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Giddy up

While scouring the intertubes for Monken news, I came across this tidbit:

Wake was the fastest offense in college football in 2019 and averaged 83 plays per game.

The Dawgs averaged 67 plays per game last season, if you’re wondering.

Nah, I don’t expect the Georgia offense to go at warp speed in 2020.  But it’s certainly good to know that if Jamie Newman wins the starting job, he’s well versed in running an up-tempo offense.



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Delusions of grandeur

Before there was UCF pretending it belonged with the big boys — as far as I’m concerned, Gus Malzahn should never be forgiven for empowering Danny White’s fantasy — there was Boise State.  (Although to be fair, Boise State has been far more willing to schedule above its pay grade than Central Florida has.)

Anyway, there sits Boise, out there in Idaho with its blue field, surrounded by potatoes and no P5 conference even remotely interested.  What’s a self-important school to do?  Why, browbeat its fellow members in the Mountain West over revenue sharing.

They’ve been receiving a bigger share of TV money than other schools in the conference and now the conference is prepared to turn that spigot off.  The fun part is figuring out what those mysterious options the school cites really are.

Leave the conference?  If there were a P5 group willing to take BSU, they’d have gone a long time ago.  Hell, I’m not sure there’s a Group of Five conference interested in stretching out that way.  A lawsuit would be about as much fun as a conference search.

It all goes to show that it ain’t easy maintaining a rep as king of the dipshits.


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Having the warm and fuzzies in the aftermath

Tell me, when’s the last time you expected a fan of another program to express jealousy over Georgia’s hire of an offensive coordinator?

We are living in strange times, my friends.


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