship soon, he won’t be recruiting at top 3.


      • JD

        With all his so called flaws as a coach, and running a “shitty offense”, he doesn’t seem to have any problem going national and pulling in the biggest fish.
        All those blue-chippers don’t think there’s any doors closing.

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    • DawgPhan

      The only thing innovative about smart is mcgarity’s checkbook. When you spend $200 million on recruiting over 4 years you should recruit well.

      He has been outclassed by LSU for the last two years. People feel great about being close to Bama but they don’t hang banners for close.

      Smart is just lucky that he dodged the playoffs this season and letting the QB he didn’t think was good dust him by 3 TDs on national tv.


      • Biggus Rickus

        Yep, it’s just that simple. It’s why every major program recruits at such a ridiculously high level. And winning 11 games? Pssh. Anyone can do it. I’m getting to the point of responding to your guy’s schtick with a simple, “Fuck off.”


    • Russ

      Yep, we slid all the way to 12-2 and an SECCG appearance with a constipated offense that Kirby himself has called out. This was our “off year”. At Florida, they’d be dancing in the streets with this.

      The talent gap is real and it’s spectacular. Florida ain’t catching up for a long while.

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      • DawgPhan

        We slid from winning the national title game late > losing the SECC close > Doors blown in the SECC

        It’s a pretty clear decline. UGA fans love punching down and beating UT each year, but beating UT aint the goal. Championships are the goal.

        Teams that spend money recruiting well. Teams that dont spend money dont. We didnt spend money for a long time and it showed in recruiting. But the great teams take another step after the recruiting and Smart hasnt shown an ability to take that next step yet.

        He gets his chance next year with the early trip to Bama. We will see if he has learned anything.


  8. jt10mc (the other one)

    I am ok with status quo in East. That means they finish behind us.


  9. ASEF

    Everywhere from 2 to 13. They have no idea what to make of next year either.


  10. Scuba

    I think manball became more ingrained as the season moved along and the receivers proved unable to help the running game. After the USCe debacle I think the consensus was do no harm to the defense and score when needed. It got us to the SEC championship game not bad for a team without a functional passing game at least not above 50% from a QB that had a past record of being able to deliver.

    I hope the experts all anoint UF as the favorite in the East. Even better if big mouth Dan puffs up at media days. Keep handing Kirby dawg food for his players motivation. After 3 wins in a row we`ll need the extra help Dan.


  11. Let me preface my comment with this: #FTMF
    That being said, there IS a good deal of uncertainty surrounding Georgia’s offense. I’ll have to admit the go side of the ball was kind of lame last season. We had some talent leave so I can see where some gator fans could be seeing a glimmer of hope. OTOH, I was fairly impressed with Pickens, White, and McIntosh. The O line is deep. Newman probably won’t be a Heisman candidate (I could be wrong) but Georgia will be a big bruising offense again. I can live with that.
    The defense is the monster under the bed….


  12. W Cobb Dawg

    Dawgs will start in the top 5 and finish in the top 5. I’m taking bets if anyone disagrees.


  13. FlyingPeakDawg

    Why is Florida ranked so low? They’re being led by soon to be Heisman winner Trask running Mullin’s brilliant offensive scheme complimented by players like ….checks roster…some 3* dudes.


  14. practicaldawg

    Well the status quo is UF losing to UGA 3 years in a row


  15. Castleberry

    Gator’s schedule is pillowy soft. At Tennessee may be their third toughest game… Even if we whip them, we have a smaller margin for error and potential growing pains.